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SofLens Natural Colors Parameters
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SofLens Natural Colors

SofLens Natural Colors Benefits & Features

  • Monthly contact lenses
  • Made from comfortable hydrogel material
  • Available for prescription or cosmetic use
  • 39% water content

Recommended For

  • Those looking to correct their vision while also changing their eye colour
  • Anyone wishing to change their eye colour without correcting their vision
  • A vibrant or natural eye colour update

Alternative to SofLens Natural Colors Contact Lenses

FreshLook Colors provide a dramatic eye colour change, while Air Optix Colors are silicone hydrogel colour contacts that offer an even greater degree of comfort.

comfi Colors Enhance is an affordable, high-quality monthly coloured contact lens that is available in a selection of 12 stunning colours.

Product Description

SofLens Natural Colors contact lenses by Bausch & Lomb are monthly coloured contact lenses, great for adding a vibrant or natural update to your eye colour. Whether you have a prescription or not, these coloured lenses are ideal for those who like to experiment with their look.

SofLens Natural Colors come in 10 different shades: Amazon, Aquamarine, Dark Hazel, Emerald, India, Indigo, Jade, Pacific, Platinum and Topaz.

While the effect that these colour contact lenses have on your eyes is affected by your hair colour, skin tone and eye colour, the variety of colours offers something for everyone.

As monthly contact lenses, they have been designed for a full day of comfortable wear. Simply remove your contact lenses before bed, then use a contact lens solution such as our comfi All-in-One Solution to clean and store them overnight.

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SofLens Natural Colors Parameters

Manufacturer Bausch & Lomb
Brand SofLens
Wearing type Monthly Contact Lenses
Power range 0.00 to -6.00
Base curve(s) 8.7mm
Diameter(s) 14.0mm
Lens material Polymacon B
Water content 38.6%
Oxygen permeability 18 Dk/t
Pack size 2 Pack

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Further Optical Advice

What are the most natural looking coloured contacts for dark eyes?

SofLens Natural Colors provide the most natural looking coloured contact lenses for dark eyes, no matter what colour you opt for.

Can I wear SofLens Natural Colors without a prescription?

Yes, you can wear SofLens Natural Colors without a prescription. Simply select 0.00 on the prescription details table to choose a zero prescription (plano) edition of these contact lenses.

I don't need vision correction (zero power 0.00/ plano)
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SofLens Natural Colors Reviews

  • Chloe Lalor - 01 Sep 2023
    Not as bright or block colour as seen in the photos but they are still comfy to wear
  • Mandy Rhodes - 03 Jun 2023
    Lovely colour blue. I ordered pacific, and they really stand out in my green eyes! Also extremely comfortable! Will try more colours in future!
  • Mandy Rhodes - 01 Jun 2023
    Nice colour blue, but think freshlook color blends are more natural. They are also so soft, that they fold in half and stick together. You then have to be careful not to rip them. Only just tried them on, so not sure about the comfort yet! I ordered the colour pacific, and I have green eyes.
  • Mark Dowden - 06 May 2023
    Very good quality coloured prescription lenses. They look natural. I have brown eyes but people accept that I have blue eyes. And if used correctly, then they are safe.
  • Gee ?? - 19 Jan 2023
    Perfect look
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