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  • PureVision2
  • PureVision2
  • PureVision2
PureVision2 PureVision2 PureVision2
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comfi Air
Save up to 58%, Why not try?
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Save up to 58%, Why not try?
comfi Air
£2.50 1 lens
£5.99 3 lenses

PureVision2 Product Description

Highly comfortable and offering exceptional performance, PureVision2 contact lenses by Bausch & Lomb are the perfect monthly contact lens choice for modern living.

With a design featuring High Definition Optics, you can rely on clear and precise vision, uninterrupted by halos or glares. Enjoy freedom from glasses frames, without having to compromise on performance or comfort with PureVision2 contact lenses. Ideal for those who work longer days, as they deliver clear and crisp vision even in low-light conditions.


PureVision2 contact lenses Benefits


These silicone hydrogel contact lenses are designed to stand up to the demands of the working day, with a highly breathable and wettable lens design keeping eyes fresh, hydrated and healthy. The super breathable lenses and have a thin lens design which you’ll barely feel, making for an easy and comfortable lens application.


PureVision2 for long-lasting comfort


ComfortMoist Technology ensure your PureVision contact lenses stay moist and comfortable to wear even as the hours go by. You won’t have to worry about dry eyes from digital screen use, air conditioning and indoor heating when you wear these silicone hydrogel contacts.


Can you sleep in PureVision2 contacts?


Suitable to wear for up to 16 hours a day, these monthly contact lenses can even be worn as extended wear lensesIf approved by your optician, this means that you’ll be able to wear them day and night, even while sleeping, for up to 30 days.

For daily wear however, you’ll simply need to remove them before bed and clean and store them in fresh contact lens solution. This way you can be sure your PureVision2 contact lenses are as good as new the next morning, and hygienic, safe and comfortable to wear. We recommend the popular comfi All-in-One Solution for your contact lens cleaning routine.

Benefits & Features
  • Monthly contact lenses
  • Can be worn as extended wear lenses 
  • ComfortMoist technology ensures eyes stay hydrated
  • Ultra-thin design makes for a comfortable wear
  • Delivers clear, crisp vision in all light conditions
  • 36% water content

Equivalent contact lenses to PureVision2

Biofinity and comfi Air are similar monthly contacts.

Other contact lenses you can try

comfi Pure 1 Day is a suitable daily disposable alternative to these monthly lenses. 


PureVision 2 parameters

Manufacturer Bausch & Lomb
Brand PureVision
Wearing type Monthly Contact Lenses
Power range +6.00 to -12.00
Base curve(s) 8.6mm
Diameter(s) 14mm
Lens material Balafilcon A
Water content 36%
Oxygen permeability 130 Dk/t

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  • Valerie Weeks - 29 Sep 2019
    Good quality lenses
  • H Prime - 23 Sep 2019
    Great product
  • Mark Smith - 15 Sep 2019
    As a keen Yachtsman, I often self prescribe. I recently chanced my arm at the new PureVision2 contact lenses in the hope that they would make me see better, if not twice as good, than the Purevision1 set i previously owned. On opening the box i found 3 lenses (As if anyone has 3 eyes?!!) which all looked the same as Purevision1 lenses and when trying them i noticed no improvement in sight, and definitely not twice as good as Purevision1. So, i was left slightly disappointed especially as they were more expensive than Purevision1(although not twice as expensive, which is a positive). It must be good to actually be able to see people coming, as this is exactly what happened when Purevision saw me. (Maybe they all wear Purevision3) I got completely suckered in. Totally disappointed, hence only the one star!
  • Diana - SW France - 16 Aug 2019
    Been using this for years - hope I never have to change. It''s so easy and convenient.
  • Tricia Winters - 10 Aug 2019
    Very comfortable to wear day and night, once they''re in you can''t feel them!
  • R Hetherington - 05 Aug 2019
    Over nearly a decade of use and faultless performance.
  • Bernard - 23 Jul 2019
    excellent no hassle online service
  • Steven Piper - 22 Jul 2019
    Very comfortable and easy to wear lenses
  • Mr Berry - 04 Jul 2019
    Light,breathable and easy to apply, genuinely a pleasure to use & wear
  • Razvan Morariu - 11 Jun 2019
    Very soft I have tried 2 different brands before and I couldn''t work in front of a computer wearing then. Now with pure vision 2 everything has changed. Thank you
  • Shana - 10 Jun 2019
    These dry out my eyes but might be great for others. They were such a great price I thought I would give them a go. I will order the ones I usually get. Thank you for being one of the few good companies left out there!
  • John Curtis - 05 Jun 2019
    Excellent, consistent and comfortable
  • slim - 31 May 2019
    Just as good if not better than the more expensive brands.
  • Marcio Lichtenfls - 06 May 2019
    Unbelievable soft and comfortable to wear. Great value too.
  • Marcio Lichtenfels - 04 May 2019
    Very comfortable
  • Mr Hutchinson - 01 May 2019
    Fit perfect and comfy to sleep in, no problems yet!
  • PHILL KERSHAW - 18 Apr 2019
    Love these contact lens, very comfortable forget you have them in.
  • Anne Moores - 27 Mar 2019
    Speedy delivery as ever. Amazes me.
  • Mark Smith - 24 Mar 2019
    Comfortable and clear
  • Mrs A - 22 Mar 2019
  • David Manning - 19 Mar 2019
    Excellent product
  • Tricia Winters - 02 Jan 2019
    Brilliant lenses! Cannot feel them during wearing day and night for an entire month without issue.
  • Stuart - 10 Aug 2018
    Just brilliant you don''t know there in really keep moist and that''s after nearly 3 weeks constant wear day and night
  • David Manning - 08 Aug 2018
    Very good. No problems, very comfortable
  • Olga Movileanu - 04 Aug 2018
    Soft contact lenses easy to use. I am using them for 7 years and keep going as I am happy with them.
  • Karen Christou - 30 Jul 2018
    Arrived next day, love one click ordering, so easy. thanks!
  • Sean Stephen - 14 Jul 2018
    Yes they were Great, my contacts were the right ones and they arrived the next day= I would recommend them to amyone GREAT!!!!!!!!!
  • Francine Evans - 28 Jun 2018
    My lenses used to cost twice as much from the opticians...of course I still have my eyes checked regularly!
  • Kate R - 26 Jun 2018
    Soft, easy to wear lenses. Very comfortable.
  • Jennifer - 24 Jun 2018
    Have been using these lenses since my opticians first recommended them to me when I started wearing lenses. Very comfortable and ideal for a longer period of time. (I wear my lenses from 10-12 hours a day)
  • Brandon Farr - 15 May 2018
    Trouble free. Good price. Comfortable.
  • Olga Movileanu - 03 May 2018
    Quick delivery; trustable web site
  • Syeda Fatima - 26 Apr 2018
    Good service and good quality
  • Francine Evans - 10 Apr 2018
    Brilliant lenses which I can sleep in if I want to! Excellent value for money. I have recommended Feelgood Contacts to a friend & she is as delighted as me with the service.
  • David Manning - 05 Apr 2018
    Comfortable and just right for me.
  • Mr Jones - 30 Mar 2018
    Easy to insert and remove as well as comfortable throughout the day
  • Brian Stuart - 24 Mar 2018
    Exactly as good as a higher priced source. Same lenses as I buy on the high street for much much less
  • William McVey - 11 Dec 2017
    I have used these extended wear Contact Lenses for some years now and never have any issues related to wearing them. I sleep with them in and also swim with them in - great product and saves me having to wear Joe 90 Specs!
  • Alan Begg - 15 Nov 2017
    Best extended wear lenses I have tried.
  • cosmin - 09 Nov 2017
    Been using these for one year now, very comfortable, I would advise to be taken off during the sleep period though.
  • David Hancox - 01 Nov 2017
    Service and price at Feelgood are second to none.Order arrived within a few days and£90 cheaper than my high street optician !
  • Jayne - 31 Oct 2017
    these lenses are extremely comfortable to wear - would definitly recommened!
  • ATILA UNLU - 31 Aug 2017
    very good lenses no issues at all
  • Pamela Hill - 29 Aug 2017
    Good product. no problems with these lenses.
  • Anna Seabourne - 09 Aug 2017
    Never had any problems with these.
  • LM - 24 Jul 2017
    Product is exactly as advertised. Arrived quickly and in good condition.
  • Alan Begg - 05 Jul 2017
    These are the most comfortable extended wear lenses I have tried. I have tried 4 different types over the years but keep coming back to these.
  • Carol Shotton - 25 Jun 2017
    Really happy with purchase however eyes do feel dry sometimes but just need to give them a clean and all is well.
  • Shaun - 04 Jun 2017
    Good comfort and extended wear make this suitable for dry eyes
  • Dave McLelland - 26 May 2017
    I love these lenses, very comfortable, easy to use and at a good price, what more can I say, so
  • Sean Douglas - 01 May 2017
    fast quick delivery and a great product with no issues
  • Tracy Uttridge - 20 Mar 2017
    really good value and very prompt delivery
  • Anonymous - 12 Mar 2017
    Very soft and easy to use.
  • M Milllan Montero - 07 Mar 2017
    Great lenses can wear them all day without any problems would definitely recommend!
  • TIM DEERY - 17 Feb 2017
    Great contact lens - very comfy - you cannot go wrong.
  • Steven Piper - 05 Feb 2017
    Excellent lenses and very comfortable to wear and much cheaper than daily disposable (and more convenient)
  • Kirsty - 28 Jan 2017
    I''m not sure about these lenses yet, I get very dry eyes so they may not be the best for me me but I''ll persevere. I can''t wear them for more than 12 hours at the moment but that''s just me.
  • Kai-Lyn Chin - 25 Jan 2017
    Comfortable sometimes but sometimes it can be uncomfortable for a while
  • Urszula - 20 Jan 2017
    This product is ok for me. good quality for this price.Thanks
  • Christopher - 14 Dec 2016
    Simply a fantastic service
  • Ray Wootten-Williams - 10 Dec 2016
    They''re the best contact lenses that I know of. You can sleep with them in, but I make sure to take them out at night, personally I feel I sleep better without. I''ve been using them for many years and have never had a problem.
  • Matthew Anderson - 11 Oct 2016
    Really good lenses and really quick delivery
  • Laura Mceleny - 10 Aug 2016
    Very happy with my lenses, great customer service and fast shipping.
  • Steve Piper - 20 Jul 2016
    Excellent service and very comfortable lenses. Highly recommended, thank you.
  • Darren Marsh - 19 Jun 2016
    These contact lenses are the most comfortable ones I have tried...would recommend to anyone
  • suzanne richardson - 06 Jun 2016
    Brilliant service posted very quickly
  • Andrew Storey - 04 May 2016
    Love these contacts clear vision and always comfortable to wear
  • Jan Wilkes - 26 Feb 2016
    I personally don''t find these as good as the original lenses that they replaced.I find my eyes are blurry in the morning and frequently water, So will be investigating alternatives,
  • ARMIN KESHVARI - 01 Feb 2016
    Best quality i ever used no issues or anything. Very good highly recommend
  • Rob Taylor - 20 Jan 2016
    Great comfort. Put in and forget for the month. Superb!
  • Shakira Lotts - 31 Dec 2015
    Very comfortable and provide great vision
  • Louisa Schlotfeldt - 27 Oct 2015
    Clear vision and excellent comfort. I wear my lenses all the time and find these lenses are ideally suited to my lifestyle.
  • Stuart Boyd - 22 Oct 2015
    Ultra thin lenses, very comfortable. Definitely a new favourite!
  • Joaquin Borja Galan - 22 Oct 2015
    really confortables, and good quality.
  • GARY SHRIGLEY - 21 Oct 2015
    No different in quality to the previous lenses.
  • DEBORAH BLOY - 14 Oct 2015
    Perfect for anyone who just wants to leave there lenses in for weeks!! Never feel uncomfortable or dry out,used by myself and my daughter.
  • Mayone Kerr - 25 Sep 2015
    Great lenses - very comfortable to wear
  • Marie cusack - 09 Jul 2015
    Best lenses iv had so far! Crystal clear vision and very comfortable