Dailies AquaComfort Plus Multifocal

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  • Dailies AquaComfort Plus Multifocal
  • Dailies AquaComfort Plus Multifocal
  • Dailies AquaComfort Plus Multifocal
Dailies AquaComfort Plus Multifocal Dailies AquaComfort Plus Multifocal Dailies AquaComfort Plus Multifocal



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Dailies AquaComfort Plus Multifocal Product Description

Enjoy the total convenience of daily disposable contact lenses when correcting your presbyopia, with Dailies AquaComfort Plus Multifocal, an addition to the renowned Dailies range. Created by Alcon & Ciba Vision, these multifocal contacts facilitate easy and seamless focusing between different distances for your eyes.

See everything in front of you, whether up close, across the room or over the road when you wear these quality multifocal contact lenses. The blending of multiple prescriptions allows these lenses to place visual correction at all distances in front of your eyes, combatting the age-related issue of presbyopia.

Not just renowned for their impressive visual acuity, Dailies AquaComfort Plus Multifocal contact lenses also deliver an unrivalled degree of comfort for you and your eyes. You’ll barely feel you’re wearing contact lenses when you wear these daily wear contact lenses due to their blink-activated technology, hydrating and refreshing your eyes each and every time you blink. Be sure your eyes are still feeling great at the end of the day when you choose these daily wear contact lenses, designed to stand up to the trying effects digital screen use, transport and air conditioning can have on our eyes.

You can also rely on absolute convenience with these daily disposables as you won’t have to follow any contact lens cleaning routine. Just put your lenses in when you wake up, enjoy a full day of presbyopic correction, dispose of them before bed, then pop in a fresh set the next day.

Enjoy the very best in comfort, hygiene and performance with Dailies AquaComfort Plus Multifocal contacts.

Benefits & Features
  • Daily disposable multifocal lenses
  • Designed to correct presbyopia
  • Triple Moisturising Formula 
  • Blink-activated moisturising system
  • Ensures tear film stability
  • 69% water content

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Dailies AquaComfort Plus Multifocal parameters

Manufacturer Alcon & Ciba Vision
Brand Dailies
Wearing type Daily Contact Lenses
Power range +6.00 to -10.00
LOW Up to to 1.25
MID 1.50 to 2.00
HIGH 2.25 to 2.50
Base curve(s) 8.7mm
Diameter(s) 14mm
Lens material Nelfilcon A
Water content 69%
Oxygen permeability 26 Dk/t

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  • Susie Gorman - 12 Sep 2019
    Love these lenses have tried numerous other makes but these suit me the best. Very comfortable and good vision.
  • DR CAROL FLETCHER - 26 Aug 2019
    Product is great I was receiving it from Boots until they decided not to continue supplying. I would hope that the price will come down as I think there is a large mark up here and customers are paying the price
  • A JACKSON - 22 Aug 2019
    feel great, looks good, recommend this product
  • Mrs Elizabeth Mole - 17 Aug 2019
    No more reading glasses. Great product !
  • Rick & Lin - 22 Jul 2019
    Getting on great with these multifocal lenses
  • Janet Hurst - 20 Jul 2019
    Excellent service! These lenses are so comfy & it's great to not have to worry I've got my reading specs with me!
  • Sharon - 19 Jul 2019
    Perfect for me.. great contacts and a good price. ??
  • Ned Probyn - 16 Jul 2019
    Great product
  • Mr Clarke - 12 Jul 2019
    Comfortable lenses.
  • Ivy Paul - 11 Jul 2019
    Comfortable fit. Easy to remove...
  • Francis - 08 Jul 2019
    Excellent daily lenses for those with slightly dry eyes.
  • John Wood - 03 Jul 2019
    They suit my needs perfectly
  • Sue Donald - 26 Jun 2019
    So far so good seem to be as good as the ones I usually wear seem comfy and a few pounds cheaper
  • Alan Hunt - 25 Jun 2019
    Used them for years - love them!
  • Angela - 10 Jun 2019
    They are what they say however after 9 hours at work eyes very dry have to remove
  • Carolyn - 10 Jun 2019
    Extreme comfort - as though you''re not wearing lenses or specs. at all!
  • Tom - 02 Jun 2019
    Fit great and great vision
  • Michael Gevaux - 27 May 2019
    Best product I have used
  • Francis - 20 May 2019
    These contacts are excellent for me. They keep my eyes moist. I don''t need lots of eye drops when l use these.
  • DR CAROL FLETCHER - 12 May 2019
    Comfortable and easy to insert.
  • Christine Ross - 10 May 2019
    I have used these for a few years and am very happy with them.
  • Rosemary - 10 May 2019
    Fantastic contact lenses - extremely comfortable and so easy to use.
  • Rosie Vallance - 10 May 2019
    Love them, very comfortable
  • Mrs Elizabeth Mole - 09 May 2019
    Expensive but worth it. No need to use reading classes with these.
  • Patrick Spatchett - 06 May 2019
    Always use them
  • Sharon - 04 May 2019
    Quality lenses.. will buy these again as delivery and ease of buying product is so easy.
  • Ian McMahon - 30 Apr 2019
    Great contacts. Like getting full vision back again. Have tried other contacts, including replacements when Boots took these off the reward programme and tried to substitute ones just gave me blurred vision. So now buy these directly. Best contacts I have ever used.
  • Whippet Lover - 26 Apr 2019
    Very good and very comfortable
  • Julie Roberts - 25 Apr 2019
    Love these lens glad I decided to change from glasses
  • Michael Gevaux - 23 Apr 2019
    Great product but feel as it is expensive I should not be charged for Postage
  • Stephen Pritchard - 20 Apr 2019
    Speedy delivery and hassle free
  • Gayle Ruble - 15 Apr 2019
    Great quality!
  • Maureen Gallagher - 02 Apr 2019
    Fantastic. Really comfortable to wear.
  • Kathleen Mathers - 14 Mar 2019
    Fantastic contacts. Delivered to my door very quickly.
  • Claire steen - 07 Mar 2019
    Works for me
  • Ralph Alden - 06 Mar 2019
    Efficient and friendly service
  • Pauline Campbell - 23 Feb 2019
    Great service, never any issues, would recommend.
  • Caroline Whitaker - 12 Feb 2019
    Really comfortable to wear
  • Susie Gorman - 22 Aug 2018
    Love these lenses very comfortable.
  • Margaret Drummond - 20 Aug 2018
    Amazing service! I re-ordered about 7pm on Sunday and the new lenses arrived early afternoon Monday. Thank you, FeelGood Contacts. MaggieDee
  • Elizabeth Mole - 10 Aug 2018
    Been using theses for about 12 months. Ditched the reading glasses.
  • Andrew - repeat customer - 03 Aug 2018
    Great product and benefits from free next day delivery Great all round service
  • Maxine Fitzpatrick - 01 Aug 2018
    Very fast delivery great value for money
  • Alison Wiltshire - 22 Jul 2018
    I am very happy with contact lenses they are perfect for every day use.
  • Roger123 - 13 Jul 2018
    Many people are wary of multifocals but if you are comfortable with varifocal glasses you should be fine with these. Of course, near vision will never be 100% on focus but its a pleasure to be able to read a restaurant menu and see what''s on your plate once you''ve ordered !
  • Jayne Lawson - 07 Jul 2018
    Great product, and cheaper that optician
  • Joan Fleming - 11 Jun 2018
    I have quite dry eyes and find these lenses suit very comfortable and more to the point I can see clearly
  • Janet Ayers - 27 May 2018
    very comfortable and give excellent depth of focus
  • gillian tomlinson - 20 May 2018
    Very good product. Comfortable easy to buses.
  • Graham Campbell - 17 May 2018
    I'd recommend them every time.
  • Michele Pearce - 16 May 2018
    comfortable and good vision
  • Janice Thrift - 26 Apr 2018
    Same prescription as before but can’t see clearly through my new lenses. Very disappointed having spent £46 which is wasted.
  • Yvonne Knox - 04 Mar 2018
    Good when in, have trouble getting them out
  • Heaterh - 27 Feb 2018
    Having used Multifocal from Specsavers, I ordered these on line with the exact same specification. They are rubbish - I can use them for normal use but for reading and computer work -totally useless
  • Addie - 20 Jan 2018
    Daily wear, fair for night driving and start to dry out after 12 hours of wear.
  • Richard - 04 Jan 2018
    These are very comfortable multifocal lenses, and do exactly what they should.
  • Patricia Roberts - 28 Dec 2017
    Excellent service. Just a bit pricey.
  • Cheryl Biggs - 23 Nov 2017
    Very speedy service and great prices too!
  • Nancy Hudson - 14 Nov 2017
    Fit well, very comfortable and all round brilliant product!
  • Adam Leggett - 29 Oct 2017
    Wonderful product that gives me options
  • Josie - 14 Oct 2017
    The thing about multifocal lenses is you have to blink a lot to be able to focus which is a bit annoying and can make your eyes irritated. However, you can see and read pretty well. I have Sjorgrens so no lens will ever be completely comfortable but these are the best I’ve found
  • Paul Stevens - 12 Oct 2017
    There are uncomfortable to wear dry out far too easily and will not use again
  • Mr James Wood - 20 Sep 2017
    Excellent service from ease of ordering to speedy delivery of lenses.
  • Susan Ward - 29 Aug 2017
    Great value for money and excellent service.
  • Jane Woosey - 28 Jul 2017
    Love these, easy to get in and out, never know I have them in, have even slept in them by mistake with no problem!
  • Denise Dixon - 11 Jun 2017
    Fantastic! Will use this site from now on for all my lens needs.
  • Karen Chancellor - 06 Jun 2017
    comfortable and the multifocality is great. Not easy to tell if they are inside out till you actually have it in your eye.
  • Jacqueline Millward - 20 May 2017
    Very comfortable for many hours of use
  • Mr Bratchell - 17 May 2017
    Since I first used these I have been really surprised how effective they are. My 3D vision has a very much deeper field, I can read most things except very small print with either eye, I have good distance vision with both eyes.
  • Shane Prevel - 09 May 2017
    I need multifocal lenses and prefer daily disposable lenses. Over the years I have tried many different brands. I work in an office and stare at a monitor for 8 hours a day in an air conditioned environment. This causes most lenses to dry out and become irritating however I have not had such a problem with these lenses. On weekends I ride my motorcycle and go for walks without any problems with my eyes. Also I do not need to wear reading glasses at work with these multifocal lenses and can see distances clearly when riding. I can fully recommend these lenses.
  • Shane Prevel - 15 Apr 2017
    Lenses are as described and very comfortable
  • David Ledsham - 11 Apr 2017
    A multifocal lens that actually gives me good distance vision and acceptable close-up. Comfortable to wear for 8 hours or more.
  • RS65 - 31 Mar 2017
    Does what it says it will do - very comfortable to wear.
  • Lynn Boulonois - 17 Mar 2017
    Great comfortable lenses very comfy
  • London Reviewer - 13 Feb 2017
    My vision is well corrected with these lenses, but they are very, very thin and fragile. I''ve been wearing contact lenses for 30 years, but for only the 2nd or 3rd time ever, when wearing these lenses, one of them ripped while in my eye. It was difficult then to get it out and I spent a day in great discomfort before I figured out what had happened. Having said this, it''s not happened again, and the lenses are quite comfortable (although I am ready to remove them after about 8 hours becasue my eyes become dry).
  • Sue - 27 Jan 2017
    Great product. Although some people find them difficult to get used to, I much prefer wearing them to glasses all the time. I don''t wear them every day, but it''s just nice to have a change from glasses. Eyes can become dry, but this is helped by using eye drops as needed.
  • Jane - 25 Jan 2017
    Comfortable lenses. You forget that you are wearing them. I wish I had changed to these lenses years ago.
  • Patricia Pearce - 02 Dec 2016
    Best contact lenses in the world.
  • Graham Shields - 01 Dec 2016
    Tried a couple of makes now & these suite me the best, can easily keep them in from early morning until late at night no problem, have found one lens curled up in the solution, only one tho so problem they can still be used once opened up.
  • KL - 19 Nov 2016
    Very good lenses for people with dry eyes
  • Sangeeta Tanna - 02 Oct 2016
    Just what the doctor ordered! Perfect for my needs.
  • Lorraine Garratt - 06 Sep 2016
    Very comfortable only reservation is they can break very easily when inserting. However only ever used this brand so I cannot say this might or might not happen generally
  • Ursula Taxis - 05 Sep 2016
    Great service. The website is fer easy to use and I received my contact lenses two days later.
  • Steven Creighton - 04 Sep 2016
    I find the daily lenses very good while more expensive than monthly lenses I find them more comfortable with less cleaning and needing to remember the cleaning fluid. The multifocals work really well for me
  • ANTHONY BROWN - 25 Aug 2016
    Not quite sure yet. Still think I preferred the focus progressive daillies.
  • Lynn Woodburn - 06 Aug 2016
    Good quality lens and work perfectly with the dual vision. Comfy to wear. Defiantly recommend to anyone to purchase.
  • Peter Hughes - 19 Jul 2016
    Good , but cheaper in high street
  • Stephen Woodhead - 16 Jul 2016
    Great service, prompt delivery, easy to re-order
  • Brian Hardie - 10 Jul 2016
    comfy - moist - just as advertised - a revelation
  • Sue Rakusen - 16 Jun 2016
    Had to change from progressive Dailies as they have sadly been discontinued. Very comfortable but vision is not as good with either the high or medium lens.
  • Carole Cleaver - 29 Apr 2016
    The price was £30 cheaper than my own opticians. Excellent service thank you!
  • Paul Robinson - 31 Mar 2016
    Best so far and feel good
  • David French - 20 Feb 2016
    Really help with reading so I rarely now need my reading specs; distance suffers slightly but a great compromise