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Look after your monthly or two weekly contact lenses with contact lens cleaners and saline solutions, available for the guaranteed cheapest UK prices when you buy contact lens solutions online at These products combine to form a quality contact lens cleaning process, ensuring the hygiene, quality and comfort of your lenses is upheld throughout the entire wearing cycle.

What are contact lens cleaners?

Contact lens cleaners are highly effective cleaning products, designed to loosen and eliminate bacteria or dirt that may have built up on your monthly or two weekly contact lenses.

These solutions can therefore be used for the first steps of your lens care routine, offering a thorough clean and disinfection of your lenses, however you’ll need to rinse and store them after using a suitable saline or multi-purpose solution.

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Why should I use a contact lens cleaner?

Using a contact lens cleaner is a sure-fire way to make sure your lenses are thoroughly cleaned before rinsing and storing them overnight.

These cleaners will rid your lenses of any dirt and protein build-up that may have gathered during the day, greatly reducing the chances of irritation and delivering clear and uninterrupted vision.

What are saline solutions?

Used for rinsing, and occasionally storing after disinfection, saline solutions leave your lenses feeling fresh and comfortable. By ensuring that your contacts are free from any loose dirt, debris or remaining cleaner/disinfecting solution, rinsing with saline solution achieves clean and clear lenses, making sure nothing gets in the way of your vision or eye health.

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Why should I choose saline solution?

Rinsing and storing your monthly or two weekly contact lenses is made easy with this gentle product that ensures your lenses are fresh and safe to wear the next morning.

Saline solution is a sterile mix of water and salt, containing no disinfectants or artificial ingredients. While you’ll still need to first give your lenses a clean with a contact lens cleaner at the end of every day, the gentle formula of saline solution rinses your lenses naturally, eliminating the chance of leftover disinfectant on your lenses potentially causing irritation.

The product also works to rehydrate your lenses and condition them, returning them to their comfortable state overnight, each and every day of your wearing cycle. 

You can also use saline solutions for rinsing off any protein, dirt, debris or other build-up that can accumulate on your lens during the day. Simply remove your lenses before applying a few drops of solution and rubbing your lenses clean. Ideal if you’re at work or out of the house for the day, a quality saline solution can help you rid your lenses of any potential irritant, keeping your eyes healthy and vision sharp all day long.

What are contact lens cleaning tablets?

Ideal to use alongside contact lens cleaning solutions, an enzymatic cleaning tablet can be added to your solution to intensify the cleaning of your lenses. Combining cleaning tablets with your regular routine will help eliminate any excess build-up of protein on annual replacement lenses, ensuring your lenses stay clean.

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