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Acuvue 2 Product Description

Part of the best-selling Acuvue range, Acuvue 2 contact lenses is an impressive two weekly contact lens that provides you with the freedom to wear your lenses the way you wish. If you want fresher eyes, but a shorter wearing cycle, Acuvue 2 two weekly contact lenses provide the best of both.


Should I buy Acuvue 2 contact lenses?

Acuvue 2 contacts boast a soft and flexible hydrogel design. Coupled with a 58% water content, Acuvue 2 contact lens wearers can enjoy a comfortable lens all day long. Created by Johnson & Johnson, these two weekly contacts are highly breathable, keeping eyes feeling fresher and healthier for longer. Avoid dry eye and discomfort throughout the contact lenses wearing cycle.


How long can I wear Acuvue 2 contact lenses?

As two weekly contact lenses, Acuvue 2 contacts are designed for daily wear and nightly removal for up to two weeks, during which time you’ll need to clean and store your lenses in contact lens solution overnight. We recommend our best-selling comfi All-in-One Solution. Alternatively, however, these lenses provide the freedom of extended wear, should this be approved by your optician. This means that you’ll be able to wear each set of lenses day and night for up to a week, without needing to remove them before bed.


Acuvue 2 contact lenses

Thanks to the implementation of a 1,2,3 indicator and blue handling tint, Acuvue 2 lenses are easy to apply. With a high-water content, those with dry eyes can be assured they are wearing a lens that will keep their eyes well hydrated throughout wear.

Highly comfortable and convenient to use, these Acuvue 2 lenses are just another example of the quality you’ve come to expect from the Acuvue range.

Benefits & Features
  • Two weekly contact lens
  • 88% oxygen transmissibility to prevent dry eye
  • Made from hydrogel material
  • 1-2-3 system for easy lens application
  • Visitint technology makes your lens easier to see
  • Available for short-sightedness and long-sightedness
  • 58% water content

Alternative contact lenses to Acuvue 2 contacts

Acuvue Oasys can alternatively be worn as an upgrade, offering HydraClear Plus technology.


Acuvue 2 parameters

Manufacturer Johnson & Johnson
Brand Acuvue 
Wearing type Two Weekly Contact Lenses
Power range +8.00 to -12.00
Base curve(s) 8.3mm, 8.7mm
Diameter(s) 14mm
Lens material Etafilcon A
Water content 58%
Oxygen permeability 25.5 Dk/t

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  • Jill M. - 19 Oct 2019
    Very happy to have tried this product. It''s like going back to Acuvue Advance - a very slim and comfortable contact lens. I''ll be sticking with this one now I''ve discovered it.
  • Tomasz Kocik - 14 Oct 2019
    Very good U can use one month :)
  • Jennifer Uldricks - 25 Sep 2019
    My daughters 2nd lenses after trying the more expensive Acuvue Moist Dailies and she has had no issues what-so-ever. Great Contacts. I use the monthlies :)
  • Joshua Smith - 13 Sep 2019
    Excellent contacts
  • MARIA FERENANDEZ - 11 Sep 2019
    Very confortable
  • Christine - 05 Sep 2019
    Accurate description!
  • PAULINE - 29 Aug 2019
  • Kimberley Jones - 21 Aug 2019
    Got my order in record time. Super easy to use website.
  • Michael - 27 Jul 2019
    Always used these, never any problems. Would recommend !
  • lynne - 05 Jul 2019
    i have been using these lenses for a long time now and i find them perfect for me .
  • Karolina - 30 Jun 2019
    Arrived the next day,very affordable prices in comparison with other retailers. Will purchase again.
  • Keiko - 22 Jun 2019
    Good price
  • Paul - 17 Jun 2019
    Perfect. Couldn''t ask for anything better
  • Rich - 01 Jun 2019
    Very comfortable.
  • Nick Dowie - 15 May 2019
    Product is excellent, delivery was very quick
  • Vittorio - 07 May 2019
    Very good.
  • Wendy - 07 May 2019
    Have used Acuvue 2 weekly lenses for many years and they are the best. Comfortable to wear nice and thin and after 2 weeks simply throw away and start another pack which is great if you get a build up of protein on lenses.
  • spadetownboy - 05 May 2019
    Great lens, terrific clarity.
  • Ewa Bujnowska - 04 May 2019
    I love this contact lenses as they are very comfortable to wear all day. And eye drops make it even better
  • Paul - 03 May 2019
    Very comfortable and easy to wear. Great product and a very happy customer
  • David Rattan - 30 Apr 2019
    Always perfect and faultless device and quality products totally reliable.
  • Terence Camp - 09 Apr 2019
    Excellent service .very quick delivery and products packaged first class. Will use again
  • CollectPlus Customer - 04 Apr 2019
    Good lens at a great price and speedy delivery
  • Art - 03 Apr 2019
    these are great, bi-weekly contacts
  • Wanda Gray - 01 Apr 2019
    Great contacts. never any problems. Thank you
  • Jane Potter - 31 Mar 2019
    Comfortable to wear
  • lynne - 20 Mar 2019
    Perfect service every time
  • Stefano Del Gaudio - 18 Mar 2019
    Good but could be a tiny cheaper
  • BOBBY MAYO - 13 Mar 2019
    Perfect product
  • Sue McMahon - 23 Feb 2019
    I’ve used these lenses for a long time and they suit me well. Good product
  • Victoria Povey - 18 Feb 2019
    Great lenses have used them for years with no problems
  • Patricia Howarth - 19 Aug 2018
    Always excellent service and great product.
  • Paul Pickford - 29 Jun 2018
    For me they are the most comfortable lenses I have ever worn.
  • Kim Bowkett - 19 Jun 2018
  • Agustin Gilardoni - 17 Jun 2018
    The product it’s great, I’ve been using this contact for years and I will keep doing it, because I get fabulous results.
  • Andreina Sifari - 16 May 2018
    Good quality,very wearable.
  • Stella SW London - 07 May 2018
    Excellent lenses for dry eyes sufferers. I used to wear dailies and specsavers brand but wasn''t very happy as my eyes felt sore after a couple of hours wear so decided to shop around. Came across acuvue 2 reviews online and decided to give them a go and see what the praise is all about and wasnt disappointed. Great quality lenses and value for money if you switch from dailies. If you care about them properly (I recommend a peroxide preservative-free system) and not wear them long hours or every day they can last for longer than 2 weeks.
  • LESLEY ARMSTRONG - 01 Mar 2018
    Excellent service and the goods are the best price
  • PAULINE - 28 Feb 2018
    good comfortable lence i use for around 12 hours a day with no trouble
  • CollectPlus Customer - 20 Feb 2018
    Great product and great price
  • Francesco De Mitri - 12 Jan 2018
    Cheap and good product, my eyes are very confortable with them for up to 10 hours. You can use them on everyday for 15 days (and more) with no problems at all.
  • Patricia - Cheshire - 24 Nov 2017
    Great product. Used for many many years. Excellent.
  • LESLEY ARMSTRONG - 07 Nov 2017
  • Mark - 08 Sep 2017
    the best of the two week contact lenses, do not distort in shape after a few wears and comfortable to wear,
  • Thiago Ferreira Da Silva - 19 Aug 2017
    This is the most comfortable lens, it is great.
  • Francesco De Mitri - 17 Aug 2017
    The product is exactly as I expected. Very good lenses.
  • LESLEY ARMSTRONG - 21 Jul 2017
    These lenses are the best for comfort. I have tried a few others but they make my eyes dry. Acuvue is a good make.
  • Kathleen Minnes - 10 Jul 2017
    Great company to deal with I definitely recommend them
  • Olivier - 29 May 2017
    Constant top quality and very quick delivery. Those contact lenses are very comfortable to wear.
  • Karol quest - 25 Apr 2017
    The best one.. Johnson and johnson rols
  • Mrs Susan Meyers - 03 Apr 2017
    Always comfortable, have been wearing them for years...
  • LESLEY ARMSTRONG - 14 Mar 2017
  • Sylwia Skarupinska - 16 Feb 2017
    good product, description is accurate.
  • Steve - 15 Feb 2017
    I gather that Acuvue 2 are not the most up to date lenses. However, I have been using them for many years and, although I have tried others, as suggested by opticians, they are still the most comfortable ones for me.
  • Marina L - 29 Jan 2017
    For me the best lenses ever, very thin and hydrated for my eyes
  • KS - 13 Jan 2017
    I''ve been using these contacts for years and can''t recommend them more highly.
  • Nicola - 01 Jan 2017
    Consistent quality, no issues.
  • CJ - 25 Nov 2016
    Great comfortable lenses, my only choice for the past four years
  • Haydn - 14 Nov 2016
    I have always found Acuvue 2 a very comfortable lens
  • Lindsey Leggett - 03 Oct 2016
    Comfortable lenses and delivered promptly
  • Andy Marsh - 07 Sep 2016
    I found these very uncomfortable and blurry in near vision.
  • Charlotte Davies - 15 Aug 2016
    Best lenses I have had. Reliable and comfortable
  • Paul Russell - 10 Aug 2016
    10 years of using these lenses they give me no problems at all. Flexible, very soft, and so comfortable. Much better than the toric lenses that my optician was pushing me to buy that were unnecessary. I hope J&J continue the Acuvue 2''s.
  • Timothy De Vos - 25 May 2016
    Most comfortable contact lenses I have used.
  • Cattleya Orchidacea - 26 Apr 2016
    I like this product, have been using it for all my myopic life which is at least 20 years. Very comfortable and easy to use.
  • Nisha Sisodia - 23 Feb 2016
    I like the 2 weekly lenses as they are comfortable and don''t get worn out unlike some monthly lenses.
  • Ada Marie Eggleton - 03 Nov 2015
    Very good service, always on time and reliable. No stress or bother lenses arrive in perfect condition. Would recommend to all contact lense users.
  • Michael Nicholls - 06 Oct 2015
    Used these for years now, tried a newer type Acuvue lens, but went back to these as more comfortable towards end of usage period