Automate your future orders

What is Auto-Replenish?

Auto-Replenish is a quick and easy way of receiving your contact lenses regularly, without having to go online or re-enter your order.

Just choose your contact lenses, enter your prescription; add any additional products (e.g. solutions or eye-drops) you want; and opt in to Auto-Replenish at the check-out. You will need to order a minimum of £15 to activate your Auto-Replenish. Your order will be sent out regularly at the set interval that you specify. The minimum interval that you can set is, every 25 days.


Benefits of Auto-Replenish?

  • Free Delivery - on all automated orders to UK customers
  • Automatic Ordering - you don't need to remember to top up your supplies, we can do that for you!
  • No strings attached - you can cancel whenever you like
  • Prescription availability - We will always have your prescription in stock with Auto-Replenish. This is great for people with specific prescriptions
  • Feel Good Reward Points – you’ll still earn Feel Good Reward Points with every order, which will be automatically redeemed on your next order when you reach 1000 points.

How to opt in

Select ‘Automate your future orders’ at the checkout


Sign in to ‘My Account’ and click on the Auto-Replenish tab. Then, simply select ‘Auto-Replenish’ on any previous order.

Automate your future orders

How to manage Auto-Replenish orders

To manage your Auto-Replenish orders, log in and go to the My Account section. From the ‘Auto-Replenish’ tab, you’ll be able to review your orders and change the schedule and/or frequency of your deliveries.

If you want to change the products, payments details or prescriptions listed; you’ll need to cancel your Auto-Replenish order and create a new one with your preferred details.

For further details, view our full terms and conditions.

Automate your future orders