Air Optix Aqua

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3 Pack 6 Pack
  • Air Optix Aqua
  • Air Optix Aqua
  • Air Optix Aqua
Air Optix Aqua Air Optix Aqua Air Optix Aqua Air Optix Aqua
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comfi Air
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Air Optix Aqua Product Description

Created by manufacturers Alcon & Ciba Vision, Air Optix Aqua are highly breathable monthly contact lenses, renowned for their exceptional level of comfort.

Air Optix Aqua have been made from silicone hydrogel, creating a slim and lightweight lens, with a barely noticeable presence on your eyes. Allowing eyes to enjoy up to five times the amount of oxygen as other soft contacts, these are some of the most breathable contact lenses around. Coupled with the 33% water content, this feature makes the lenses highly comfortable to wear, keeping eyes safe from dehydration and preventing the onset of dry eyes as the day goes on.

Easy to put in, and to take out, these impressive lenses can be worn daily for up to a month, as long as a nightly cleaning and storing routine is followed. Using a multi-purpose solution such as comfi All-in-One Solution ensures consistently clean lenses when you come to putting them in every morning, while the protein-resistant material of the lens itself makes the chance of picking up any dirt or irritants over the day minimal.

Extended wear can also be a wearing option for your lenses, provided this is approved by your optician. In this case, you’d be able to wear your Air Optix Aqua contact lenses continuously, both day and night, for up to a week, without needing to remove them. Once again, however, you'll need to confirm with your optician that your eyes are suited to sleeping in your lenses.

You can even stock up on these monthly contact lenses with our 6-pack option, offering you a six month's supply at even better value

Benefits & Features

  • Suitable for one month of daily wear, or a week of continuous wear
  • Silicone hydrogel material - for oxygen transmissibility
  • Available for short- and long-sightedness
  • Hygienic deposit-resistant material
  • Visitint - for easy application.
  • 33% water content

Alternative contact lenses to Air Optix Aqua

Air Optix Plus Hydraglyde, Biofinity and comfi Air are similar monthly contacts.

Other contact lenses you can try

comfi Pure 1 Day are a suitable daily disposable replacement for these lenses.

Air Optix Aqua parameters

Power range 6.00 to -10.00
Base curve(s) 8.6mm
Diameter(s) 14.2mm
Lens material Lotrafilcon B
Water content 33%
Oxygen permeability 138 Dk/t


  • By: Claire Manners On: 03 Feb 2019
    Easy to order and arrived in time! Good choice and very affordable. Will recommend
  • By: Mark Bowers On: 03 Feb 2019
    I will be ordering again.
  • By: Mohammed Shehzan On: 03 Feb 2019
    Excellent product very comfortable and great value for money
  • By: Catherine Jonas On: 02 Feb 2019
    Used this product for six years and feel confident using it.
  • By: Mrs Bridgette scott On: 01 Feb 2019
    I have used monthly disposable lenses for years and always found acuvue to be really comfortable
  • By: David On: 29 Jan 2019
    Comfort wearing & good vision, high oxygen for longer wear time!
  • By: Kirsty Snare On: 02 Jan 2019
    Air Optix are comfortable and durable, and a good price.
  • By: Nathaniel Kilgour On: 22 Dec 2018
    I always re-order these, i tried other ones contact lenses but i come straight back to these. They're great!
  • By: DANA JANSONE On: 10 Dec 2018
  • By: Yunli Gallagher On: 04 Dec 2018
  • By: Lewis Iles On: 28 Nov 2018
    great comfort
  • By: Tobias White On: 26 Nov 2018
  • By: KAR WAI LAM On: 26 Nov 2018
  • By: Daniel Beaudoin On: 25 Nov 2018
    Quick delivery, good price, comfortable lenses.
  • By: Ruth Reaoch On: 21 Nov 2018
    Excellent contact lenses!!
  • By: Ruth Reaoch On: 21 Nov 2018
  • By: James Grayson On: 21 Nov 2018
  • By: Sinam Kannan On: 05 Nov 2018
    Excellent quality
  • By: Morgan Wright On: 18 Oct 2018
    Wow absolutely brilliant ordered on Tuesday evening and they were here early Wednesday morning. Excellent contact lenses highly recommend them really comfortable all day today.
  • By: Russell Walker On: 15 Oct 2018
    Very comfortable, easy to apply, great service, fast and friendly, thanks
  • By: Asif Ali On: 11 Oct 2018
    Best contacts very good price this company is the one from now on
  • By: Saba Hussain On: 07 Oct 2018
    So good!
  • By: Daniel Beaudoin On: 10 Sep 2018
    Confy enough...good price!
  • By: Salma Omar On: 10 Sep 2018
    Contacts are comfy to wear all day. Delivery came very fast. Overall very pleased
  • By: Craig MacDougall On: 28 Aug 2018
    Very fast and reliable
  • By: Christine Gaffney On: 27 Aug 2018
    Good quality lenses that perform well in all conditions.
  • By: Henry On: 27 Aug 2018
    . Optician tells me to swap to biofinity
  • By: Jacqueline Reilly On: 25 Aug 2018
    Great service
  • By: Joanne, Durham On: 24 Aug 2018
    Their exactly the same as the ones I''ve ordered for last few years from another supplier but just cheaper here :)
  • By: Sheila Jennings On: 18 Aug 2018
    so quick next day delivery !!and free hairdo what more could you ask for
  • By: Elena Mekhtieva On: 17 Aug 2018
    Reasonably priced, would purchase again.
  • By: Hiba Aziz On: 14 Aug 2018
    Very comfortable before this I was using different company that makes my eyes red after 3/4 hours but this one is I use upto 12 hours was ok
  • By: Penny Thompson On: 13 Aug 2018
    I have dry eyes & would recommend this make
  • By: Lorna Mullen On: 12 Aug 2018
    Used these for many years excellent product
  • By: Nicola Dobell On: 12 Aug 2018
    Love them. Great quality and fast delivery
  • By: Mandeep Kaur On: 11 Aug 2018
    Good quality lence. I bought first time but I''m gonna always buy from here now.
  • By: Susan Woodward On: 08 Aug 2018
    Have no problem whatsoever with these contacts really pleased ,
  • By: Mrs Logan On: 08 Aug 2018
    Very good quality lenses.exactly the same as I have previously purchased from the opticians.
  • By: Jill Cannell On: 07 Aug 2018
    Very easy & efficient to reorder & delivery very quick
  • By: Richard On: 27 Jul 2018
    Not ready to review I havnt yet ised them
  • By: Barbara Cardoso On: 27 Jul 2018
    Great lenses, very comfortable.
  • By: Steve Morris On: 26 Jul 2018
    Great product been using these for about 2 years without any problems
  • By: Gail White On: 24 Jul 2018
    I haven''t tried the lenses yet so can''t comment on their quality
  • By: Evie L. On: 21 Jul 2018
    I buy airoptix lenses for a few years, but this time i was not pleased. They didnt feel as comfortable as before.
  • By: Derek Ferguson On: 19 Jul 2018
    Been wearing these for quite a few years from Tesco opticians. They have now closed. .went online and saw this company £5 cheaper than l was paying and delivery was really quick... very happy with service..
  • By: John Strachan On: 18 Jul 2018
    For my usage these are perfect, the high water content means they do not dry out fast like some do, Very comfortable to wear for longer periods
  • By: Nicola Raine On: 12 Jul 2018
  • By: Angus Cochrane On: 12 Jul 2018
    For price service product and next day delivery can’t be beaten A+++
  • By: Margareta Lamackova On: 07 Jul 2018
    Arrived very quickly and in perfect condition
  • By: Hasan Miah On: 04 Jul 2018
    Very comfortable and well priced
  • By: Lauran Jennings-Brown On: 02 Jul 2018
    Always great and comfortable.
  • By: Jo On: 21 Jun 2018
    I do not want to write anything
  • By: Jonathan McLeish On: 20 Jun 2018
    Do me just fine and have done for years.
  • By: Hrisimira Aleksandrova On: 18 Jun 2018
    I wouldn't order them again, don't like them,very uncomfortabl,keep my eyes dry and I find them not soft enough
  • By: Ruth gaunt On: 16 Jun 2018
    Great contacts, very comfortable to wear
  • By: George Martin On: 15 Jun 2018
    First time wearing this contact lens and I''m happy with the product but after 7 hours I feel my eye a bit dry.
  • By: lisa wilson On: 06 Jun 2018
    Extremely comfortable lenses for my dry eyes! Normally have to remove contacts as soon as I return from work as uncomfortable but can wear these well into the evening!!
  • By: Kelly On: 06 Jun 2018
    Fab monthly contact lenses and really comfortable to wear all day. Brilliant value for money. Would definitely recommend
  • By: Anne Culverwell On: 06 Jun 2018
    Soft and easy to wear.apply easily
  • By: Niah Pheara On: 05 Jun 2018
    Can''t fault it,10/10 for ease,quality and service.
  • By: Keith Pike On: 04 Jun 2018
    always on time and great products
  • By: Peter Purchase On: 26 May 2018
    Reasonably priced, excellent quality, great service.
  • By: Miss Deak On: 22 May 2018
    I would like to recommend. I am very happy, they posted just they promised. And a little surprise in my box!! That was very very kind!!!!
  • By: Neelam Khawani-Connett On: 17 May 2018
    Good quality lens, very comfortable to wear
  • By: Stevo Ivos On: 17 May 2018
    I am about to reorder the same product, great price
  • By: pinkrazor On: 15 May 2018
    Always fast delivery and amazing prices!
  • By: Matthew Burgin On: 14 May 2018
    Fast delivery.Good price.Good stuff
  • By: Ruth Reaoch On: 12 May 2018
    Great service, thank u x
  • By: Romulo Barrios. On: 12 May 2018
    Very good quality thanks....!
  • By: ANNA CZECHOWICZ On: 11 May 2018
    good vision but very uncomfortable for my eyes. At first I thought I may have hay feaver because my eyes started to burn up but tried some other lances I''ve had left over and my eyes felt fine. Tried different cleaning solution thinking it might improve but unfortunately it didn''t... not good for my eyes.
  • By: Stelios On: 05 May 2018
    Good as expected. Better than other products I have tried.
  • By: AlisonW On: 04 May 2018
    Can use them for decent length of time and they remind comfortable.
  • By: Hana Kim On: 02 May 2018
    It’s really good value and fell comfortable to use It’s really good to find this site reorder every monthp
  • By: Saeed Akhtar On: 02 May 2018
    Brilliant product very comfortable very smooth and price effective
  • By: Dale On: 01 May 2018
    Fantastic lenses, don’t dry up like others I’ve tried in the past. These are all I use now!
  • By: Tanisha Patel On: 30 Apr 2018
    Comfortable and long lasting
  • By: Bill Buschle On: 30 Apr 2018
    Good fit and reasonable longevity
  • By: Nafeesa Farooq On: 30 Apr 2018
    Excellent delivery and the quality of contacts
  • By: Robert Ford On: 29 Apr 2018
    Great product . Easy to use . Highly recommended
  • By: David Roberts On: 27 Apr 2018
    absolutely brilliant service
  • By: Agata Wisniewska On: 23 Apr 2018
    One of the most comfortable contact lenses I''ve ever wear, good price for excellent quality, highly recommend.
  • By: RICHARD On: 21 Apr 2018
    Worn them for years,no problems.
  • By: Karen Mccreary On: 20 Apr 2018
    I order for my husband he never complains about his contact lenses & the solution is so cheap he gets 3 bottles for what I would nearly pay for 1 in a chemist
  • By: Ah On: 15 Apr 2018
    Brilliant quality contacts - better than the original
  • By: Wahid On: 10 Apr 2018
    Comfortable, easy to use and no pain for extended wear
  • By: Clare Jones On: 08 Apr 2018
    Very comfortable lenses, not been used to wearing them for so long due to other brands been less comfortable and having to change into my glasses half way through the day!! Arrived as stated very impressed will continue to use this company.
  • By: Whitemouse On: 07 Apr 2018
    These lenses were recommended by the optimetrist in the office I worked foe years ago, and they are so comfortable (and breathe well) I never changed to another brand. The wear time definitely depends on the enviroment - dry, dirt, dust, allergy season, etc. On average a pair lasts get 3, sometimes 4 weeks - with daily cleaning and removal at night. (Day time wear around 8-10 hrs.) I would say they are fairly durable too. I don''t have them tear often. Overall great brand.
  • By: Gay Follows On: 29 Mar 2018
    As recommended by optician
  • By: Michael Davis On: 28 Mar 2018
    Excellent service from Feel Good Contacts. Exactly the same product as from Boots etc. but cheaper and very quick delivery. What more could you want?
  • By: Anya On: 16 Mar 2018
    Used these monthlies for years, very comfortable worn for extended periods of time.
  • By: Weronika Gluchowska On: 13 Mar 2018
    They are really good, I would recommend them to people who start with contact lenses
  • By: Valerie Kilburn On: 12 Mar 2018
    Very good quality product
  • By: Peter Purchase On: 12 Mar 2018
    First time using this company. Great product, Fast service, no problems, no complaints.
  • By: nadeem On: 11 Mar 2018
    Tried many brands in the past but these have been the best so far if you suffer from dry eyes , their comfortable to wear and dont dry out as much as other brands. The silicone material is of good quality and have never known one to ever tear.
  • By: Eva Murkova On: 07 Mar 2018
    One of the best decision I''ve made
  • By: Joeblack On: 04 Mar 2018
    Comfortable and good on price
  • By: Konstantina Batzi On: 28 Feb 2018
    They are very comfortable and the price is very good also
  • By: Mrs Susan Sharples On: 25 Feb 2018
    Theses contact lenses are brilliant, I used to use a daily one but find these are more comfortable to wear for long periods.
  • By: yvonne taylor On: 09 Feb 2018
    Amazing can’t believe how easy to order and posted off the next day so efficient can’t oraise them enough
  • By: Peter Mate On: 02 Feb 2018
    Excellent quick service and great price.
  • By: Siti Mokhsein On: 27 Jan 2018
    great product, no complaints.
  • By: Moniqua Rolle On: 26 Jan 2018
    Very irritating I inspected the lenses and there was numbers ingraved on the lenses hence why there was irration
  • By: Sam On: 25 Jan 2018
    They''re very comfortable over persistent wear.
  • By: Helen Kenyon On: 19 Jan 2018
    Product suits my eyes perfectly. Always delivered on time. Competitively priced
  • By: Gemma PHIPPS On: 19 Jan 2018
    Been using these over 5 years now! Best by far
  • By: Jason On: 18 Jan 2018
    Great product , been using them for years and not had any problems .
  • By: Jacqueline Reilly On: 14 Jan 2018
    Very quick and reliable, reminds you to order, would recommend
  • By: NESHAT BROJERDIAN On: 09 Jan 2018
    Great product and wonderful service.
  • By: Agata Wisniewska On: 06 Jan 2018
    I''ve worn them for 3 months and they''re one of the most comfortable lenses. I can wear the all day or even longer without any discomfort. I highly recommend them to everyone.
  • By: COLIN WHITE On: 29 Dec 2017
    Never hadid a problem with these lenses ...I would recommend these to contact users.
  • By: Patryk Bargielski On: 20 Dec 2017
    Awesome lenses. Great Product.
  • By: Miss Pape On: 19 Dec 2017
    These are much nicer than my old contacts, my eyes go far longer without feeling dry. The only reason I rate 4 stars and not 5 is that I do find them a little bigger and therefore slightly harder to get in.
  • By: Gabriele On: 18 Dec 2017
    Good quality contacts, comfortable to wear it.
  • By: Gerry On: 16 Dec 2017
    Great product always the best quality
  • By: Ewelina Wozniak On: 12 Dec 2017
    Amazing! Delivery was really fast. And I found jellies in my parcel ?. Just perfect!
  • By: Saeed Akhtar On: 09 Dec 2017
    Always recommend this product
  • By: Mrs Barbara Ellis On: 30 Nov 2017
    Extremely comfortable to wear. Have used for 3 years plus now and will continue to do so.
  • By: Color Discovery On: 30 Nov 2017
    Greta products, great service, thank you very much!
  • By: Mihai Arhip On: 28 Nov 2017
    Bad quality.they send me two different brends of contract lenses
  • By: Riccardo Polacco On: 26 Nov 2017
    Just Perfect. Time Perfect. The lenses were perfect. What could I have asked more ?
  • By: Ruth Reaoch On: 25 Nov 2017
    I am very pleased with my delivery and customer service from feel good contacts they r Excellant, thank u
  • By: Karen Lovering On: 16 Nov 2017
    Easy to put in comfortable and able to wear all day with no discomfort or dryness.
  • By: AmandaGeorge On: 15 Nov 2017
    Great just as good as my normal contacts
  • By: KC On: 13 Nov 2017
    Comfy although I take them out nightly.
  • By: Kalliopi On: 08 Nov 2017
    Excellent product! Highly recommend to everyone who wants comfort and freedom for their eyes.
  • By: Adam Marples On: 07 Nov 2017
    These are recommended by my dentist
  • By: Christina On: 07 Nov 2017
    good quality lenses, not very soft, which works better for me. can stay on longer than most other lenses
  • By: JAMES DOBBIN On: 01 Nov 2017
    Rubbish, feelgood contact lenses web page is a joke and your webpage is no better!
  • By: Gillian On: 31 Oct 2017
    Great lenses almost forget I''m wearing them.
  • By: Julie Ellerbeck On: 29 Oct 2017
    Prompt delivery and no problems, reliable company highly recommend them, with expert advice if needed from professionals.
  • By: Whitemouse On: 27 Oct 2017
    Worn many lenses over many years. These lenses have been the most comfortable. They are thin without being too fragile. The lenses breathe nicely and do not seem to get build up on them too quickly.
  • By: April On: 22 Oct 2017
    Brilliant contact lenses always feel comfortable and are easy to get in and out of your eyes, I would defiantly recommend these lenses to my friends and family.
  • By: Mr Steve Jones On: 22 Oct 2017
    Listen i''ve tried many hard and soft CL''s over the years, but this brand of soft lenses are the best ever. Some may choose cheaper but that is to the detriment of your eyes. Air-Optix are highly breathable, soft and safe. Think about it - it''s the health of your eyes that we''re talking about. Buy these and, like me, you will never look back.
  • By: Svetlana Kudriavceva On: 22 Oct 2017
    good quality. fast shipping. I would recomend this
  • By: Carol Greenwood On: 18 Oct 2017
    Well & truly comfortable to wear.
  • By: Petya Nikolova On: 17 Oct 2017
    Not happy with these ones.It looks like are wrong power.
  • By: MS Angelina Ifill On: 16 Oct 2017
    I have just started to wear contact lenses.Very comfortable, well recommended.
  • By: Jacqueline Reilly On: 14 Oct 2017
    Very good and quick, less than 24 hours
  • By: Stephanie Wilson On: 12 Oct 2017
    Brilliant service. Quick delivery and just what I needed
  • By: Nidhi Chopra On: 04 Oct 2017
    Easy to order stuff Quick delivery Very good customer service
  • By: Mark lawrence On: 03 Oct 2017
    ecellent is all i really need to say...great quality lenses and were delivered at such high speed...cheapest i have ever found...highly recomend
  • By: sc On: 03 Oct 2017
    Love these contacts. I''ve been using this brand for 15 years and wouldn''t trust my eyes to anyone else!
  • By: Justina On: 25 Sep 2017
    I''m very happy with purchase. Definitely it''s not my last order in this shop.
  • By: Helen On: 24 Sep 2017
    Worn for years! Lovely and comfortable!
  • By: Heather McKim On: 22 Sep 2017
    Great contacts at a really reasonable price.
  • By: Julie Ellerbeck On: 19 Sep 2017
    Fast efficient service very competitive pricing. Recommend this company to all users of contact lenses, great variety and choice never had such a quick delivery, the only drawback is paying for postage!
  • By: Iwona Wisniewska On: 19 Sep 2017
    not allergic, not baked, well moisturized, perfect for the whole day
  • By: Nicola On: 18 Sep 2017
    I have been wearing these lenses for many years and they are so comfortable. I have just the right prescription which gives me really good long distance plus I can still read without the use of glasses. My optician advised I had to change lenses as they couldn''t supply these anymore however I now buy them direct from Feel Good Contact Lenses and they have been delivered direct my home without any problems.
  • By: Maxine On: 17 Sep 2017
    Am happy with the way the lens feel I''ve had no problem with them very happy
  • By: Mary On: 12 Sep 2017
    I feel as though I am not wearing contact lenses, good vision and comfortable.
  • By: Pilkington On: 10 Sep 2017
    Very comfortable lense and easy to use.
  • By: allypally On: 10 Sep 2017
    These arrived within 18hrs of ordering- easy process to order- would recommend.
  • By: louise On: 09 Sep 2017
    Brilliant lenses can''t even feel you got them in
  • By: Kaz On: 05 Sep 2017
    Excellent service, have been using this site now for a good few years - great price and quick delivery.
  • By: GEORGINA WALMSLEY On: 04 Sep 2017
    Easy to use and lasts 30 days
  • By: Barbara On: 02 Sep 2017
    Great product, used them for over 10 years and never had any oroblems
  • By: Jacqueline Gill On: 01 Sep 2017
    Used these previously. Deleivered promptly. Good service
  • By: Jo On: 28 Aug 2017
    Very comfy and always feel fresh the next day
  • By: Ruth Reaoch On: 27 Aug 2017
    Excellant service and fast delivery, I''m very impressed and shall recommend to all my friends and family, thank u so much x
  • By: G Shill On: 27 Aug 2017
    Good quality lenses that always deliver.
  • By: Rebekka S. On: 24 Aug 2017
    Best contact lense brand, would definitely recommend them to anyone. I can''t feel them when wearing them, I leave them in over night sometimes which causes no problem whatsoever. Using that same brand since I first started wearing contact lenses (over 10 years ago) and recently had an eye test which said my eyes are perfectly healthy, no dryness anywhere, and that''s with leaving them in for a few days and nights at a time sometimes!
  • By: Laura Robinson On: 17 Aug 2017
    Brilliant! Fantastic price and great delivery service
  • By: Richard Watson On: 17 Aug 2017
    Product was same pricing as Asda that I was using. Very easy To fit in eyes and light lenses so They don''t feel like yo have contacts in most of the time
  • By: Amber Zeb-Khan On: 16 Aug 2017
    Excellent service, fast delivery. Will order again!
  • By: Juliette Johnson On: 16 Aug 2017
    The lenses are great, lightweight and clear
  • By: GARY SMITH On: 15 Aug 2017
    Very comfortable soft lenses, good value
  • By: Suzanne Dyer On: 14 Aug 2017
    Lenses very good value for money, very comfortable to wear and very good quality, I would recommend these lenses.
  • By: Chloe Davies On: 08 Aug 2017
    My go to lenses for at least 8 years now
  • By: Cyn Jiji On: 07 Aug 2017
    I really like them. They dont irritate my eyes and they feel comfy. I hve been buying them for a couple of months and i has no problems
  • By: Karen On: 06 Aug 2017
    Perfection! ?????????? all the way.
  • By: Souha Brooker On: 06 Aug 2017
    Very good seller fast delivery
  • By: Andrea Cooper On: 04 Aug 2017
    Quick direct no fuss service
  • By: Karen On: 04 Aug 2017
    The monthly contact lenses are comfortable to wear.
  • By: Gemma Cerasale On: 04 Aug 2017
    excellent product, have no problems
  • By: Kamila P On: 03 Aug 2017
    Very comfortable lenses. I have been wearing them few years now.
  • By: Rafaelia Sarri On: 01 Aug 2017
    Standard quality every time.
  • By: Mr C On: 29 Jul 2017
    Great price, great product, highly recommended
  • By: Andrew Hunter On: 29 Jul 2017
    Comfortable quality lenses.
  • By: Malak Ahmed On: 26 Jul 2017
    They are good considering the law price, they might irritate when you first put them on. But it got much better as I continued to wear them. They are really good
  • By: nyting On: 26 Jul 2017
    Comfortable. Just what I was looking for.
  • By: Rachel Lindstrand On: 24 Jul 2017
    Comfortable lenses, do not dry out and easily maintained.
  • By: KM On: 24 Jul 2017
    As described, comfortable and wearable - highly recommended
  • By: Collette Morley On: 19 Jul 2017
    Great contact lenses, good price, comfortable, easy to put in, been using this make for four years and not had any problems with them.
  • By: Maria Simona Calò On: 18 Jul 2017
  • By: Rebecca Richardson On: 16 Jul 2017
    Really great lenses. Good quality lenses that don''t fold or crumple like some of the cheaper lenses. Stay hydrated longer than most lenses so enable them to worn all day long. Would definitely recommend.
  • By: Helen On: 15 Jul 2017
    Excellent product and great service! Would highly recommend
  • By: Kelly Langner On: 14 Jul 2017
    Comfortable lenses, easy to put in and take out
  • By: Teju Limbu On: 13 Jul 2017
    Very good lens. I have been using for few years.
  • By: WITOLD B On: 13 Jul 2017
    Good quality-breathable contact lenses provides an ideal combination of OXYGEN and MOISTURE to offer a whole new level of comfort all day, everyday for a healthy, natural feeling.
  • By: JL On: 12 Jul 2017
    Quality lenses at a good price
  • By: Giedre Lukminaite On: 12 Jul 2017
    Don''t dry out my eyes. Very comfortable to wear for long days.
  • By: Debbie On: 12 Jul 2017
  • By: Mrs Shirley Patrick On: 10 Jul 2017
    Brilliant quality, good price lovely lenses, will definitely been using them again and ordering on line Really fast delivery
  • By: rebecca On: 10 Jul 2017
    I wear these lenses every day for about 12 hours and I find them comfortable.
  • By: Sandra On: 09 Jul 2017
    Have used these lenses for four years now and not had any problems with them. They are even comfortable when occasionally left in overnight. Won''t be changing anytime soon!
  • By: Ashton On: 05 Jul 2017
    They can become dry if you do not use the correct lense cleaner
  • By: Zinaida Gutan On: 05 Jul 2017
    Contact lenses Air Optix Aqua are my favorites, I''m happy to weer it...
  • By: Happy Customer On: 03 Jul 2017
    good, reliable lenses. quick delivery. worth buying, not making your eyes dry,.
  • By: Sandra On: 29 Jun 2017
    Good product quality. I will order again.
  • By: Weronika On: 28 Jun 2017
    Very good lenses, comfortable and easy to use
  • By: Ruth Reaoch On: 28 Jun 2017
    Excellent very good service and great contact lenses, thank u
  • By: Hayley Walker On: 28 Jun 2017
    Best contacts I''ve used so far
  • By: Sue. On: 27 Jun 2017
    Comfortable and good visual quality.
  • By: Jason Hendle On: 27 Jun 2017
    Comfortable and nearly never suffer dry eyes
  • By: Claudia On: 23 Jun 2017
    Excellent product, very happy
  • By: Customer On: 22 Jun 2017
    Perfect for me a+++++++++++
  • By: Poppy Lawrence On: 22 Jun 2017
    Great contact lenses, sensitive eyes and never had an issue
  • By: Michelle Hickman On: 21 Jun 2017
    Quality product that I used to pay twice as much for from my opticians on a monthly contract.
  • By: Anastasia Manelidou On: 21 Jun 2017
    Very good quality and you can wear them all day, it wont hurt your eyes.
  • By: KF On: 21 Jun 2017
    Great fit and comfy and reliable
  • By: Mabs On: 18 Jun 2017
    I can go about my 14 hour days without my eyes feeling dry
  • By: Ch On: 16 Jun 2017
    Comfortable and durable lenses. Still the best!
  • By: William On: 16 Jun 2017
    Great product. Used for several years and can''t fault.
  • By: Michael Houghton On: 15 Jun 2017
    Really good quality and comfy.
  • By: TG On: 14 Jun 2017
    Does what is says on the tin
  • By: Lee Bennett On: 13 Jun 2017
    Great quality always use these
  • By: Kim Arnold On: 12 Jun 2017
    Great contacts, soft on the eyes. Highly recommended
  • By: Maxine On: 09 Jun 2017
    I think these lenses are the best very happy
  • By: HHH On: 08 Jun 2017
    Very comfy on your eyes and also durable. Much recommended
  • By: Craig On: 08 Jun 2017
    last all day without getting dry, can sometimes sleep with them in and they wont feel dry in the morning
  • By: Sally On: 06 Jun 2017
    Very comfortable, even for my dry eyes. Great vision and I can wear these from morning til late at night with little irritation.
  • By: Egle Lavruskine On: 04 Jun 2017
    I am wearing my contact lenses every day few years and I am absolutely happy.
  • By: Tanagra On: 02 Jun 2017
    very good product, I have been using t for around 10 years
  • By: Chris Bell On: 01 Jun 2017
    Ok lenses but much thicker than I''m used to and clear, so don''t drop them!
  • By: Rachel Lindstrand On: 01 Jun 2017
    Fantastic product and great service.
  • By: S M On: 01 Jun 2017
    perfect, no problems what so ever and been using for years
  • By: Marie Knight On: 30 May 2017
    Easy to wear...had no problems with these lenses
  • By: Jemma On: 29 May 2017
    Have been using for years, no problems
  • By: Neil On: 24 May 2017
    Comfortable and easy to wear
  • By: Donna Turner On: 24 May 2017
    Wonderful the price is great
  • By: Natasha Barnett On: 22 May 2017
    I find these contact lenses very comfortable to wear and they are nice and soft so easy to insert.
  • By: Ruth Reaoch On: 20 May 2017
    The best in contact lenses ever thanks Ruth reaoch
  • By: Carol Goode On: 19 May 2017
    I''ve been using these lenses for a long time, and they are the best I''ve found
  • By: Jody D On: 18 May 2017
    love these lenses, very comfortable.
  • By: Andrea Main On: 18 May 2017
    Feel good contacts are the best!
  • By: Gita S On: 15 May 2017
    Great lenses - I only ever order these
  • By: Michael Layton On: 15 May 2017
    Excellent contacts and last a month with no problem
  • By: Adam Hill On: 14 May 2017
    was dubious on the size of the lense how ever they turned out very comfy
  • By: IL On: 13 May 2017
    Best and confortable lenses ever
  • By: Fara On: 12 May 2017
    Very fast delivery. Item were packaged well .
  • By: Yana Lamb On: 12 May 2017
    Love it! Great wear, will buy again!
  • By: Ludmila On: 11 May 2017
    Bretheable, moisturised all day, comfortable lenses.
  • By: shabz On: 11 May 2017
    Very happy with purchase. Good service and excellent product
  • By: Ivet Tyllerová On: 05 May 2017
    Quick delivery and nice customer service. I am really happy with this company.
  • By: phil On: 04 May 2017
    Great service, easy to order and very quick delivery
  • By: -- On: 04 May 2017
    Comfortable Lenses worn for years
  • By: Westlife85 On: 01 May 2017
    Fantastic, very comfortable.
  • By: Dee Hales On: 23 Apr 2017
    Have been using feel good contact lenses for years now. I can always rely on them coming on time
  • By: Jesus Maguregui On: 23 Apr 2017
    Good quality, always reliable.
  • By: Jill Roel On: 22 Apr 2017
    Excellant value for money!!!
  • By: Paige On: 21 Apr 2017
    Always keep my eyes hydrated, not drying like other contact lenses. I have worn these for 3 years now and have not had any rip yet!
  • By: Jacqui Bulmer On: 21 Apr 2017
    Excellent contact lenses, no problems with them at all.
  • By: Mary B On: 20 Apr 2017
    I havent used them for long, however these are just as comfortable as the daily contacts i used to wear. I wear them for at least 9 hours a days and my eyes feel fine
  • By: Susanna Mccubbin On: 20 Apr 2017
    I used to pay an high street optician via direct debit for the same lenses I now buy direct saving me money which is always a bonus
  • By: dawn On: 18 Apr 2017
    Fine haven''t had any problems with them
  • By: Christine Wardle On: 17 Apr 2017
    These contacts were for my husband after a cataract operation while he is waiting for the other eye doing he was very satisfied and would definitely recommend your quick service
  • By: H Maxwell On: 13 Apr 2017
    I have been using these for many years. I have quite dry eyes so these were recommended by my optician. I think that the moist quality of the lenses does fade fairly quickly but they are much better than other lenses I have tried and are a decent price for someone like me with a high prescription, monthly wear, dry eyes and the need to wear lenses all day.
  • By: Alison On: 12 Apr 2017
    Buy these without any reservations! Comfortable and easy in the ey, great alternative to specsaver a plan.
  • By: Debbie On: 11 Apr 2017
  • By: Peter On: 10 Apr 2017
    My usual lenses at a very competitive price
  • By: Iain Smith On: 05 Apr 2017
    These lenses are great. Very clear vision and very comfortable to wear. Highly recommended.
  • By: Shian Pope On: 04 Apr 2017
    Good product ive used for a long time, would recommend :-)
  • By: Paula On: 03 Apr 2017
    Great product, very fast delivery, cheapest price online!
  • By: Hanna Kim On: 03 Apr 2017
    not being dry and very comfort
  • By: Catherine Jonas On: 03 Apr 2017
    I would certainly recommend this company.Exceptional service.
  • By: Master Phillips On: 02 Apr 2017
    A good product that I would recommend. Just the same quality as the high street but at a more affordable price. Quick deliveries.
  • By: Rivva On: 01 Apr 2017
    Best service ever. Highly recommend
  • By: Ruth Reaoch On: 30 Mar 2017
    Very pleased with customer service and great product! Thank u Ruth
  • By: scott prince On: 30 Mar 2017
    Very good quality lenses my son and daughter both use them.
  • By: Ludmila On: 30 Mar 2017
    My favorite brand. Could. Comfortable and easy to wear
  • By: Oksana Brabec On: 29 Mar 2017
    Using these lenses for more than 7 years and still enjoying them! 1 month duration, high moisture retention, extremely soft lenses, which guarantee comfortable wear on your eyes
  • By: Ralph Ayland On: 28 Mar 2017
    Good contacts got no problems with them will continue using them
  • By: E Ryan On: 28 Mar 2017
    yep works very happy, the right moisture levels for myself
  • By: Elina On: 23 Mar 2017
    Very good contact lenses.
  • By: Barry On: 22 Mar 2017
    Comfortable and durable. Would recommend to monthly wearers
  • By: Mauro Dmytrasz On: 19 Mar 2017
    Product at a good price and prompt delivery
  • By: Customer On: 16 Mar 2017
    Excellent product, very comfortable lenses, have used others before but happy to stick with these as good value
  • By: Vicky Keating On: 16 Mar 2017
    Great product at a reasonable price and quick delivery.
  • By: Collette Woodheaf On: 15 Mar 2017
    Very happy will be ordering again
  • By: Tracey On: 14 Mar 2017
    Have used these lenses for a few years now and never had any problems.
  • By: Nicola On: 13 Mar 2017
    These lenses are perfect, can see really well long distance and very comfortable for reading as well. Have tried several different pairs from optician recently but nothing compares to these.
  • By: L Reynolds On: 12 Mar 2017
    Comfortable and easy to wear all day long.
  • By: Anne Duncalf On: 09 Mar 2017
    I have used Air Optix Aqua monthly'' for six years and I have been very satisfied with their quality and performance.
  • By: AP On: 05 Mar 2017
    Great product, soft on the eyes and last the whole month!
  • By: Julie Rusling On: 03 Mar 2017
    Very happy no problems with these lenses. Will defo order these again.
  • By: Valerija On: 27 Feb 2017
    Pretty good contact lenses. Using them all the time
  • By: RO On: 26 Feb 2017
    They work well, cheaper than other brands, why not?
  • By: Mags On: 25 Feb 2017
    For me perfect, I will buy them again.
  • By: Maryam On: 22 Feb 2017
    They feel great and are not uncomfortable at all!! Amazing quality at an amazing price
  • By: Krish On: 21 Feb 2017
    These contacts are okay, however it gets dry quite quickly
  • By: Mandy On: 20 Feb 2017
    Really comfortable. Have never had a problem
  • By: Martin -- On: 19 Feb 2017
    Great lenses if you like monthly''s. I have very little problems with dry eyes at the end of the day. Also these lenses are not too thin and flimsy so they don''t cause problems by folding over if you rub your eyes.
  • By: Susie Purdy On: 16 Feb 2017
    Really comfortable lenses, they allow the utmost amount of oxygen to the eye. Unlike other lens brands, these don''t cost the earth and enable lots of oxygen in for healthier eyes.
  • By: mr h b myers On: 10 Feb 2017
    Lens as described.Competitively priced.Swift delivery.Thank you
  • By: Ursula Crossley On: 10 Feb 2017
    Love air optic best lenses and good quality
  • By: Denise Mead On: 10 Feb 2017
    great to get a reminder. I''d honestly forgotten who I had ordered my contact lenses with so this was a welcome reminder. Order can within two working days. well packaged but easy to get into. I''d certainly reorder in 6 months time
  • By: N & J Garbutt On: 09 Feb 2017
    Much the best for me as I suffer from allergies and optix Aqua are by far the most comfortable
  • By: Sam Spence On: 07 Feb 2017
    Just great. Excellent quality for low price.
  • By: JL On: 02 Feb 2017
    Good product and would order again
  • By: Mrs Martin On: 29 Jan 2017
    fab design, good material, easy wearing.
  • By: Martyna Kolakowski On: 29 Jan 2017
    I tried many different contact lenses before and AirOptix are the best
  • By: Haris Asri On: 28 Jan 2017
    doesnt make your eyes dry
  • By: -- On: 28 Jan 2017
    I have used these lenses for years no probs
  • By: Vicky Mullen On: 24 Jan 2017
    Air Optix Aqua is so lubricated and comfortable for monthly wear. Never had a problem with them at all. Fabulous product
  • By: Clare On: 23 Jan 2017
    Have been using for over 5 years with no problems
  • By: Sara Ridley On: 08 Jan 2017
    Very comfortable lenses and I chose these because they let your eye breathe more than the standard ones which if you wear them most of the day is definitely better for your eyes - worth paying a bit extra for
  • By: Sholina On: 06 Jan 2017
    Would recommend fat and easy to order I have used this company for few years now and never had any issues from them
  • By: Stephanie Merry On: 04 Jan 2017
    I''ve used these lenses for a few years now. I''ve had no problems with them.
  • By: Mark Bergdahl On: 03 Jan 2017
    This is a great product for extended wear. There is little official advice in the public domain regarding extended wear but I have used this product for quite sometime, leaving my lens''s in for up to 7 days without any adverse effects. I have an eye check up every year and have no issues! Brilliant.
  • By: Dominic On: 02 Jan 2017
    Superb. Light- I almost forget I am wearing them. Good stuff.
  • By: Zainab Shahid On: 01 Jan 2017
    Very clear contact lenses
  • By: Cait On: 31 Dec 2016
    First time using. Comfortable and light on the eyes.
  • By: John Wells On: 31 Dec 2016
    Contacts were very expensive
  • By: anon On: 30 Dec 2016
    Delivered on time and decent price
  • By: Annette Woodyatt On: 28 Dec 2016
    I love these contact lenses. They allow me to wear them all day with no problems. It just feels as though I don''t have them in. This company (Fee Good) is excellent, ordered one day and delivered the next. Cannot fault them.
  • By: Ruth Reaoch On: 28 Dec 2016
    Thank u feel good contacts, Ruth Reaoch
  • By: Marija Brkic On: 15 Dec 2016
    I''m using air optix contact lensses 4 years and they are great!
  • By: Paulina Swiatkowska On: 14 Dec 2016
    Best choice of contact lenses, never had problem with them, always guaranteed comfort.
  • By: k c On: 11 Dec 2016
    i changed to these from daily disposable. They fit better, are very comfortable and much easier to insert and remove.
  • By: Air Optix Aqua On: 09 Dec 2016
    Really happy with the service, first time I have used this company and it excels! Love these contacts, my eyes dry out easily but these were superb, really comfortable to wear and easy to put in.
  • By: Janet Shove On: 06 Dec 2016
    Excellent lenses, they are sturdy while being soft. The blue tint makes them easy to see.
  • By: Carol G On: 03 Dec 2016
    Very happy with the product - comfortable to wear - just great!
  • By: Jane Johnson On: 02 Dec 2016
    My regular purchase - suit my needs perfectly!
  • By: Mr Gary Duncan On: 02 Dec 2016
    Excellent lenses top class product 5 Stars!
  • By: Javier López On: 27 Nov 2016
    good product, I have been using it for a couple of years and no problems at all
  • By: Deimante Petkeviciute On: 24 Nov 2016
    Very good contact lenses I''m happy with that.
  • By: Jack Matthews On: 20 Nov 2016
    best leneseseses on the market
  • By: Sarah On: 18 Nov 2016
    Really good price and quick delivery. I have been using these lenses for many years and never had any problems.
  • By: Chloe On: 17 Nov 2016
    Perfect. Never used different so can''t really comment but they suit me ok. On 4th months useage. Slightly uncomfortable this pair so hoping next months fit better
  • By: Sutha On: 16 Nov 2016
    I use this from 2005 Very comfortable Never had any trouble
  • By: Claire Calladine On: 15 Nov 2016
    A website that is easy to use and the order always comes th next day.
  • By: Christos Christofides On: 13 Nov 2016
    Great product ! Great delivery time and very comfy to wear!
  • By: Alastair Armstrong On: 11 Nov 2016
    great product great price
  • By: Dylan Thomas On: 04 Nov 2016
    I have been very pleased with my monthly Air Optix Aqua lenses as they are the most comfortable lenses that I have experienced to date, not only for long hours wear during the day, but even occasionally when worn overnight, and that''s something I have not been able to do before with any other lens supplier.
  • By: Jane Ozkan On: 03 Nov 2016
    Very happy with these. Use them each time I order
  • By: Shaheel On: 27 Oct 2016
    Great value for money, delivered quickly
  • By: Felicia On: 27 Oct 2016
    Fantastic and speedy delivery and communication about my order!
  • By: Stephen On: 27 Oct 2016
    Good quality. Comfort and long last.
  • By: Mark Bell On: 25 Oct 2016
    Can,t be faulted. wouldn,t use anyone else
  • By: krystrk On: 21 Oct 2016
    Looks like my previous review was not posted, so I try again. I have been using this product for a while and would be a good lenses, but every box I bought had bad lense(s). the last package I ordered had 3, which makes it quiet expensive and not reliable.
  • By: Kelly G On: 20 Oct 2016
    Good, less dryness than other contacts I''ve had. Comfortable in the eyes.
  • By: Mozi On: 19 Oct 2016
    Great feel and comfortable
  • By: Mrs Jsw Welch On: 18 Oct 2016
    Super lenses for people who wear them daily over extended periods!!
  • By: Saniya Sattar On: 16 Oct 2016
    Very comfortable and dont dry out
  • By: Stefan On: 15 Oct 2016
    I don''t have any problem wearing them!
  • By: angela parkinson On: 14 Oct 2016
    Great service. Easy to use web site. Would recommend. Great value for money. And I received them the next day and didn''t order them till 5pm Will be seeing them from now on keep up the good work Thanks
  • By: Nikolas Aspromatis On: 14 Oct 2016
    Really good product I use it for year.
  • By: Nicola Corden On: 12 Oct 2016
    Extremely comfortable for the entire month.
  • By: Val On: 09 Oct 2016
    Very comfy on the eye and my eyes don''t feel irritated or dry
  • By: Weronika On: 03 Oct 2016
    Omg very nice suprise my parcel came to me with sweets. :)) really fast delivery. good price. Thank You. <3
  • By: MICHAEL LONGLEY On: 30 Sep 2016
  • By: Lukas On: 30 Sep 2016
    Great prices and products.
  • By: Aleksandra Rudniewska On: 29 Sep 2016
    very well hydrated eyes. Recommended for people working presidential PC
  • By: Veneza On: 28 Sep 2016
    I used to use a similar one, but I found this amazing, much better then the previous one. Really comfortable.
  • By: Anna Skydive-Ski On: 28 Sep 2016
    Product as described, good service
  • By: Brian Ogden On: 25 Sep 2016
    Very high quality contact lens. There are cheaper ones around but I find they start to become uncomfortable after a couple of weeks. I have used a pair of these contacts for 2 months without any sign of discomfort. Highly recommended
  • By: Emma Whitney On: 19 Sep 2016
    Had no problems with the lenses very comfortable and last the whole month.
  • By: Dragan Sretenovic On: 17 Sep 2016
    Excellent contact lenses.
  • By: Lydia Reynolds On: 17 Sep 2016
    Comfortable to wear all day and an excellent price.
  • By: Matt Deacon On: 14 Sep 2016
    Comfortably and cost effective
  • By: Saeka Aziz-Young On: 13 Sep 2016
    Comfortable, can wear them all day without my eyes feeling dry or tired.
  • By: Amandine Roqueplo On: 11 Sep 2016
    I have been using Air Optix Aqua for years and I am satisfied.
  • By: Tayaba Saghir On: 11 Sep 2016
    I was a bit spectical on buying these lenses as I don''t normally use these ones but they seemed good. I made the right choice! I have just ordered another 3 pairs, they don''t dry out or anything and they last long.
  • By: XAnonymousx On: 10 Sep 2016
    Good contact lenses and affordable
  • By: Paulina Zurawik On: 09 Sep 2016
    Good lenses, comfortable thouout the day
  • By: Anna Calderwood On: 07 Sep 2016
    Love them! Ordered and delivered within 24 hours!
  • By: Nina Strong On: 07 Sep 2016
    I have been prescribed these Contact Lens and have found the pricing to be very competitive. So I am very happy with Feel Good Contact Lens
  • By: Ivan Botoucharov On: 01 Sep 2016
    It''s a good product. I like monthly contact lenses, although some prefer daily.
  • By: Danielle Gordon On: 31 Aug 2016
    Compact, small enough to travel with. Perfect wear and so comfortable! Will be ordering again when mine come to an end.
  • By: Sidney Ho On: 30 Aug 2016
    Lenses are fantastic and lso last the full month and more.
  • By: Mohammed Siddique On: 28 Aug 2016
    Top quality brand at low prices.
  • By: Karen Mc Entegart On: 24 Aug 2016
    great product, would order again.
  • By: Jane White On: 17 Aug 2016
    Comfortable and hygienic.......
  • By: Amanda Purnell On: 14 Aug 2016
    Very pleased with these contacts been using this site for 2 years
  • By: Cheryl Garnett On: 12 Aug 2016
    Very Disappointed. Had nothing but eye infections and antibiotics this month. Complete nightmare!! Never again! Back to dailies for me.
  • By: Paul Derbyshire On: 12 Aug 2016
    Excellent product good value
  • By: John Townsend On: 08 Aug 2016
    Excellent customer service, speedy despatch
  • By: Cheryl Lister On: 07 Aug 2016
    Excellent value for money
  • By: Comfortable enough to wear for hours On: 04 Aug 2016
    I switched to these from Dailies AquaComfort Plus and am glad I did... far more suited to longer term wear and stay comfortable for hours!
  • By: Amna Khan On: 04 Aug 2016
    Comfortable wear I would recommend
  • By: Sophie Estop On: 04 Aug 2016
    I struggled to get along with Air Aqua Optix, they were very flimsy and I found they didn''t suit me for all day use. However they can securely packaged and on time. I feel these contact lenses will suit an individual who doesn''t require them for a full days wear.
  • By: Rebekah McLean On: 04 Aug 2016
    Great product that works well for me.
  • By: Nerissa Richardson On: 03 Aug 2016
    Satisfied with Air Optix Aqua
  • By: Bev Lovatt On: 02 Aug 2016
    It''s hard to have that many opinions on your contact lenses - if they''re doing their job you can''t feel them. They''re fine
  • By: Jacques-Louis Howell On: 02 Aug 2016
    I''ve tried other brands but these are the most comfortable to wear.
  • By: Stephen Todd On: 31 Jul 2016
    Great product and delivered ever so promptly!...
  • By: Louise Ritchie-Goodrick On: 29 Jul 2016
    Best contact lenses for my tired, dry eyes. Wouldn''t use any other.
  • By: Aneela Nazir On: 27 Jul 2016
    Really easy to order. Staff were extremely pleasant. Delivery was excellent and well packaged. Would definitely recommend this company as prices are better than others I checked online.
  • By: James McGowan On: 25 Jul 2016
    Very comfortable to wear and easy to use.
  • By: Andrew Kershaw On: 24 Jul 2016
    Comfortable longer wearing lenses.
  • By: John Doody On: 23 Jul 2016
    excellent qaulity excellent service
  • By: Natalie Nelmes On: 20 Jul 2016
    Great for constant wear, seven days as described
  • By: Gregg Dani On: 15 Jul 2016
    Excellent lenses as always!
  • By: Jayesh Gajparia On: 11 Jul 2016
    Good contact lenses, but can get your eyes dry at times
  • By: Karen Meigh On: 08 Jul 2016
    Used AirOptix monthlies for a while now - very comfortable
  • By: Diane Harvey On: 02 Jul 2016
    Really comfortable lenses. My optician changed me to these recently. Wished it had happened earlier. They are still comfortable after a full days wear. I change them at the end of the month, but they still look and feel good.
  • By: Andy Quach On: 01 Jul 2016
    This product is good. Feels painless, comfortable!
  • By: Anita Mckenna On: 27 Jun 2016
    Very comfortable to wear.
  • By: Ameeta Kalra On: 24 Jun 2016
    Keeps eyes moist, and comfortable all day
  • By: Linda Stewart On: 22 Jun 2016
    Air optic lenses for me are by far the best, I have tried other makes, some are just too flimsy and I have found they don''t last the full month without staying comfortable and intact. Air optics are always very comfortable and durable.
  • By: Matthew Langdown On: 19 Jun 2016
    First time using Monthlies and this brand and so far really good and comfortable and value for money.
  • By: Margaret Harris On: 18 Jun 2016
    No I get fed up with these feed back things stop worrying the customer
  • By: Dinn On: 14 Jun 2016
    really comfy. I've been always struggling with wearing contacts on my dry eyes, but this one is so far the best. no hassle. you barely can feel the contacts. this one is absolutely excellent.
  • By: David Raeburn On: 14 Jun 2016
    Been using these for 2 years, they are very well priced, extremely comfortable (I wear them all day long), and easy to find at most online retailers. Highly recommended.
  • By: Diana Bonifaci On: 11 Jun 2016
    Really comfortable to wear. I wear them every day.
  • By: Intissar Khreeji On: 10 Jun 2016
    Very comfortable, I have been using these every day for the last 12 years and wouldn''t change
  • By: Dana Jackson On: 10 Jun 2016
    Just the same as what you get from Specsavers! perfect!
  • By: Kevin Rowe On: 06 Jun 2016
    Have been using Air Optix for several years with no problems. Tried daily lenses but saw no advantage particularly considering the price difference.
  • By: R Parker On: 04 Jun 2016
    reasonable lenses, don''t dry the eyes too much.
  • By: Phil Batho On: 04 Jun 2016
    Excellent choice just what I wanted
  • By: Andrew Cowan On: 02 Jun 2016
    Top quality as you would expect from this brand
  • By: Carla Ajeda On: 02 Jun 2016
    Reliable monthly contacts that don''t dry your eyes out after wearing all day
  • By: BEVERLEY COLEMAN On: 31 May 2016
    Excellent as always. I have been using these lenses for a long time now.
  • By: Joerg Schulze On: 30 May 2016
    The claim is that they let more oxygen through to the eyes - and while I can''t verify that claim I never feel pain when wearing the lenses for long hours or accidentally leaving them in overnight.
  • By: David Tovey On: 27 May 2016
    Comfortable and stay moist
  • By: Donette Victor On: 24 May 2016
    Cheap, and useful. They are worth the price and are definently comfortable.
  • By: Julia Robson On: 20 May 2016
    only brand I have ever used for 5 years been great.
  • By: Caroline McIntear On: 15 May 2016
    Good product fast delivery and nice breathable lenses
  • By: Richard Harrington On: 13 May 2016
    Good, comfortable, hassle free lenses.
  • By: Debbie Langston On: 11 May 2016
    No issues!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • By: Suzanne Wright On: 10 May 2016
    Excellent quality lenses. I have dry eyes, & these lenses are the best for me.
  • By: Carol Clernon On: 07 May 2016
    Good lenses and solutions which are cheaper than specsavers!
  • By: Tomi Tulokas On: 04 May 2016
    Excellent product for daily use. Price from Feel Good Contact Lenses was far less (more than 50% cheaper) than from other suppliers. Delivery was only couple of days from date of order.
  • By: Amber Ahmed On: 01 May 2016
    Using it about 1 year and they are very good.
  • By: Leanne Heaver On: 26 Apr 2016
    Great lenses good quality definitely recommend these contacts
  • By: Richard Bullows On: 25 Apr 2016
    Despite the correct prescription and measurements, base curve etc. These lenses left my vision strained and out of focus, quite disappointed and I''m stuck with a box of unsuitable lenses
  • By: Agnieszka Malik On: 21 Apr 2016
    Happy with product,not having problems with them,using every day
  • By: RIchard Carson On: 20 Apr 2016
    does what it says on the tin
  • By: Geri Downer On: 17 Apr 2016
    Having worn contacts since I was 17 and am now 66 these are the most comfortable contacts I have ever worn I really do forget I have them in . No sore tired eyes at the end of day just a delight from morning to night.
  • By: Sophie Babbage On: 04 Apr 2016
    Really soft on the eye would recommend
  • By: Jonathan Kincaid On: 26 Mar 2016
    Great product used these for years with no problems. I had tried others from boots etc but found these to be the best by far.
  • By: Ben Gibbon On: 22 Mar 2016
    Good product, I use these regularly and would highly recommend.
  • By: Colette Shaw On: 17 Mar 2016
    They are a reliable, long lasting product that haven''t given any trouble.
  • By: Jennifer Birch On: 16 Mar 2016
    Can''t get better lenses always comfortable and never dry out.
  • By: Dawn Gregg On: 13 Mar 2016
    Very comfortable to wear, no dry eyes.
  • By: Erika Jaskulyte On: 01 Mar 2016
    I tried quite a few contact lenses before but these Air Optix Aqua contacts are fab. I can wear them all day long without any problems.
  • By: Jennifer Ribeiro On: 29 Feb 2016
    Good product! Good quality!
  • By: Ellen Mitchell On: 25 Feb 2016
    Brilliant lenses and brilliant service.
  • By: Najia Begum On: 25 Feb 2016
    Air Optix Aqua contact lenses I have been wearing for many years now, comfortable lenses and your eyes do not go dry.
  • By: Katrina Hendry On: 24 Feb 2016
    I find these monthlies to be more effective than dailies, seem to stay moister for longer
  • By: David Roberts On: 18 Feb 2016
    Having used various lenses resulting in ill fitting to uncomfortable, I used Air Optix Aqua for several months with no issues, great product.
  • By: Katherine Cooper On: 17 Feb 2016
    Lovely and very wearable. They don''t dry out and last as they should. Best lenses I have had to date.
  • By: Katherine Batch On: 17 Feb 2016
    I''ve used these for years now and have had no problem with them.
  • By: Karen Wharton On: 13 Feb 2016
    I find these contacts easy to use and they meet all my requirements
  • By: Rosie Matthews On: 13 Feb 2016
    Exactly as described , lasts the full month
  • By: Asha Bawa On: 12 Feb 2016
    Great service the lense are of good quality and the delivery was fast and efficient
  • By: Stella Miller On: 12 Feb 2016
    Excellent lenses and delivery was super quick very impressed with whole service
  • By: Ana Serlat On: 11 Feb 2016
    Very comfortable, I''m happy.
  • By: Cheryl Bryan On: 10 Feb 2016
    Best contact lense brand I have used, as long as you keep them clean and correctly stored of an evening you will barely realise you are wearing them - brilliant if you wear them for a long period of time in a day.
  • By: Alessandro Gambardella On: 08 Feb 2016
    I had them on for a couple of days and I''m happy with my purchase so far. I hope they will stay the same until the end of the month
  • By: Alice Ashdown On: 03 Feb 2016
    Very breathable, great for soft contact lens wearers prone to dry eyes
  • By: Anna Maziarz On: 24 Jan 2016
    contact lenses very good condition,
  • By: Elizabeth Verschoren On: 24 Jan 2016
    very good service at an excellent oprice
  • By: Jennie Vincent On: 21 Jan 2016
    Great service as always. No problems ever.
  • By: Samantha Watson On: 20 Jan 2016
    Very good. Perfect gorgeous dry eyes like mine. Also can tell there in even if I''ve slept in them for 4 or 5 days. Great and will keep using
  • By: Kelly Vella On: 16 Jan 2016
    Excellent quality and fast delivery
  • By: Brian Prosser On: 14 Jan 2016
    I had been using gas permeable lenses for thirty or more years. Tried soft for a more comfortable wear. So far no problems. Comfort level is first rate as is cleaning etc. I am only on my first month but everything is very positive. Brian ... Benfleet
  • By: Mark Bassett On: 14 Jan 2016
    Used before, brilliant product
  • By: Lindsay Procter On: 04 Jan 2016
    Brilliant fast service highly recommend
  • By: Janice Davies On: 03 Jan 2016
    Very happy, will use again.
  • By: Usman Habib On: 02 Jan 2016
    Best lenses, I got three month supply for a bargain price. They feel comfortable and very good quality. All you need is your up to date prescription number from your optician. You can wear these continuously and sleep in them. You can''t feel them.These lenses are very expensive from any other retailer.
  • By: Lindsay Davy On: 02 Jan 2016
    Great lenses, no problems and easy to use.
  • By: Rachel Lord On: 01 Jan 2016
    Perfect use for 30 days & replace
  • By: Lisia Bassett On: 30 Dec 2015
    Love these lenses-can wear all day long and they don''t dry out at all
  • By: Annick Sawala On: 29 Dec 2015
    Very comfortable and robust contact lenses, often last longer than 1 month, though I think it is recommended not to use them for over a month. My old lenses used to get dry more easily and occasionally fell out of my eyes at the end of the day - I have never had this problem with the Air Optix lenses. You need to learn at the beginning to insert the lenses with the correct side facing the eye, but with a bit of practice this is very easy.
  • By: Tracy Unwin On: 23 Dec 2015
    Great contact lenses very pleased with service.
  • By: Savannah Irving On: 22 Dec 2015
    Great contacts - really breathable and can wear all day and they do not dry out.
  • By: Rochelle Green On: 08 Dec 2015
    Excellent lenses, eyes stay moist, even when I cry they still do the trick. Very soft
  • By: Treena Tomlinson On: 08 Dec 2015
    The only problem with this is that I wish they came in a 14.00 D rather than 14.2
  • By: Fiona Winfield On: 30 Nov 2015
    Easy ordering, great price, prompt delivery and very well packaged.
  • By: Jana Hanusova On: 27 Nov 2015
    Very easy website, pay pall option, delivery quick and product exactly spot on, will use again and definitely recommend
  • By: Giuseppe Pisanelli On: 13 Nov 2015
    Great contact lenses very comfortable and easy to wear
  • By: Deborah Marsden-Kwan On: 12 Nov 2015
    Used for years.No problems at all
  • By: Rosa Rivas On: 09 Nov 2015
    very good contact lenses, the eyes can breathe and you can wear more hours. I am so happy with this choice
  • By: A HUGHES On: 05 Nov 2015
    Good price and whilst I only ordered late afternoon and paid for standard delivery my lenses arrived next day. Overall good services,
  • By: Catherine Beeckmans On: 03 Nov 2015
    Have used these for years, work great for me
  • By: Georgina Sweeney On: 03 Nov 2015
    Comfortable,just the job!
  • By: Anca Danilet On: 30 Oct 2015
    I use those lenses for 7 years!
  • By: Christopher Phillips On: 21 Oct 2015
    Good lenses, fit well no issues at all comfortable for my daily usage
  • By: Kevin Rogers On: 20 Oct 2015
    as I said they are comfortable and no irritant against the eye
  • By: Janet Dyer On: 16 Oct 2015
    I''ve been using the Air Optix lenses for at least ten years and have always found them comfortable and easy to wear. I often wear them all day and well into the evening without any irritation.
  • By: Giovanna Bruna Bilibio On: 16 Oct 2015
    very good, delivered fast
  • By: Amber Chapple On: 15 Oct 2015
    excellent for my current needs but do get dry after a long day. They don''t tend to turn inside out like some other brands which is good.
  • By: Susan Douglas On: 15 Oct 2015
    These lenses are very comfortable to wear and at a reasonable price too
  • By: Lillian On: 07 Oct 2015
    I wore these lenses some years ago and thought they were great. It's nice to find that some thing don't change. they are still great!!
  • By: Jane Neat On: 06 Oct 2015
    Prefect for me, I work in operating theatres where there is a high level of air exchange in order to remove ''bugs'' in the air. Air Optix Aqua are sufficiently wet to maintain comfortle eyes all shift. Anything less dries up to quickly.
  • By: Timothy Martin On: 06 Oct 2015
    Excellent product and so much cheaper than optician prices
  • By: Nicola Easton On: 06 Oct 2015
    I''ve used these for years wouldn''t try any others. Very comfortable fit.
  • By: Ian Tilley On: 05 Oct 2015
    Competitive pricing and great delivery service.
  • By: Hannah On: 09 Jul 2015
    Brilliant, breathable contact lenses. I've been using these for years and wear them ever day
  • By: inga mihailova On: 20 Jun 2015


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