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Biofinity Toric Product Description

Clear, precise and stable vision is delivered all day long with Biofinity Toric. Designed to correct astigmatism, these toric contact lenses provide a comfortable, hygienic and reliable option for your visual correction.

Biofinity Toric for improved vision and comfort

Optimised Lens Geometry has been implemented by manufacturer CooperVision to ensure that your monthly contact lenses remain on your eyes during wear, resulting in zero interruptions to your vision and comfort. Enjoy freedom from glasses, and freedom from blurring, glares or halos with these impressive monthly contact lenses for astigmatism.

Biofinity Toric are silicone hydrogel contact lenses that permit a flow of oxygen up to six times greater than the of standard hydrogel lenses to pass through the lens. An increased supply of oxygen promotes healthier eyes, keeping them feeling fresh and comfortable during wear. These lenses have been designed for long-lasting moisture with Aquaform Technology offering hydration for your eyes all day long. Perfect for those with a busy schedule or who are out of the house all day, these toric lenses can stand up to the demands of even the most tiring of days.

Maintaining your Biofinity Toric contact lenses

Maintain the quality of your Biofinity Toric contact lenses and uphold exceptional hygiene by following a simple lens cleaning regime. Every night, you’ll need to take out your lenses, then clean and store them overnight in contact lens solution. If approved by your optician, however, you can wear these lenses as extended wear lenses for up to a week, both day and night.

Benefits & Features
  • Monthly contact lenses
  • Toric lenses for astigmatism
  • Can be worn as extended wear lenses for up to 7 days and nights
  • Comfortable and hygienic
  • Designed for astigmatic correction
  • Stable lens shape ensure clear vision
  • Can be worn as extended wear lens for up to a week (if approved by your optician)
  • 48% water content

Alternative contact lenses to Biofinity Toric

Air Optix for Astigmatism are similar toric lenses.


Biofinity Toric parameters

Manufacturer CooperVision
Brand Biofinity
Wearing type Monthly Contact Lenses
Power range +8.00 to -10.00
-0.75, -1.25, -1.75, -2.25
10° - 180°
Base curve(s) 8.7mm
Diameter(s) 14.5mm
Lens material Comfilcon A
Water content 48%
Oxygen permeability 116 Dk/t

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  • Cristina Prince - 13 Oct 2019
    Very comfortable contacts for astigmatism.
  • Andrew - 28 Sep 2019
    They are comfortable, help with vision and I can wear them all day.
  • Celia - 24 Sep 2019
    Goo contact lenses
  • Rick Lockwood - 21 Sep 2019
  • Dee R - 10 Sep 2019
  • Tera Scharf - 05 Sep 2019
    Overall these contacts aren''t too bad, they''re very lubricated so it can be hard getting them out, especially a fresh pair! I have been having issues with the contacts for my right eye ripping quite a bit lately and I''m not sure why. I''ve been wearing contacts over 20 years and have never had this issue before. If they didn''t rip so much I''d give more stars!
  • Amanda Avery - 03 Sep 2019
    Top quality item at sensible prices.
  • Cathy Allen - 30 Aug 2019
    Biofinity lenses cannot be used a long as some of the other brands - gets a bit scratchy after a while
  • Philippe DeRuyter - 09 Aug 2019
    excellent lenses
  • Miss NORMA ROWE - 04 Aug 2019
    very good no problems with them
  • Graham - 27 Jul 2019
    no problems with it
  • Maria Lloyd - 13 Jul 2019
    Easy to use, always durable
  • Joan - 12 Jul 2019
    Good quality lenses
  • Agne Pet - 11 Jul 2019
    I have dry eyes but these lenses suits me well. Sometimes I even forget I wear them. Best lenses so far and super fast delivery, best service ever!
  • Nidge - 07 Jul 2019
    Comfortable, durable and easy to handle.
  • Crystal Conner - 06 Jul 2019
    Fantastic product!
  • David Davies - 03 Jul 2019
    No problem
  • Stephen Buchanan-Lee - 03 Jul 2019
    Great product. Always reliable and great quality.
  • Barbara - 27 Jun 2019
    Excellent product.Really comfortable to wear.
  • Renu - 23 Jun 2019
    My prescriptions so can''t say anymore.
  • Tyrone Hetherington - 02 Jun 2019
    Best lens in the market? Comfort and Clarity are exceptional.
  • Hayley - 31 May 2019
    Great lenses.
  • Cat Allan - 28 May 2019
    Works great for me, never had an issue and I''ve been wearing this type for years
  • Jon Nestor - 18 May 2019
    Comfortable lenses
  • Geoff - 16 May 2019
    Good product
  • Cecilia - 15 May 2019
    Very good lenses.
  • Miss Jessica - 07 May 2019
    Great product
  • Keith - 29 Apr 2019
    Been wearing these for a few years - they work great in my eyes!
  • Ross Clark - 28 Apr 2019
    Really comfortable. Within 5 minutes I’d forgotten I had new lenses and can’t say better than that.
  • Adam Bannister - 25 Apr 2019
    These are great
  • Catherine Proffitt - 22 Apr 2019
    Great for astigmatism
  • Tony Armstrong - 07 Apr 2019
    Great quality product and cheapest online
  • Mark Humphreys - 03 Apr 2019
    Really comfortable lenses, good for long term wearing as well.
  • Wayne Sowka - 31 Mar 2019
    Never had a problem so far with these lenses.
  • Ben Thatcher - 31 Mar 2019
    After years and years of struggling to find a toric lens that is both comfortable and gives great vision, Ive finally found it. These lenses were recommended to me by a friend and I would, in turn, recommend them to others.
  • Derick Humphrey - 18 Mar 2019
    The lenses arrived the next day and are perfect, very easy
  • Kristian VADER - 16 Mar 2019
    Excellent quality , comfortable and excellent range for longsighted astigmatism (+ power)
  • Celia - 10 Mar 2019
    Good value for the lenses.
  • June - 07 Mar 2019
    This is my second order and these are the most comfortable contacts I''ve ever had...and of course the price is great. Feelgood contacts is my go to place for contacts now. Love the service and product.
  • kubra jiwa - 23 Feb 2019
    Great product great price
  • Mrs Bass - 03 Feb 2019
    Excellent product great value
  • Bamford - 03 Feb 2019
    Great contact lensers best price fast shipping
  • Aisling - 02 Feb 2019
    Good quality and very durable
  • Rowland Corentin - 09 Dec 2018
    So much easier than dealing with opticians. Billiant
  • Alan Lynch - 21 Nov 2018
    Wow! What an improvement. Thought It would take a while to get used to them reading other comments. 1st day and had to check they where still in. 17 hours wear with no dryness or discomfort like I used to get with my other contacts.
  • Michael Ahrens - 04 Nov 2018
    US buyer, decent shipping and great product!
  • Ayo Oyelakin - 25 Oct 2018
  • Sinead Pollard - 15 Oct 2018
    Fantastic service fast delivery and love the little jelly treats 🤗
  • Josh Rosie - 03 Oct 2018
    amazing and quick delivery
  • Jonathan Bleier - 28 Sep 2018
    great service -
  • Mark Humphreys - 24 Aug 2018
    Easy to put in and take out, very comfortable to wear, and lasted a month without any problems. Would highly recommend.
  • Jing - 08 Aug 2018
    Very good product very good price very good customer service
  • Chris Westwood - 08 Aug 2018
    These lenses are very comfortable and durable. Really pleased with them And have used them for Years now
  • Stephen Buchanan-Lee - 07 Aug 2018
    Great value, great quality, great service
  • Susan - 29 Jul 2018
    Really pleased with these contact lenses. Very comfortable.
  • Katukas29 Nausedaite - 26 Jul 2018
    Really happy with my order great price and quick delivery
  • Steven Hammacott - 17 Jul 2018
    gereat price quick delivery no hassel
  • Mrs H E Power - 28 Jun 2018
    I''ve used these lenses for more than three years and have no complaints whatsoever.
  • Arren Burchell - 28 Jun 2018
    Really happy with my order great price and quick delivery
  • John Wilson - 22 Jun 2018
    very good value been using over a year onlyhad a problem with 2 lenses in may but will keep using them
  • Lauren Barker - 18 Jun 2018
    Unfortunately my eyes got dry easily with these contacts and they would get really blurry, I would have to have eyedrops with me at all times.
  • Kayleigh Sutton - 15 Jun 2018
    I have very dry, sensitive eyes and these are wonderful - it takes around 6/7 hrs before they start to dry (which is when you should be taking them out) but I put in some drops and keep them in longer. They are strong and last the month, very happy with them
  • Simon Soper - 14 Jun 2018
    Great value for money
  • Donna Mcavoy - 10 Jun 2018
    No complaints at all really good and quick delivery
  • Hayley - 26 May 2018
    Really comfortable. My optician is cool with me using this for a month before changing them so that''s good enough for me.
  • Bruce Walker - 26 May 2018
    Good product, works well in a dusty environment.
  • Lee Wright - 25 May 2018
    Excellent product & service as usual
  • Nina - 19 May 2018
    Very comfortable ...I wear them all day with no problems at all
  • Claire - 19 May 2018
    Comfortable lenses. Better than the lenses offered by my optician
  • Melinda Molnar - 16 May 2018
    Great company. Extremely efficient and fast service. I had been using them for years and they never disappoint.
  • TW - 11 May 2018
    Excellent service. Ordered *after* 8 and still received next day!
  • Ben Thatcher - 07 May 2018
    I’ve always struggled to get the right level of comfort with clear, crisp vision from a toric lens. Coopervision’s Biofinity Torics deliver both in spades. I have the sharpest vision I’ve had wearing lenses for over 20 years, and can comfortably wear these for 14 hours every day. They dry out a little, but one drop of wetting solution in each eye twice a day and they’re perfect. I’m only sorry I didn’t discover them sooner! And buying through Feel Good Contacts they’re cheaper than my previous lenses, too!
  • John Kalinski - 30 Apr 2018
    Excellent service and excellent contacts, will use again
  • Peter Griffiths - 29 Apr 2018
    The only ones I can use. Technology is dead ,no advancement..need better new better product.
  • Efthymia Patsiodimou - 25 Apr 2018
  • Amy Jarvis - 21 Apr 2018
    Vision is fantastic with these lenses, only negative point is that my eyes can get quite dry after 6-8 hours of wear. I have glasses so tend to take them out in the evening. I’m sure a moisture spray would fix this for all day wearing.
  • Ron - 19 Mar 2018
    Have used these before and they are great
  • Sean - 17 Mar 2018
    I love them very comfy fit for people with astigmatism
  • Tracey Stoneman - 15 Mar 2018
    On the whole a very comfortable lens. Can wear comfortably for up to 10-12 hours. Sometimes the vision is not always correct & have to throw away a pair of lens every now & again which can be frustrating.
  • Steph Wilson - 08 Mar 2018
    I''ve used these contacts for years and they are top quality. Definitely worth the extra money
  • Zach Eaves - 07 Mar 2018
    Excellent contacts, best I''ve used
  • John Wilson - 03 Mar 2018
    very good lenses same as my optitions lots cheaper almost half the price been using almost a year now
  • Iveta Lukoseviciute - 23 Feb 2018
    The best of my tried products! Very comfortable :)
  • Sarah Dunn - 23 Feb 2018
    Great lenses. My eyes don''t dry out with these.
  • M Taylor - 05 Feb 2018
    Ok but eyes get dry quicker than Air Optix
  • Mrs Simpson - 21 Jan 2018
    Great lenses, good stability in eye and don''t dry out much.
  • Karol Wos - 07 Jan 2018
    very good quality. I do not feel that I''m wearing them
  • Andrew Summerfield - 23 Nov 2017
    Good quality lens that lasts well and cleans up well. Been using them for years and would recommend.
  • Buttaram Jakhu - 20 Nov 2017
    Good price, excellent product and service. Very pleased with product and fast delivery
  • Tinker - 18 Nov 2017
    Astigmatism is tricky, but these lenses have made them so easy !!!
  • Lindylu - 22 Oct 2017
    Recommended by my optician. Good quality and comfortable to wear for a full month
  • James Ackland - 16 Oct 2017
    Quality comfortable lenses
  • Jon Branton - 03 Oct 2017
    Excellent, simple as that, thanks
  • Daniela - 23 Aug 2017
    I have been using these for a number of years now. Great lenses.
  • Helen Smith - 06 Aug 2017
    Very comfortable and last the full month.
  • Pat Taylor - 06 Aug 2017
    Very good and a good price too
  • Jayne Guest - 29 Jul 2017
    really pleased with these lenses and they wear well throughout the month
  • Sarah Carr - 27 Jun 2017
    very good lenses, easy to handle and clean. very happy overall with a value for money lense
  • Narinder Bagha - 26 Jun 2017
    My wife has been using these lenses for three years now, and we have been purchasing these contact lenses from Feel Good.
  • Sue - 22 Jun 2017
    Great product, great price!