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What are silicone hydrogel contact lenses?

Silicone hydrogel contact lenses are an advanced type of soft contact lenses and offer a variety of benefits. Silicone hydrogel contacts are unique in that they allow up to six times the amount of oxygen to travel through them than other soft hydrogel lenses do. They are now the most commonly prescribed soft lens material.

The material absorbs and locks in water, allowing the lens to become flexible to follow your eye's movements and be better rehydrated during cleaning, disinfecting and storage. Silicone hydrogel contact lenses are highly beneficial to those who suffer from dry eye and want a slightly longer wearing time than most other contact lenses provide.

What is silicone hydrogel made of?

Silicone hydrogel contact lenses are made of a soft silicone material that offers a breathable, flexible gel-like consistency.

Benefits of silicone hydrogel lenses?

  • Comfort – eyes remain fresh and healthy until the end of the day when wearing silicone hydrogel, as the soft material is highly breathable, allowing plenty of oxygen to enter and exit the eye.
  • Hygiene – due to the increased amount of oxygen that passes through the lens, your eyes will be kept much healthier, significantly reducing any risk of infection or irritation.
  • Endurance – by retaining water effectively, silicone hydrogel contacts don’t dip in terms of comfort or performance as the day goes on. So, you’ll be able to rely on your lenses from morning till night which is especially important if you’re a wearer of monthly or two weekly contact lenses.

What vision problems do silicone hydrogel contact lenses correct?

  • Astigmatism - toric lenses made with silicone hydrogel promise a secure and comfortable fit, as astigmatism may cause discomfort, blurry or distorted vision.
  • Presbyopia - presbyopia can easily be corrected with multifocal contact lenses made with silicone hydrogel, providing a smooth and comfortable lens wear experience at any distance.
  • Myopia (short-sightedness) – silicone hydrogel contacts correct short-sightedness, making it easier to see objects far away.
  • Hyperopia (long-sightedness) - long-sightedness can be corrected by lenses made with silicone hydrogel, making it easier to see objects up close.

How to choose silicone hydrogel contact lenses

Silicone hydrogel contact lenses might be the right choice for you if:

  • You wear contact lenses for long hours
  • You suffer from dry eyes
  • You are constantly in a dry or air-conditioned environment
  • You’re work requires you to see immediately after waking up, for example a doctor on call

Your optician will advise whether silicone hydrogel contacts are for you and choose which one is suitable for you. It’s important to note that everyone’s eyes are different, and what may work for your eyes might not work for someone else.

Types of silicone hydrogel contact lenses?

Best silicone hydrogel daily contact lenses

Silicone hydrogel daily contact lenses are incredibly popular, based on their convenience and comfort. You can wear fresh lenses on a daily basis and dispose of your lenses at the end of the day without the hassle of a cleaning routine. Our popular one-day, silicone hydrogel contacts include:

Dailies Total 1 does a fantastic job as a daily contact lens due to its SmarTears technology and high oxygen transmissibility. These factors keep the eyes moist, hydrated and offer a silky-smooth feel all day for exceptional comfort. The extra-thin edges are made of non-ionic material that counteracts protein deposits on the lenses to ensure that they are kept clean from morning till night.

HydroClear technology helps these lenses to retain moisture and hydrates the eyes making 1-Day Acuvue TruEye the perfect daily silicone hydrogel lens, especially for anyone who suffers dry eyes. Their slim and lightweight design makes you forget that you’re wearing contact lenses allowing you to go about your day-to-day activities with no hassle whatsoever.

comfi Pure 1 Day is a fantastic daily silicone hydrogel contact lens for those who require a daily disposable wear lens. The innovative lens allows more oxygen to pass through the eye, which is highly advantageous for those prone to dry eyes and irritation.

Clariti 1 day are some of the most popular daily disposable lenses on the market. These silicone hydrogel contact lenses feature a design that utilises WetLoc technology for a lens that attracts and binds water molecules to its surface, ensuring that it keeps its moisture as the day progresses. Perfect for those with busy lifestyles, these lenses also provide UVA and UVB blocker.

Acuvue Oasys 1-Day with HydraLuxe are the perfect silicone hydrogel lenses for those who work long shifts. Not only does the breathable silicone hydrogel offer superior hydration, but the HydraLuxe technology works like tears to reduce tired and dry eyes.

Best monthly silicone hydrogel contacts

There are a number of popular silicone hydrogel monthly contact lenses to choose from and for great value. They require a simple cleaning and storing routine so that you can wear them up to a month.

Popular products include:

Biofinity contact lenses by CooperVision are the perfect silicone hydrogel lens for monthly wear, ideal for new wearers. Aquaform technology keeps the eyes healthy, comfortable and hydrated while an aspheric front surface design promises sharp vision.

Air Optix Aqua is another winning silicone hydrogel monthly contact lens. Featuring TriComfort technology to help hydrate eyes throughout the day, this slim and lightweight lens will provide you with ultimate comfort during the whole month.

With an advanced 3rd generation silicone hydrogel technology, you can enjoy a whole month of daily wear with Avaira Vitality monthly contact lenses. The silicone hydrogel material of these lenses combined with Aquaform Technology guaranteesa higher degree of breathability than standard hydrogel contact lenses and offers UV blocker.

comfi Air monthly contact lenses are an excellent choice for those after a premium silicone hydrogel lens at a very affordable price. The Smart Curve Design offers crisp and clear vision, while Air Edge technology ensures that you’ll barely feel them while they’re in.

PureVision 2 are the perfect monthly contact lenses designed for the demands of the working day. The silicone hydrogel material coupled with ComfortMoist Technology ensures that your eyes stay fresh, hydrated, and healthy even when spending long hours on digital devices.

Best silicone hydrogel extended wear contact lenses

If approved by your optician, silicone hydrogel extended wear lenses can be worn continuously for up to 7 days or a month. Silicone hydrogel material is suitable for extended wear lenses, making them more breathable, allowing you to wear your lenses without having to remove them overnight.

Popular products include:

Enjoy 30 days and 30 nights of continuous wear with Air Optix Night & Day Aqua. The silicone hydrogel design makes these lenses especially suitable for extended wear and ideal for anyone who leads a busy lifestyle. It allows up to six times the amount of oxygen to travel through to your eyes than standard hydrogel contacts. Coupled with TriComfort technology, you can expect hydrated eyes around the clock.

As well as being an excellent monthly lens, these Biofinity silicone hydrogel contact lenses are a popular extended wear lens too, perfect for anyone with an active lifestyle. If approved by your optician, you can wear them throughout the day and when sleeping for up to 6 nights/7 days without removal thanks to AquaForm technology and a highly breathable Comfilcon A silicone hydrogel material.

Acuvue Oasys are an extended wear lens which utilises silicone hydrogel material for exceptional breathability combined with HYDRACLEAR PLUS technology to retain moisture throughout the day. They are a great extended wear lens for people constantly on the go which can be worn for up to 6 nights/7 days, provided an optician has recommended this to you.

Best Silicone hydrogel 2 weekly contact lenses

Our most popular silicone hydrogel in 2 weekly is Acuvue Oasys, also available in toric and multifocal form. These silicone hydrogel 2-weekly contact lenses provide great value for money compared to dailies and better hygiene than monthlies as they are replaced more regularly.

Best silicone hydrogel coloured contact lenses

Coloured contact lenses offer a safe and reversible way to change your eye colour. However, due to the lens's painted section, coloured contact lenses can sometimes be difficult for people with dry eyes to wear. The colour particles may impede the flow of oxygen, water and moisture in and out of the eye and make retaining moisture more difficult. Air Optix Colors are made of silicone hydrogel and can allow up to six times the amount of oxygen to pass through to the eyes than with other coloured contacts.

Commonly Asked Questions

Are silicone hydrogel contact lenses more comfortable than hydrogel contact lenses?

Silicone hydrogel contact lenses are considered more comfortable than hydrogel contact lenses. These premium soft contact lenses allow more oxygen into the eye, making them more wettable, breathable, and comfortable than standard hydrogel lenses.

How long can you wear silicone hydrogel contact lenses?

Silicone hydrogel contacts can be worn for longer hours of the day. They allow more oxygen into the eye, making it more breathable and comfortable to wear for an extended period.Your optician will advise your lens wearing schedule during the aftercare or contact lens fitting.

Can you sleep in silicone hydrogel contact lenses?

You cannot sleep in your lenses as this may lead to an eye infection such as corneal keratitis and symptoms of dry or red eyes. You can only sleep in your lenses overnight if they are extended wear contact lenses which have been approved by your optician.

Are silicone hydrogel contact lenses safe?

Silicone hydrogel lenses are safe to wear. Your optician will confirm which lenses are most suitable for your eyes, based on your prescription and lens type preference.

Can you be allergic to silicone hydrogel?

You can be allergic to silicone hydrogel contact lenses and may experience an allergic reaction or symptoms. This will include red, watery or itchy eyes but could also be due to bacteria, pollen, dust or a new lens.. Please get in touch with your optician if you experience allergic symptoms from silicone hydrogel lenses.

Are silicone hydrogel lenses more expensive?

Given the immense comfort they offer and their ability to retain a moisture level and therefore provide an extended wearing time, it’s understandable that silicone hydrogel contacts would have a slightly higher price point than standard hydrogel lenses. Feel Good Contacts aims to offer the best prices on the market for your contact lenses and our Price Match Guarantee ensures that you won’t find your contact lenses cheaper anywhere else.

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