Automate your future orders

What is Auto-Replenish?

Auto-Replenish is a quick and easy way of receiving your contact lenses regularly, without having to go online or re-enter your order.

Just choose your contact lenses, enter your prescription; add any additional products (e.g. solutions or eye-drops) you want; and opt in to Auto-Replenish at the check-out. Your order will be sent out regularly at the set interval that you specify. The minimum interval that you can set is, every 15 days.


Benefits of Auto-Replenish?

  • 5% off ALL orders - you will automatically receive 5% off every Auto-Replenish order
  • Automatic Ordering - you don't need to remember to top up your supplies, we can do that for you!
  • No strings attached - you can cancel whenever you like
  • Prescription availability - We will always have your prescription in stock with Auto-Replenish. This is great for people with specific prescriptions

How to opt in

Select ‘Automate your future orders’ at the checkout


Sign in to ‘My Account’ and click on the Auto-Replenish tab. Then, simply select ‘Auto-Replenish’ on any previous order.

Automate your future orders

How to manage Auto-Replenish orders

To manage your Auto-Replenish orders, log in and go to the My Account section. From the ‘Auto-Replenish’ tab, you’ll be able to review your orders and change the schedule and/or frequency of your deliveries.

If you want to change the products, payments details or prescriptions listed; you’ll need to cancel your Auto-Replenish order and create a new one with your preferred details.

For further details, view our full terms and conditions.

Automate your future orders



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