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What are hydrogen peroxide contact lens solutions?

Typically more popular amongst contact lens wearers with sensitive eyes, hydrogen peroxide solutions offer a deep and thorough clean and disinfection of your contact lenses, as well as overnight storage. Hydrogen peroxide solutions are a great option for people who have eyes are that are more easily irritated, as they are preservative-free, making them less likely to cause irritation.

How do I use a hydrogen peroxide contact lens solution?

It’s important to note that hydrogen peroxide solutions cannot be used on their own. These solutions need to be neutralised after use to make sure there’s no leftover hydrogen peroxide, which can cause irritation and potentially damage to your eyes.

Neutralising your contact lenses after using hydrogen peroxide solution can be done in one of three ways:

Firstly, there are some contact lens cases that come with a built-in neutraliser to convert the hydrogen peroxide into water after cleaning. Solutions such as EasySept Solution by Bausch & Lomb and AOsept Plus HydraGlyde by Alcon & Ciba Vision come packaged with this special case.

You could alternatively add a neutralising tablet to the case containing your lenses, where it will neutralise the solution, eliminating the chance of irritation when you put your lenses back in. Oxysept Solution comes with a supply of these neutralising tablets and is available in a one month or three month supply.  

Lastly, you can rinse them with a saline solution, in which case you’ll need to rinse them thoroughly to remove all of the hydrogen peroxide solution.

What is the best hydrogen peroxide contact lens solution?

We stock contact lens solutions from AOseptEasySept and Oxysept each of which provide your contact lenses with a thorough clean and achieve a high level of hygiene and moisture.

Explore our entire range of hydrogen peroxide solutions at FeelGoodContacts.com. We offer the guaranteed best prices in the UK, meaning you won’t find your solution cheaper anywhere else online or on the high street.

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