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Medically reviewed by Alastair Lockwood on 11 April 2022

Purchase eye drops at competitive prices from Feel Good Contacts and enjoy next day delivery when you order before 11:59pm in the UK. We are dedicated to offering you the best prices on eye care, so should you find the same product cheaper elsewhere, we’ll happily refund you the difference, that’s our Price Match Guarantee. Take advantage of our first order and student discounts and earn reward points when you choose from a huge selection of the best eye drops from Feel Good Contacts. We stock all the top brands you’re after including Blink, Systane, Hycosan and Clinitas, so you can ensure optimal comfort and clarity with our top-rated contact lenses online.

Blink is one of our bestselling brands for eye drops and caters for every need. Perfect to keep your lenses comfortable throughout the day, Blink Contacts Soothing Eye Drops Bottle eye drops help to aid comfort by soothing grittiness and irritation. You can fight blurry vision caused by dry eye with Blink Intensive Tears Bottle or maintain the hygiene and comfort of your eyes with Blink-N-Clean Eye Drops. Why not awaken tired eyes with Blink Refreshing Bottle?

The Systane range offers eye drops to treat dry eye in Systane Hydration and Systane Ultra Bottle, you can also find Systane available in vial form, making them even easier to take with you on the go.

For long lasting relief, Altacor’s Clinitas Soothe Multi eye drops and vials relieve dry, gritty and irritable eyes. If you have persistently dry eyes, Artelac Rebalance is designed to lubricate and replenish your tear film, developed by Bausch & Lomb to rehydrate your eyes.

What are the different types of eye drops?

There are many different types of eye drops including eye lubricant for dry eyes, redness relieving drops for red eyes, and antibiotic eye drops, which are available on prescription for eye infections.

Eye drops for dry eyes

Eye drops for dry eyes are sometimes referred to as artificial tears. All our eye drops for dry and watery eyes are over the counter eye drops designed to relieve sore eyes from excessive screen use and irritation caused by contact lenses or allergies.

Dry eyes are caused by a variety of factors. Those who spend lots of time in front of a screen are more prone to eye strain and dry eyes as a result.

Some of our best eye drops for dry eyes caused by excessive screen time include our Hycosan Extra Dry Eye Drops and Hycosan Fresh. Both these eye drops feature a preservative-free formula, great for sensitive eyes.

If you’re experiencing dehydrated eyes and evaporative dry eye syndrome caused by Meibomian Gland Dysfunction, we recommend our Systane Balance Eye Drops which restore the lipid layer of the tear film and help to protect the surface of the eye.

For itchy tear ducts, we suggest Artelac Rebalance. These eye drops contain hyaluronic acid, which remains in place when the eye is open and becomes more fluid when blinking. It strengthens the tear film when working with viscoelactor (PEG 8000) and will not cause blurred vision.

What are the best eye drops for eye infections?

Eye infections are either bacterial, fungal, or viral and have different causes and treatments. If you have an eye infection, you should speak to your eye care professional or doctor who will recommend the best eye infection drops for you.

Other eye infections such as uveitis are best treated with steroid eye drops or injections, depending on which part of the eye is infected. In rare cases surgery is used to treat uveitis.


How to put in eye drops?

To put in eye drops, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Wash and dry your hands thoroughly before putting in eye drops.
  2. Tilt your head backwards.
  3. Use your index finger to gently pull your lower eyelid down. This will help create a pocket to put the eye drop in.
  4. Look up and squeeze the eye drop into the lower lid.
  5. Close your eye for a minute without blinking.
  6. Make sure you don’t touch the tip of the eye drop bottle.

What is the best eye drop for dry eyes?

One of our best eye drops for dry eyes is our comfi Soothe Drops. Exclusive to Feel Good Contacts, these hydrating eye drops feature a special formula to relieve dry eyes and are an effective eye lubricant to use with or without contact lenses. Available in a handy 10ml bottle, you can carry these premium eye drops with you on-the-go and reintroduce moisture and comfort to your eyes wherever you are.

Why take glaucoma eye drops at night?

Some eye drops for glaucoma including latanoprost work best when taken at night. However, other eye drops for glaucoma are taken during the day.

Can eye drops cause dry mouth?

People can experience different side effects when using eye drops. While it is not generally common to experience dry mouth with eye drops, certain eye drops such as alpha-adrenergic agonists which are used for glaucoma, are known to cause dry mouth.

Can glaucoma eye drops cause headaches?

Alpha-adrenergic agonists glaucoma eye drops can also cause headaches as well burning or stinging, high blood pressure, fatigue, drowsiness and irregular heart rate. Both Apraclonidine (Iopodine) and Brimonidine (Alphagan P) are examples of these eye drops.

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