Dailies AquaComfort Plus (90 Pack)

90 Pack 30 Pack
90 lenses / box
90 Pack 30 Pack
  • Dailies AquaComfort Plus (90 Pack)
  • Dailies AquaComfort Plus (90 Pack)
  • Dailies AquaComfort Plus (90 Pack)
Dailies AquaComfort Plus (90 Pack) Dailies AquaComfort Plus (90 Pack) Dailies AquaComfort Plus (90 Pack)
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Dailies AquaComfort Plus (90 Pack) Product Description

An upgrade to the best-selling Focus Dailies contact lenses, Dailies AquaComfort Plus 90 Pack are daily disposable contact lenses that further enhance comfort, performance and reliability.

Enjoy the ultimate in terms of comfort and convenience, alongside the freedom from glasses, with a daily disposable contact lens designed to stand up to late nights, early starts and everything in between.

Created by manufacturer Alcon & Ciba Vision, these daily contact lenses ensure they remain comfortable all-day long. Blink-activated technology makes sure your eyes are refreshed with moisture every single time you blink, with each set of lenses offering the same quality from morning through till night.

Dailies AquaComfort Plus 90 are the ideal contact lenses for professionals working long hours or anyone with a busy schedule, providing a daily disposable that doesn’t dry out as the day goes on, and combats the adverse effects of air-conditioned offices and digital screen use on your eyes.

Hygiene is another benefit of these exceptional daily contact lenses, as by applying a new set each morning, you can be sure you’re wearing fresh and clean lenses. You won’t have to worry about a cleaning routine, while you can enjoy a full day of wear from each of these lenses before simply throwing them away before you go to sleep.

Stock up and save money with this Dailies AquaComfort Plus 90 Pack or try our smaller 30-pack edition at FeelGoodContacts.com.

Our range also includes Dailies AquaComfort Plus Toric and Dailies AquaComfort Plus Multifocal.

Benefits & Features

  • Daily disposable contact lenses
  • 90-pack edition
  • Convenient and hygienic
  • Available for short-sightedness and long-sightedness 
  • Blink-activated moisturising system
  • Visitint for easy lens application
  • 69% water content

Equivalent lenses to Dailies AquaComfort Plus 90 Pack

1 Day Acuvue Moist and comfi Daily Disposables are similar daily disposables.

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1 Day Acuvue TruEye can be worn as an upgrade, alternatively.

Dailies AquaComfort Plus 90 Pack parameters

Power range 6.00 to -15.00
Base curve(s) 8.7mm
Diameter(s) 14mm
Lens material Nelfilcon A
Water content 69%
Oxygen permeability 26 Dk/t


  • By: Dom B On: 27 Jan 2019
    Good lenses. Comfortable. Well priced.
  • By: Martin Sloan On: 30 Nov 2018
    Just received my lenses after ordering them yesterday. Very prompt service and a nice touch with the pack of haribos! Will definitely recommend this website and will use with my next order.
  • By: Joanne Finn On: 19 Nov 2018
  • By: Leanne Giddins On: 06 Oct 2018
    Excellent service and quality highly recommend
  • By: Diana Woodward On: 16 Aug 2018
  • By: Sally On: 05 Aug 2018
    Great lenses. Very comfortable to wear I always forget they are in.
  • By: Elissa Sevitt On: 29 Jul 2018
    The best lenses for my eyes that I have tried
  • By: Alison Mackenzie On: 28 Jul 2018
    Easy to use and comfortable for very dry eyes.
  • By: tuli On: 08 Jul 2018
    excellent product would recommend to all
  • By: First time user On: 01 Jul 2018
    Excellent. 90 pack saves on packaging and takes up less room
  • By: John Gallagher On: 15 Jun 2018
    This batch have not been very good had about 5 or 6 pairs that have gone really dry quickly and and starting to move about aswell as some that come out and are like others that I have had in for 7 hours
  • By: Andrea Vaskova On: 09 Jun 2018
    I have been using it many years, as my sister who is an optician offered me, and it’s just good for my eyes.
  • By: Mary Neal On: 27 May 2018
    Excellent service. Prompt delivery. Competitive prices.
  • By: Peter On: 15 May 2018
    Have used this product for several years and am highly satisfied.
  • By: Simon On: 26 Apr 2018
    Simple, cheap and work well.
  • By: John Caldwell On: 16 Mar 2018
    Best daily disposable I have used, having tried several over the last 12 years. Also excellent value.
  • By: Peter On: 27 Feb 2018
    I have been using these lenses for several years now to my complete satisfaction
  • By: Simon On: 14 Feb 2018
    Comfy daily lenses I''ve used for many years and will continue to do so
  • By: Simon Byrne On: 11 Feb 2018
    Very comfortable (don''t know you''re wearing them). Couldn''t improve on this.
  • By: Mrs Prodanova On: 08 Feb 2018
    Great product. Easy to wear all day every day.
  • By: Edgar Hilditch On: 13 Jan 2018
    I have been using your products for some years now. Always delivered promptly .Super products at agreat price. Well done E.J.H.
  • By: HP On: 29 Dec 2017
    Easy to use and I can comfortably wear all day even though have dry eyes.
  • By: Daniele Moyal-Sharrock On: 14 Dec 2017
    Have been using these for years. An excellent, comfortable choice.
  • By: Alessandro On: 13 Dec 2017
    I have used this type of lenses for 5 years and I think they quite good. Probably better than others for dry eyes
  • By: Martin Hallam On: 12 Dec 2017
    Good price and lenses are a good make and quality.
  • By: Jacqueline On: 09 Nov 2017
    Excellent product, great service
  • By: Joanna Lockhart On: 07 Nov 2017
    Great product (have used for many years and recommended by my Zeiss optician). Perfect for eye health. Purchased online from excellent company ''Feel Good Lenses''. Unbeatable for price; and speed of service exceptional - ordered Sunday afternoon and received next morning!
  • By: Michael Brogan On: 05 Nov 2017
    Perfect - order 1 day & the lenses are delivered the next. Great Service
  • By: Alexandra Masalina On: 01 Nov 2017
    Good service Great and fast delivery!
  • By: David Glasgow On: 11 Oct 2017
    Works well for my eyes.Never had any issues.
  • By: JENNIFER BOSCHETTO On: 05 Oct 2017
    Good but rather flimsy for my clumsy hands
  • By: Happy Buyer On: 24 Sep 2017
    Good quality, good service, good price - would definitely use again!
  • By: Laurine Pickard On: 22 Sep 2017
    Have used these for a few years now and find them great
  • By: Deborah On: 22 Sep 2017
    comfortable and good vision lenses
  • By: Themoose On: 22 Sep 2017
    A good product which is I have used for a few years now.
  • By: Robert Earner On: 17 Sep 2017
    Reasonably priced and good quality!
  • By: Customer Margaret Spaven On: 17 Sep 2017
    The contact lenses are very comfortable and the price amazing
  • By: Chloé On: 15 Sep 2017
    Good product, consistent quality
  • By: Sophia On: 11 Sep 2017
    Great product, would recommend.
  • By: Andrew K On: 10 Sep 2017
    Exactly what I needed! Pleasure to do business with
  • By: First time user On: 09 Sep 2017
    New to contacts so still getting used to them but find these very comfortable.
  • By: Helen On: 28 Aug 2017
    Good quality, fast service.
  • By: Catherine Singleton On: 23 Aug 2017
    Great price and fast delivery
  • By: Angela Broadhead On: 22 Aug 2017
    Very easy to use. Comfortable all day long. Dont dry out so eyes stay moist.
  • By: Marie On: 31 Jul 2017
    Best conctact lenses for me so far, don''t irritate eyes that much!
  • By: estherbester On: 27 Jul 2017
    I love the ease of dailies and I''ve been using these for years
  • By: Shona Meade On: 27 Jul 2017
    Quick delivery just what I ordered
  • By: Joanne Lobban On: 25 Jul 2017
    Mega comfortable lenses and great value
  • By: Kellyanne Crosbie On: 16 Jul 2017
    Perfect for wearing long hours
  • By: Ashley Adair On: 12 Jul 2017
    Easy wearing dailies at a great bulk price. Lower price than your local opticians and the same brand many of them use. Highly recommend :)
  • By: Rachel On: 09 Jul 2017
    Highly recommended. Comfortable lenses. Delivered promptly. Great service.
  • By: Kam On: 08 Jul 2017
    No problem. Easy to order. Arrived next day.
  • By: Kenzo On: 08 Jul 2017
    Comfortable, had no issues at all with these lenses.
  • By: LS On: 08 Jul 2017
    Used these for years. Comfortable and reliable.
  • By: Adriana Kosowski On: 04 Jul 2017
    Awesome product, quick delivery, attractive price.
  • By: CB On: 02 Jul 2017
    Standard product that my eyes dont get irritated from
  • By: Wilma On: 30 Jun 2017
    Great lenses. Manage to wear them for quite a while. Been ordering them for ages! I''ve tried others and feel they are a little big (can feel the edges when I blink) whereas with these I don''t.
  • By: J Anderton On: 25 Jun 2017
    Excellent quality lenses .
  • By: Alex Mitchell On: 21 Jun 2017
    Recommended- excellent value and very fast delivery
  • By: bollemie On: 19 Jun 2017
    I love aquacomfort plus, I have been using them since they came out
  • By: Heather McN On: 04 Jun 2017
    Comfortable lenses, good value
  • By: Clive On: 18 May 2017
    Have used these for a while and never had any issues.
  • By: Rachel On: 15 May 2017
    Amazing service. So much more convienint than travelling to opticians to be charged twice as much for a less quality product. Thanks guys
  • By: Ian On: 07 May 2017
    Always give me a good days eyesight
  • By: Samuel Araujo On: 05 May 2017
    The most comfortable lenses I''d ever used, I recommend to everyone
  • By: PD On: 01 May 2017
    Quick delivery and competitive prices. Would use again
  • By: LB On: 20 Apr 2017
    Great contact lenses very happy with them
  • By: Emily Spencer On: 18 Apr 2017
    My perfect contact lenses, sold in bulk
  • By: Adam On: 15 Apr 2017
    Tried a few lenses over the years and find these are a very good price for the quality and really comfortable for my eyes. I find them quite durable compared to other brands and they stay hydrated all day. Once in a while I fall asleep with them in and they are still fine in the morning.
  • By: Karen Graham On: 11 Apr 2017
    Comfortable lenses and quick delivery
  • By: LS On: 11 Apr 2017
    These are super comfortable and not ridiculously expensive. Recommended
  • By: Sam On: 02 Apr 2017
    very comfortable, would not feel tired
  • By: Christina On: 29 Mar 2017
    Good contacts - do not dry my eyes out
  • By: Michela Marinelli On: 24 Mar 2017
    Comfortable contact lenses
  • By: Adeel On: 23 Mar 2017
    Very comfortable, well packaged and easy to wear
  • By: First time user On: 23 Mar 2017
    As a new user to contact lens these were recommended by my optician. So far working well.
  • By: Andrea On: 09 Mar 2017
    Very comfortable lenses, great for every day use
  • By: Pete Salsbury On: 06 Mar 2017
    top quality and excellent service
  • By: Richard Woodward On: 16 Feb 2017
    Used these for the last 2 years never had any problems. Much better service over the internet, and I can control my deliveries. Would recommend these highly.
  • By: S Mayhew On: 10 Feb 2017
    I have had these for a while now and they don''t irritate my eyes. I was told I need lenses with a high water content and these are fine.
  • By: Jess On: 08 Feb 2017
    Great service, fast dispatch, well packaged.
  • By: Siobhan On: 08 Feb 2017
    Comfortable easy to use lenses, never had an issue, great service and delivered the following day
  • By: Bev On: 29 Jan 2017
    For me the ideal lens. Comfort all day at a reasonable price.
  • By: K Shah On: 22 Jan 2017
    I have been using these for the past eight years. Have tried other brands but still find these the thinnest and non-irritating to my eyes. They also seem to be more comfortable for slightly extended wear on days when I am out.
  • By: Chris Horton On: 22 Jan 2017
    As described-high quality dailies
  • By: Stephen Gough On: 12 Jan 2017
    Best contacts by a country mile.
  • By: Steve Williamson On: 12 Jan 2017
    Superb product accompanied by reliable service.
  • By: Kam On: 03 Jan 2017
    Great product. No problems to use.
  • By: Gary On: 29 Dec 2016
    Really good contacts. never had any issues with them, apart from getting them the correct way around.
  • By: Abbey On: 21 Dec 2016
    Used for years, always comfortable for up to 12 hours a day, tried other but not liked.
  • By: Pete On: 15 Dec 2016
    Comfortable all day great lenses
  • By: Gabi Sanderson On: 05 Dec 2016
    Good lenses, as expected.
  • By: Davide M. On: 03 Dec 2016
    Perfect for my delicate and dry eyes
  • By: Adam On: 02 Dec 2016
    I prefer Dailies TOTAL 1 as they offer a higher quality to these and do not dry. However if you do not wear contacts for that long like me, these are good.
  • By: Avisha Patel On: 30 Nov 2016
    Great product fast delivery
  • By: Jacqueline On: 30 Nov 2016
    Brilliant daily contact lenses!
  • By: Jon On: 29 Nov 2016
    I wear these every day and find them very comfortable.
  • By: gadders On: 26 Nov 2016
    excellent service from " Nicky" gave a refund of monies as I ordered wrong and also ensured I got 5% discount for black Friday deal...lenses great
  • By: CHRIS TAYLOR On: 11 Nov 2016
    Easy to order and quick delivery. Best online service for contact lenses I have come across. Oh and reasonable price
  • By: Janine Barclay On: 07 Nov 2016
    Easy to use and comfortable
  • By: Pauline Damms On: 05 Nov 2016
    Excellent product next day delivery and a good price. Won''t be buying from my optician again.
  • By: Kv On: 03 Nov 2016
    Very comfortable throughout the day
  • By: Wilson On: 01 Nov 2016
    Efficient delivery at a decent price.
  • By: Miss Sumner On: 01 Nov 2016
    Very good lenses, have been using them for a few years and have only had one or two that tore too easily when handling them. Very impressed, will definitely keep using them.
  • By: P Hockley On: 25 Oct 2016
    Easy ordering on their website and prompt delivery.
  • By: YK On: 24 Oct 2016
    tried different lenses - these work best for me. would recommend
  • By: Paul Connor On: 23 Oct 2016
    Great service .. Just as described ..would recommend a++++
  • By: D S On: 21 Oct 2016
    Great contacts, so comfy and don''t dry my eyes out
  • By: Mark On: 21 Oct 2016
    Great contacts for the price. Can become a little dry at the end of the day.
  • By: AC On: 18 Oct 2016
    good contacts for everyday use
  • By: customer On: 17 Oct 2016
    product delivered in good time
  • By: Mercedes Owner On: 12 Oct 2016
    Next day free delivery and excellent price.
  • By: Ali Marafie On: 30 Sep 2016
    This product is of high quality and does not irritate the eyes or causes discomfort
  • By: John Hindle On: 28 Sep 2016
    Dailies aquaComfort Plus are an excellent daily lens for me, but it is very important to have your optician recommend the correct ones for you.
  • By: Zahida On: 24 Sep 2016
    Very quick delivery and great prices.
  • By: MCLAT On: 21 Sep 2016
    The best disposables i''ve had so far. Eyes still get slightly dry.
  • By: Carla Stott On: 19 Sep 2016
    First time I''ve had dailies - previously I have always used monthly''s. So far so good, they feel much thinner than my monthly lenses which I assume makes them comfier.
  • By: Richard Angwin On: 15 Sep 2016
    Great lenses. Competitively priced.
  • By: Hilary Scott On: 12 Sep 2016
    My lenses arrived very quickly. Thank you.
  • By: Krishna Hubbard On: 01 Sep 2016
    Easy to put in. Much more comfortable than Acuvue lenses, I would highly recommend these lenses.
  • By: Jan Bolton On: 31 Aug 2016
    Delighted with these contact lenses as my eyes stay moist and I can freely recommend them.
  • By: Ben Blane On: 26 Aug 2016
    Best lenses I''ve tried, very comfortable
  • By: Rich Craig On: 23 Aug 2016
    better than normal dailies
  • By: Diane Bulter On: 22 Aug 2016
    Have switched from All Day Comfort to these and they actually make a significant difference, I have far less tearing from hay fever and the lernses are extremely comfortable to wear all day.
  • By: Ewan Nelson On: 18 Aug 2016
    fine, good, no problems for me
  • By: Celia Ford On: 31 Jul 2016
    Easy to wear nice product
  • By: India Jackson On: 10 Jul 2016
    Sometimes forget they''re in. Easy to put in and take out and keep my eyes from going dry
  • By: Andrew Lynch On: 26 Jun 2016
    Good quality lenses and at a very good price. Quick delivery too.
  • By: Victoria Harper On: 26 Jun 2016
    Good price and service, very happy.
  • By: Bridget Pettigrew On: 24 Jun 2016
    Well done on your efficient and courteous service.
  • By: Gul-Afroze Akhtar On: 20 Jun 2016
    Fast delivery, best prices, high stock levels. No problems!!
  • By: Delphine Jaugey On: 12 Jun 2016
    Excellent quality, my eyes are never dry.
  • By: LYNDY ASHTON On: 27 Apr 2016
    I have tried other lenses and have found that Dailies Aqua Plus have been the best lenses for me. Good Price and very comfortable to wear. I have never had a split lense or have I lost one whilst wearing them. All round very happy with these lenses and won''t buy anything else.
  • By: Christine Horseman On: 28 Mar 2016
    Very comfortable even whilst wearing out on the ski slopes - some dailies tend to stick to your eye when very cold, not these.
  • By: Kevin Lee On: 16 Mar 2016
    Comfortable to wear but a bit difficult to tell which is the correct side as the lenses are thin.
  • By: Ezina Mc Namee On: 07 Mar 2016
    Good product I have no issues .
  • By: Daniel Bestford On: 28 Feb 2016
    Great cost effective lenses. Been using for years with no problems
  • By: Louisa Macdonald On: 20 Feb 2016
    I''ve used Dailies for a long time and they work for me
  • By: Helen James On: 13 Feb 2016
    Comfortable lenses even when in al day
  • By: Pete Sliney On: 31 Jan 2016
    Excellent lenses,good price good for allday
  • By: Barbara Shapley-King On: 25 Jan 2016
    Comfy and easy to use. Happy with this product
  • By: Zahra Murad On: 07 Jan 2016
    Have tried quite a few and these have the most comfortable ones. they have the diameter that are the best for me. and being in front of the computer the whole day they still work perfectly until I go to bed.
  • By: Sheila Williams On: 09 Nov 2015
    Recommended by optician, very comfortable, little bit difficult to remove and not do easy to remove from individual container but feel so much better than my previous type so will persevere.
  • By: Chris Bateman On: 21 Oct 2015
    I find them a bit difficult to handle as they are very thin and tend to flip inside out when putting them in. Removing them from my eyes is also a bit difficult as they tear easily if not handled very carefully. They adhere a bit too well to the eyes. But they are a good price so I will persevere. CB
  • By: Sarah Druce On: 21 Oct 2015
    Very helpful company, easy to use website, fast delivery. Defiantly keep on using them...
  • By: Kohan Rebeiro On: 17 Oct 2015
    Great lenses - very comfortable, much better than the AquaComfort standard lenses. Worth the price difference. They are less likely to dry your eyes, however, will start to get dry by the end of the day.
  • By: Millie Hurst On: 16 Oct 2015
    Best lenses I''ve tried so far
  • By: Jennifer Chalmers On: 09 Oct 2015
    Comfy contact lenses, easy to order
  • By: Paul McTaggart On: 08 Oct 2015
    I can see better with them in


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