FreshLook Colors

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  • FreshLook Colors
  • FreshLook Colors
  • FreshLook Colors
  • FreshLook Colors
FreshLook Colors FreshLook Colors FreshLook Colors FreshLook Colors FreshLook Colors FreshLook Colors
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Save up to 44%, Why not try?
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Save up to 44%, Why not try?
comfi Colors 1 Day
£7.50 10 lenses

FreshLook Colors Product Description

Introduce some new style to your look with FreshLook Colors. These coloured contact lenses are part of the renowned FreshLook range, offering a bold and exciting update to your eye colour, available for prescription or cosmetic use.


Should I wear FreshLook Colors?


With a range of six stunning colours, these fashionable coloured contact lenses can help you add a vibrant and deepening effect to your eyes, whether part of your new everyday look, or as a special accessory for your next night out.


Benefits of FreshLook Colors


FreshLook Colors contact lenses are smooth, comfortable and easy to apply, keeping your eyes feeling refreshed and all-day long. A high-water content of 55% and deposit-resistant material ensures hydration over the course of the wear and that nothing gets in the way of your vision.

From renowned eye care experts Alcon & Ciba Vision, these monthly contact lenses are ideal for newcomers to contact lenses. If you’re using these contact lenses for purely cosmetic use, remember to select 0.00 to opt for planos (zero prescription lenses).


What colors do FreshLook Colors come in?


Our range of FreshLook Colors contact lenses includes Green, Blue, Misty Grey and Violet, all of which are often more suited to lighter eyes, while we also stock Hazel and Sapphire Blue editions that prove popular with darker eyes. It’s worth remembering that results will differ depending on eye colour, skin tone and hair colour.


How long do FreshLook Colors last?


As monthly contact lenses, these coloured lenses can be worn daily for an entire month. To maintain the quality of these lenses, they’ll need to be removed before bed, before being cleaned and stored in contact lens solution. Try comfi All-in-One Solution for a quality multi-purpose contact lens solution for taking care of your lenses.

We've created a helpful guide on how to choose the ideal coloured contacts for you.

Benefits & Features
  • Suitable for a month of daily wear
  • Available in six different colours
  • Wide range of prescriptions available, as well as zero prescription lenses
  • Colour depth and vibrancy
  • 55% water content

Alternative contact lenses to FreshLook Colors

For a more natural eye colour change, we stock Air Optix Colors and daily disposable FreshLook Colors lenses.


FreshLook Colors parameters

Manufacturer Alcon & Ciba Vision
Brand FreshLook
Wearing type Monthly Contact Lenses
Power range 6.00 to -8.00
Base curve(s) 8.6mm
Diameter(s) 14.5mm
Lens material Phemfilcon A
Water content 55%
Oxygen permeability 20 Dk/t

Want to compare lenses? Browse our extensive contact lens specification page.
  • Claire G - 13 Oct 2019
    Changed my hazel eyes to a lovely green colour, but looked very natural and comfortable to wear too. Very Happy.
  • Marie Thomson - 14 Sep 2019
    Excellent colour and comfort woudn’t use any other
  • Walid Khan - 26 Aug 2019
    Nice packaging. Great service, fast delivery
  • JACQUI gIRBOW - 18 Aug 2019
    Same productrl as you get from an opticians, but no eyextra test or consultation needed
  • Mr Millie Bisran - 13 Aug 2019
    Very natural
  • Heidi Feakins-Evans - 04 Aug 2019
    I’ve used these for years! I have very dark brown eyes and the misty grey colour really lighten them up while still looking natural, they’re also extremely comfortable and long lasting. Great contacts !
  • Sophia Khan - 04 Jul 2019
    These are my favourite misty grey prescription lenses they look so natural love them will always order from here. Thank you
  • Anne Marie Bozdemir - 21 Jun 2019
    Great quality lenses! Delivery really quick, Will defiantly order again!
  • Zara - 13 Jun 2019
  • Mr Malcolm Chambers - 31 May 2019
    Excellent product.
  • christopher - 19 May 2019
    comfortable and a great range of colours
  • Hamna Arshad - 12 Apr 2019
    Good lenses, no eyesight problems but the lens made my eyesight slightly blurry
  • Raj - 05 Apr 2019
    Good lenses to wear for a month
  • Catherine Furey - 30 Mar 2019
    Comfortable & very subtle natural colour
  • Roxanne Finnegan - 17 Mar 2019
    Very very thin, didn’t feel no discomfort but shame it wasn’t correct size for pupil
  • Julie - 20 Feb 2019
    Easy to use, nice colour.
  • Jo Thielmann - 28 Jan 2019
    The colour wasn''t as vibrant as expected and the lenses seemed to irritate my eyes after 4 or 5 days of use. Probably won''t buy them again.
  • Alexandros Papadopoulos - 02 Dec 2018
  • Eleni Ktoridou - 26 Nov 2018
    Excellent Customer Services and product. A***
  • Dawn Mulholland - 08 Nov 2018
    I have tried quite a few lenses...but these are by far the month comfortable. The colours are so natural yet striking. Dont feel I am even wearing my lenses. Delivery was mega fast too. Very happy customer
  • Mrs Michelle Murphy - 19 Aug 2018
    Paler than expected and fit isn’t comfortable
  • Gael Regina - 15 Aug 2018
    Good quality! As expected!
  • Lincoln Gearey - 14 Aug 2018
    Good lenses, impressive change of colour of your eye. They do get a bit dry if worn for long periods though so probably only for special occasions.
  • Afrinash Aziz - 05 Aug 2018
    The quality of the lenses has really gone downhill. Not even had 2 different pairs for a week and they have ripped.
  • Dawn Luton - 13 Jul 2018
    Have worn these lenses for must be nearly 20 years now and never had a problem. Really comfortable to wear.
  • Irene Shipley - 12 Jul 2018
    Very satisfied with the product, great service
  • Irene Shipley - 12 Jul 2018
    Very satisfied with the product, great service
  • CP5132 - 23 Jun 2018
    tried and trusted for many years,great products and service from this team +++++
  • Ms McLean - 17 Apr 2018
    Amazing service, prompt delivery, Customer Service advice, etc., etc., Never have to present a new prescription, just order what i know to be correct, as advised by the opticians... at half the price. I need a lens strength for artist work and a lesser strength for general use. This is what i used to do at the chemist. I used my normal glasses, and/or lenses, as per my prescription, but for close up painting, i had to go to the chemist and buy a higher strength pair of readers. No problem with Feel Good Contacts!!! I order and re-order according to what strength i am short of. The best contact lens store ever, plus i also get e-mail reminders when my next prescription is due.
  • Colin Phillips - 18 Mar 2018
    Really good lenses, and the sapphire blue colour is stunning. I have had a lens split only after 5 days but feel good contact lenses replaced this without any problems at all.
  • Sanaa El Khlifi - 26 Feb 2018
    Very good product, speedy delivery, I’m delighted with my purchase. Thanks
  • Emily Smith - 06 Feb 2018
    These look beautiful however they would not settle in my eyes. Every time I looked around or blinked they kept moving to the point where I couldn''t see. Sad I bought multiple boxes of these as I won''t use them again.
  • Alban - 23 Jan 2018
    I use these contact lenses for more than 15 years. The best coloured contact lenses on the market and they make my eyes colour look so real, lots of people always thought that it''s my real eye colour...
  • Julian - 22 Jan 2018
    I can’t keep these in that long as they irritate my eyes so won’t be recommending them
  • Preena Choudhury - 14 Jan 2018
    Fantastic product have been using it for over 20 years. Never had a problem with them. Very easy to use and keep clean.
  • Aileen Greenhorn - 06 Jan 2018
    Excellent sevice. Friendly phone staff. Next day delivery.
  • Josephine Butler - 31 Dec 2017
    I am happy with the fresh look colours, which I have been using for some time now.
  • Colin Phillips - 17 Dec 2017
    The colour is exactly as described and they are very comfortable to wear.
  • ivana lennock - 10 Dec 2017
    I am using them more than 10 years and i always will
  • Saj Hussain - 03 Dec 2017
    Very good quility product no problems
  • Denise Ware - 29 Oct 2017
    I found the lenses floated in my eye, so the blue covered my pupil, making them uncomfortable
  • Dawn Luton - 14 Oct 2017
    Have used freshlook colours for years now and love the colour range and comfort of the lenses. Always get lovely comments on the sapphire blue ones.
  • Monica Jideonwo - 01 Oct 2017
    Amazing coloured lens. Recommend these lens.
  • J.Oliver - 08 Aug 2017
    Excellent match good value for money
  • Jaspreet Daudia - 08 Aug 2017
    Amazing is an understatement !
  • Shabiha Rahman - 31 Jul 2017
    Nice comfotable and easy to use.
  • Fiona Armstrong - 19 Jul 2017
    Not a great colour over brown/hazel can really see the colour underneath which is a shame
  • Lily - 18 Jul 2017
    Love Freshlook Colors. Sapphire and Hazel the best colours for dark eyes
  • Nabella Chaerunnisa - 16 Jul 2017
    Good service. Goods arrive on time!
  • Hemaly Metta - 16 Jul 2017
    Excellent service ! The box arrived the next day as promised. I would use them again !
  • Monique S. - 11 Jul 2017
    Great product would highly recommend, I have light eyes and I find that this is the only product that enhances my natural colour.
  • Shumin Chung - 07 Jul 2017
    good and fast delivery!!!!!
  • Fiona Shelley - 27 Jun 2017
    Good to wear, easy to put in and remove.
  • Eva - 12 Jun 2017
    FreshLook Colors are just very high quality, I always go back to them.
  • Prem Williams - 11 Jun 2017
    Good value for money . The lady who answered my call was very pleasant. Her knowledge about the product was excellent. I will recommend to my family and friends.
  • Al Leslie - 28 May 2017
    Great product listed on an easy to use web site. Very prompt delivery and offer excellent value for money.
  • Diane - 19 May 2017
    Great quality product, been using for years, really good colours
  • Shryene Walker - 11 May 2017
    Great quality but I don''t think green eyes actually suit me.
  • Sri - 11 May 2017
    love the misty grey been using it for 12yrs now monthlies
  • Anum Raja - 18 Apr 2017
    Outstanding quality .. quick service and you don''t have to worry about the standard of the product .
  • Venetia Pagkalou - 03 Apr 2017
    Nice and bold change! My fav lenses!
  • Carol Thompson - 27 Mar 2017
    Brilliant service fast speedy delivery
  • Shannon Lewis - 25 Mar 2017
    I use this brand all the time! They are great contact lenses especially as I have dark brown eyes
  • Blue... - 18 Mar 2017
    Amazing natural looking contacts. Will purchase again.
  • Asarwar - 15 Feb 2017
    Love this product really comfortable to wear
  • Julie - 06 Feb 2017
    Lovely product easy to use and comfortable when in your eyes.
  • Jenna - 18 Jan 2017
    I love these contact lenses and Feel Good Lenses give me complete confidence that I will receive these quickly and promptly following order.
  • Shaunna Gaved - 06 Dec 2016
    Ive had these contacts on repeat for years and they are great.
  • Anne Cochrane - 24 Nov 2016
    I have worn Freshlook colours for over twenty years now and although I have tried other brands on a couple of occassions I always return to these. I find them comfortable, durable and a reasonable price.
  • Mark O - 31 Oct 2016
    Uncomfortable if mild astigmatism
  • Alison Struthers - 12 Sep 2016
    Fantastic coloured lenses, delivered very quickly @ a competitive price
  • Sandie Robson - 17 Aug 2016
    Love them, so comfortable and colour is fab, wear them all day even though I''m a dog groomer they don''t get irritated like lens I''ve used before.
  • Tatiana Sagoyakova - 14 Aug 2016
    I have been using Freshlook colors in green for 10 years and I like them. I also tried Solotica lenses, but still I prefer Freshlook lenses, they are much thinner and the colour is natural looking
  • Momotaz Begum - 12 Aug 2016
    Excellent product,so comfortable to insert. Will be ordering again
  • Pauline Geddes - 31 Jul 2016
    Always on time and very competitive price. Now I never run out of my lenses.
  • Gemma Oliver - 29 Jul 2016
    Love these lenses, very comfortable wearing. And now at a normal price adding a touch of dramatic glamour to my eye make up is just that little bit sweeter.
  • Amy Barratt - 07 Jun 2016
    I''ve been buying these contacts for over a year, they are really comfy contacts had a few problems but I find these the best out of the few I''ve tried
  • Nour Kousar - 29 May 2016
    Very comfortable to wear and the levees were perfect for dark eyes, as they made my eyes look very natural in colour
  • Carmen Dragomir - 07 Apr 2016
    I''m quite pleased about the product
  • Alison Jones - 26 Mar 2016
    Used to buy these from optician at double the price of this site - amazing! Automated delivery every two months including free delivery is great- highly recommend
  • Lucia Petek - 23 Mar 2016
    Good quality,they do what they meant to do
  • Kristine Cumaka - 13 Feb 2016
    Very good cooured contacts
  • Zahida Shamim - 13 Feb 2016
    Good value for money always deliver on time
  • Natalee Morton - 14 Jan 2016
    I have used an alternative freshlook product but the blue contacts in the freshlook were alot brighter and I always get compliments on them
  • Nicola Francis - 16 Oct 2015
    Extremely pleased with product and service