Can I buy my contact lenses online?

Can I buy my contact lenses online?

You may have been told by your optician that you can’t buy contact lenses online, however, this is not true.

In the UK, there’s a common misconception that you must buy your contact lenses from your optician. This misconception is furthered by high street opticians who often stock their own brand of lenses that they prescribe to you.

Can I buy my contact lenses online?

Yes, there are a number of online contact lens retailers that you can buy your contact lenses from, many of which will save you time and money. At Feel Good Contacts, we’re delighted to offer a Price Match Guarantee on all of our contact lenses to ensure that we’re the cheapest in the UK. We also provide speedy next day delivery and excellent customer service.

Is it safe to buy my contact lenses online?

Yes, it’s perfectly safe to buy your contact lenses online from a licensed contact lens retailer. A reputable online retailer will only stock reliable brands that you'll find at the opticians.

Can I buy exactly the same lenses online?

Often, high street opticians will stock their own brand of contact lenses (Specsavers’ EasyVision and Boots’ Premiums, for example). However, you should be aware that opticians simply purchase the lenses from the manufacturers before repackaging them with their own branding.

At Feel Good Contacts, we sell the same branded contact lenses, at prices up to 50% cheaper. You can check if the lenses you purchased from your opticians are available for less by browsing our tables of opticians’ own contact lenses. This table will direct you to the original branded equivalent lenses for less.

Alternatively, you can speak to one of our helpful customer service representatives about the lenses you’ve been prescribed by calling us on 0800 458 2090 or emailing us at

Can I buy just one box of contact lenses?

A box of contact lenses will not contain a set of lenses for each eye, unless you have the same prescription for both eyes. Therefore, the number of boxes you purchase depends on your prescription and how many lenses you need. For example, if you have different prescriptions in each eye, you will need to purchase two boxes of contact lenses.

Can I buy contact lenses with my glasses prescription?

A contact lenses prescription is completely different to that of glasses. Contact lenses and glasses are positioned differently on the face. In addition, a prescription for contact lenses will include certain specifications not included in a glasses prescription. Therefore, you cannot buy contact lenses with your glasses prescription.

It's important that you get separate eye tests for contact lenses and glasses. You may be required to wear glasses; however, this does not mean that you can wear contact lenses.

How do I order contact lenses?

Buying online is simple and straightforward. Whilst we do not require you to show verification of your prescription, you should be able to understand your prescription in order buy the correct lenses. We recommend you:

  1. Check your contact lens prescription-if you can't find the prescription from your optician, you'll be able to find the details on the side of your contact lens box.
  2. Choose your usual brand of contact lenses- whether you wear Air Optix by Ciba Vision, focus dailies, lenses by Johnson & Johnson or Bausch Lomb, knowing your preferred brand or manufacturer will help you to find your lenses easily.
  3. Choose contact lenses according to your wearing schedule and type of lenses. You should also be aware of what type of lenses you require. We stock contact lenses for a range of wearing schedules including extended wear silicone hydrogel lenses, monthlies and torics.
  4. Add them to your basket and complete checkout-Once you have found your lenses and entered the prescription details, simply add them to basket and proceed to checkout.

Where can you buy fashion contact lenses?

Fashion contact lenses with no prescription are also known as planos. You can buy fashion contacts for cosmetic use here at Feel Good Contacts. Our coloured contact plano lenses are for fashion and allow you to alter your look. You can choose to add an exciting new colour to your eyes or subtly enhance the colour your already have.

We stock both prescription coloured contact lenses and cosmetic contact lenses (planos) from top brands, at prices much cheaper than the high street. From Air Optix Color to FreshLook Colourblends and our very own brand of comfi Colors, our diverse range features the following colours:

  • Blue
  • Brown
  • Green
  • Hazel
  • Violet
  • Grey

Our comfi Colours 1 Day Rainbow Pack will allow you to try 5 colours so you can experiment and see what suits you best.

What if I don’t have a copy of my prescription?

Whilst it is a good idea to have your prescription at hand when ordering contact lenses online, we don't require you to have a copy of your prescription in order to purchase contact lenses from Feel Good Contacts.

In the UK, it’s your legal right to own a copy of your own prescription. Make sure to request a copy from your optician if you haven’t been provided one.

If you've forgotten your prescription, you can find it on the side/end of your contact lenses box.

What if I have an astigmatism?

We stock a huge selection of toric contact lenses, designed to cater for all degrees of astigmatism. Our toric XR lenses are also available for more extreme cases of the condition.

We even do extended wear toric lenses which can be worn for 24 hours a day for up to a week provided that this has been approved by your optician.

Whether you're after 1 Day Acuvue Moist daily disposables, Biofinity Toric monthly lenses or Acuvue Oasys two weekly lenses for astigmatism, you can be sure to find them here at Feel Good Contacts.

What if I wear multifocal contact lenses?

If you wear multifocal contacts, you’ll be happy to know that at Feel Good Contacts you can find a wide selection of multifocal contact lenses, designed to correct your presbyopia. We even stock a multifocal toric contact lens, for those who suffer from presbyopia and astigmatism.

How much do contact lenses cost?

The price of contact lenses depends on a number of factors including the brand and type of lenses, be it daily disposables, monthlies, two-weekly's or yearly contact lenses.

Whist daily contact lenses are more expensive than packs of monthly or two weekly lenses, they are considered to be better for your eye health and more convenient for your eye care routine. Yearly contact lenses work out to be the cheapest provided they are looked after properly to maintain their quality.

Nevertheless, you can rest assured knowing that whatever contact lenses you buy, at Feel Good Contacts, we offer lenses cheaper than any high street opticians and online retailers. Our price match guarantee promises that on the small chance you find the same product for cheaper elsewhere, we will match the price and refund you the difference.

Can I buy contact lenses even if I have a complicated prescription?

Yes, you’ll find a huge range of contact lenses online at Feel Good Contacts, with many of our lenses ranging in prescription powers of -12.00 to 12.00. We even stock a variety of XR multifocal and toric lenses, for more extreme presbyopic and astigmatic correction.

If, somehow, you can’t find your lenses with the prescription powers that you need from Feel Good Contacts, we can even order in the specific prescription you’re after. For any queries or questions, just call our customer service team on 0800 458 2090 or email us at

I was told my health will suffer by buying contact lenses online

This is 100% false so long as you’re ordering genuine branded contact lenses from a licensed online contact lens retailer. This is because we all buy our lenses from the same contact lens manufacturers.

A reputable online retailer will not stock contact lenses that will threaten your health. Your health is only likely to suffer if you fail to care for your lenses properly as this can lead to eye infections.

You should never store your contact lenses in water as not only does it contain harmful bacteria that can lead to eye infections, it can also cause the lens to change shape. Instead, it is advised that you always use fresh contact lens solution (such as a multipurpose solution) to wash and store your lenses in.



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