SofLens Daily Disposable

£10.90 30 Lenses / box
  • SofLens Daily Disposable
  • SofLens Daily Disposable
  • SofLens Daily Disposable
SofLens Daily Disposable SofLens Daily Disposable SofLens Daily Disposable SofLens Daily Disposable
Save up to 22%, Why not try?
comfi Daily Disposable
Save up to 22%, Why not try?
£1.99 5 lenses
£8.49 30 lenses


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Save up to 22%, Why not try?
comfi Daily Disposable
£1.99 5 lenses
£8.49 30 lenses

SofLens Daily Disposable Product Description

Impressive technologies have been combined to form SofLens Daily Disposable, daily contact lenses designed to guarantee outstanding all day comfort and clear vision.

You can be sure of comfortable lenses from morning till night as a result of ComfortMoist technology. This has created a unique lens design, featuring a thin and smooth surface, while each daily disposable lens is packaged in a slow-release solution, creating a cushioning effect on your eye. SofLens Daily Disposable contact lenses are perfect for anyone prone to dry eyes or discomfort, providing an effective option for visual correction that keeps your eyes feeling comfortable all day.

SofLens Daily Disposable Contact Lenses for Short and Long-Sightedness

Able to correct short-sightedness and long-sightedness, SofLens Daily Disposable feature High Definition Optics to ensure your vision is as clear and crisp as possible. Visual disruptions such as blurs, glares and halos will be a thing of the past, even as the day stretches on, with these daily contact lenses.

SofLens Daily Disposable contact lenses is helpful for customers who have difficulties with quality control issues of contact lenses, but also for those who live a hectic lifestyle. SofLens Daily Disposable contact lenses are also great for customers who want the best in vision technology.

SofLens Daily Disposable Contact Lenses for Lifestyle

Created by Bausch & Lomb, SofLens Daily Disposable contact lenses are ideal to keep up with late nights, early starts and hectic schedules. Perfect for the working professional or anyone with a busy lifestyle, these convenient daily disposable contact lenses provide freedom from a contact lens care routine. You won’t have to clean and store them in solution overnight, as you can simply throw your lenses away before bed each night, then apply a new pair in the morning.

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Benefits & Features
  • High Definition Optics reduce blurring
  • ComfortMoist technology and thin design provides moisture and comfort.
  • Hygienic and convenient daily disposables
  • 59% water content

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SofLens Daily Disposable parameters

Manufacturer Bausch & Lomb
Brand SofLens
Wearing type Daily Contact Lenses
Power range +6.50 to -9.00
Base curve(s) 8.6mm
Diameter(s) 14.2mm
Lens material Hilafilcon B
Water content 59%
Oxygen permeabillity  22 Dk/t

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  • laura - 16 Oct 2019
    Excellent, comfy lenses
  • Shoaib - 14 Oct 2019
    Comfortable for up to 10 hours
  • Elena - 12 Oct 2019
    Comfortable contact lenses. I wear them the whole day and have been using them for years now: never experienced any problems. Recommended!
  • Mary - 28 Sep 2019
    Been using them for many years and they are comfortable and easy to use
  • Denise - 27 Sep 2019
    Always fast delivery and comfy lensed
  • Christopher - 27 Sep 2019
    So thin you don''t know they''re in. Brilliant (assuming your fingers are pretty nimble to handle putting them in)!
  • Barbara Sutcliffe - 22 Sep 2019
    Very comfortable
  • Angelo Haralambous - 18 Sep 2019
    Comfortable lenses - no problems
  • Matthew Barnes - 18 Sep 2019
    For me these are very comfy lenses. I often wear them for several days (cleaning them and taking them out at night) and they last for a good couple weeks even though they''re supposed to be dailys. Highly recommended.
  • David Goldberg - 17 Sep 2019
    Very good value.
  • Martin Ivatt - 26 Aug 2019
    Brilliant way to buy contact lenses thanks
  • Kean - 22 Aug 2019
    Good lenses if on a budget.
  • Clive - 27 Jul 2019
    Good Quality
  • Jane - 22 Jul 2019
    Great comfortable product
  • Dee Miller - 03 Jul 2019
    No problem with the contacts although price has gone up since my last order.
  • Susan Brown - 30 Jun 2019
    Been using these for years and wouldn''t change a thing.
  • Shama Begum - 29 Jun 2019
    Really good contacts no problem with them at all really comfortable
  • Lina Santarsiero - 24 Jun 2019
    always happy with my lenses, have used feel good contacts for years and I have never ever had any issues - thank you
  • customer - 22 Jun 2019
    Super soft and very comfortable
  • Glenda - 21 Jun 2019
    Perfect for my dry eyes.
  • Maariya A - 11 Jun 2019
    Too flimsy and takes forever to put in I suggest ordering from hubble, only £5 extra worth the money tbh
  • Tanya Bosse - 06 Jun 2019
    Never had problems with them. Excellent product
  • Carolyn Henry - 06 Jun 2019
    Great brand, well packaged and most importantly the lenses are SO comfortable - they don’t feel as if i’m wearing anything and my eyes feel like they can breathe.
  • John Lynch - 31 May 2019
    The same as the high street brand I’ve had for years.
  • Christopher - 30 May 2019
    Very easy to use good quality lenses can be left in eyes for hours without discomfort
  • Rebekah - 26 May 2019
    Very comfortable
  • Leigh - 26 May 2019
    Very easy to use and great value for money
  • Richard Atkinson - 24 May 2019
    Highly recommend Fantastic delivery and price Ordered at 11 am received the next day at 10 am
  • Roger Adams - 12 May 2019
    Excellent product
  • Lesley Weeks - 11 May 2019
    Very comfortable lenses and good quality
  • Christine Apergis - 11 May 2019
    These lenses are very comfortable
  • Peter Fenton - 10 May 2019
  • Mr Ian Graham - 10 May 2019
    Wouldn''t use any other
  • Kimberley - 30 Apr 2019
    My eyes normally get very dry by the end of the day, However I found the contacts to be very comfortable and non drying. They sit comfortably. I will buy again.
  • graeme - 30 Apr 2019
    I have used these lenses for a number of years now and would highly recommend
  • Carol Cottam - 23 Apr 2019
    Excellent service
  • Michael Clegg - 22 Apr 2019
    Great product on time delivery ??
  • Kamola Sodikova - 21 Apr 2019
    HD vision!!
  • Jean Wright - 20 Apr 2019
    Tried other lenses but these were most comfortable
  • Richard Atkinson - 17 Apr 2019
    Excellent delivery ordered on a Sunday afternoon arrived Monday morning !! Also excellent price highly recommend
  • Peter Fenton - 09 Apr 2019
  • Zaylin September - 07 Apr 2019
    Great product, works well with my eyes and little to no irritation even after many hours.
  • Sarah Flanagan - 01 Apr 2019
    Comfortable lens. Good price
  • Mags - 28 Mar 2019
    Been using this contacts for few years now and they are the best for me.
  • Lesley Weeks - 26 Mar 2019
    Comfortable, good quality lenses
  • MiniMe - 24 Mar 2019
    Very comfortable all day long. Eyes don’t feel tired or irritated.
  • David H - 13 Mar 2019
    Good product at a great price, been using them for years now
  • Glenda - 06 Mar 2019
    Been wearing these for years. My old high st optician stopped supplying these and tried to get me onto their own brand which didn''t work for me at all. Superb to get these easily and quickly here at a brilliant price.
  • Philip Cockcroft - 23 Feb 2019
    I’ve use the product for years very comfortable lenses
  • MR P - 21 Feb 2019
    Great light lenses ..and a good price
  • Kafi Francis - 16 Feb 2019
    The aspheric technology featured in this lens is a genuine lifesaver. I have mild astigmatism and these manage to provide me with a level of visual clarity that surpasses even my toric contacts.
  • Jacqueline - 16 Feb 2019
    Super fast delivery
  • Glenda - 03 Feb 2019
    Absolutely brilliant Been wearing these for years - I used to get them from a High St opticians at a much much higher price. I tried a few other brands because of this but now can get my preferred brand of lenses at a great price! Thanks!
  • Nikolaos Katsaras - 03 Feb 2019
    Amazing lenses
  • Grant Scott - 02 Feb 2019
    Hi, very pleased so far ,in the future i will be able to tell you more Cheers Grant
  • Kate Weston - 06 Dec 2018
  • Lina Santarsiero - 21 Nov 2018
    Fantastic Fantastic ! Have been using Feel Good Contacts for years & never ever had an issue - Thank you
  • Sherri Honey - 20 Nov 2018
    great service
  • David Sutcliffe - 28 Oct 2018
    First time ever trying contacts, my god, the quickest best delivery service iv ever had! And as sceptical as I was, the contacts are great, cheaper than Specsavers, delivered super fast and work like a charm. I am a very happy customer!
  • Lina Santarsiero - 26 Oct 2018
    Fanstastic Site , have been using them for years with no issues
  • Lukasz - 10 Sep 2018
    Quality product. You can find cheaper brands with same quality.
  • Tony O'Reilly - 06 Sep 2018
  • Janet Clarke - 21 Aug 2018
    Great service and super speedy delivery. Can’t fault.Thankyou. Love the haribo as a ‘thank you ‘ - nice touch.
  • Karen Lamb - 19 Aug 2018
    So far so good, comfortable, need more time to judge.
  • Patrick - 18 Aug 2018
    Good value lenses for all day use,good sharp vision.k
  • Julia Elizabeth - 17 Aug 2018
    excelent clarity and comfort
  • Jane Connor - 08 Aug 2018
    So comfortable fits my eyes perfectly
  • Steve Robinson - 07 Aug 2018
    Good quality
  • Nick - 05 Aug 2018
    I knew the product. These lenses are perfect for me.
  • Rob Hunt - 02 Aug 2018
    Very cheap and vary quick.
  • n howard - 26 Jul 2018
    Great comfort great night vision especially
  • Kim Smith - 24 Jul 2018
    These are perfect for daily wear. I found it more comfortable using the bio lense lotion before insertion. Overall thoroughly recommend. This was a re-order and will definately re-order from feel good again
  • Mr Barlow - 19 Jul 2018
    Still under review as haven’t really used them yet
  • Radek - 16 Jul 2018
    Good product with low price tag.
  • Ann Brown - 07 Jul 2018
    I have worn these lenses for more than 20 years. So comfortable. Have tried 3 other types but always return to these. Never need eye drops. Fabulous lenses.
  • Anna Tomlinson - 23 Jun 2018
    So easy, quick and reliable!
  • MRS SPENCER - 15 Jun 2018
    Old time favourite. A bit thick compare with new materials.
  • Aline Giazzon - 14 Jun 2018
    I use to wear this lenses for ages, is very comfortable and soft.
  • Andria Martis - 11 Jun 2018
    Comfortable! Will order again and great price
  • Portia00 Reid - 05 Jun 2018
  • Portia00 Reid - 05 Jun 2018
    Really bad thought I’d try dried out too fast could not wear them long def not comfi!!
  • Tamim Wardak - 02 Jun 2018
    Do not suit dry eyes at all. Take forever to put in. Do not recommend.
  • SCOTT JOHNSON - 02 Jun 2018
    I was a little dubious at first because these were bigger and harder to handle than my previous lenses. However, after a month I tried some of my previous lenses and found them to be less comfortable than these. These lenses are now my preferred option.
  • Lina Santarsiero - 30 May 2018
    fab lenses and delivery , never dissapointing - thank you
  • Jazmine Kainth - 19 May 2018
    Easy and comfortable to use.
  • Susan Brown - 17 May 2018
    Used for years now. Very comfortable for me. Did try others (due to the optician) last year but went back within days.
  • Portia00 Reid - 17 May 2018
    These are fantastic quality and totally affordable lenses . Highly recommend them.
  • Claire Davies - 16 May 2018
    Brilliant lenses never had any trouble with them
  • Linda Evans - 12 May 2018
    been using these daily disposables for a few years now, easy to pop in and take out and comfortable to wear.
  • Margaret Hawkes - 07 May 2018
    Great experience
  • Petra - 23 Apr 2018
    Very good quality product. Happy as usual :)
  • Vicky - 13 Apr 2018
    Easy to use lenses. No messing about cleaning etc, I use a new pair every day. Exceptional value for money
  • Tayo - 12 Apr 2018
    Lenses are soft and very comfortable to wear. Recommended.
  • Leigh - 12 Apr 2018
    Easy to use and good value for money
  • Clive - 25 Feb 2018
    Really comfortable to wear good qualitycontact lenses.
  • Glenda - 24 Feb 2018
    Brilliant lenses. I used to get from High St optician at double the price. Would always get online now.
  • Fabio - 16 Feb 2018
    Are not the most comfortable, but among the best.
  • Susan Helsby - 10 Feb 2018
    Great value and where delivered quickly
  • Lauren Beaumont - 03 Feb 2018
    Really pleased with my contacts! Exactly as described and was delivered on time . Would highly recommend to anyone who hasn''t bought on contacts on-line before (as I hadn''t) thanks very much!
  • Orapun Scullion - 25 Jan 2018
    I love this product and I really love this web purchasing which sent them so quick I got them the next day with a wee treat, a bag of sweet in the parcel too.