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PureVision2 for Presbyopia (6 Pack) Contact Lenses
PureVision2 for Presbyopia (6 Pack) Parameters
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PureVision2 for Presbyopia (6 Pack) Product Description

Experience visual clarity at all distances with PureVision2 for Presbyopia (6 Pack). Innovatively designed, these multifocal contact lenses facilitate sharp and stable focusing between close-up objects and those in the distance.

PureVision2 for Presbyopia (6 Pack) contact lens information

As we age, the eye’s ability to focus deteriorates, making transitioning your focus between short and long distances a struggle. Fortunately, however, these monthly contact lenses for presbyopia deliver visual clarity, alongside comfort, hygiene and reliability. With a 3-Zone Progressive Design, the lenses blend together three prescriptions into one lens, allowing for the eye to select the most appropriate power for viewing objects at each distance. This means you can be sure of clear and consistent vision all day long, uninterrupted by blurs, distortions and halos.

PureVision2 for Presbyopia for comfort

PureVision2 for Presbyopia contact lenses (6 Pack) have been made from silicone hydrogel, a material that permits up to six times the amount of oxygen to travel through the lens surface to the eye than when wearing standard hydrogel lenses. This increased flow of oxygen helps to keep eyes fresh and feeling comfortable for longer.

Created by Bausch & Lomb, these multifocal contact lenses have also been designed to last for up to 16 hours of wear, making them a perfect choice for any working professionals or those with a hectic schedule. Ideal for dry eyes, these monthly contact lenses can be worn from morning through till night and stand up to the demands of digital screen use, indoor heating, commuting, air conditioning and other modern factors.

Wearing PureVision2 for Presbyopia (6 Pack)

To enjoy clean and fresh contact lenses every day with PureVision2 for Presbyopia (6 Pack), a simple contact lens cleaning routine is required. You’ll need to remove your monthly contact lenses before bed every night and can use a multi-purpose contact lens solution such as comfi All-in-One Solution to clean and store them. You can even wear them as extended wear lenses, meaning you can wear them day and night for up to 30 days, if approved by your optician.

Find these quality silicone hydrogel contact lenses for presbyopia in a smaller 3-pack supply at FeelGoodContacts.com.

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Product Details & Advice

PureVision 2 for Presbyopia 6 Pack parameters

Manufacturer Bausch & Lomb
Brand PureVision
Wearing type Monthly Contact Lenses
Power range 6.00 to -10.00
Low 0.75 to 1.50
High 1.75 to 2.50
Base curve(s) 8.6mm
Diameter(s) 14mm
Lens material Balafilcon A
Water content 36%
Oxygen permeability 130 Dk/t

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Benefits & Features
  • Multifocal lenses for presbyopia
  • Reorder less when you stock up with a 6 pack supply
  • Suitable for extended wear (if approved by your optician)
  • 3-Zone Progressive design for seamless transitioning between distances
  • Handling tint to easily insert and remove lenses

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