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Inspired by Oprah Winfrey’s oversized glasses? Welcome to Feel Good Contacts, your one-stop shop for elegant large-frame glasses. Oversized prescription glasses have been a trend since the 50s, channelling a powerful fashion persona while catering to vision requirements.

At Feel Good Contacts, you can get up to 70% off on large-frame glasses with a 12-month product warranty on our own brand and designer glasses. Earn Reward Points on every purchase and save big on your next order with us. Try our uber-cool virtual try-on feature and select the best frame to sport this season.

Are oversized glasses in style?

As Taylor Swift says, “But I come back stronger than a 90's trend”. Oversized glasses might have been a style statement from the 50s to the 90s, but they have evolved even more among people across the globe and are currently available in more fashionable and developed frame styles than ever before. Have you ever wondered what makes oversized glasses frames score the fashion leaderboard even today?

Whether playing video games in the comfort of your room, attending a conference, or even reading, oversized glasses look perfectly suitable for indoor and outdoor settings. Large-frame glasses have larger lenses which cover a wider area of your face. As a result, it offers less distraction to the peripheral vision, so you can see better and clearer.

Stand out from the crowd and confidently flaunt your style wearing oversized glasses.

What face shape suits oversized glasses?

Our opticians suggest wearing glasses that complement your face shape. It will enhance the symmetry of your face and make the best features appear vivid.

For cute round faces, shop oversized square frames, rectangle frames or cat-eye frames to accentuate your features. Blessed with an oval face shape? Most frame style suits you perfectly!

Refer to this article to know which glasses suit your face type and shop for the best frame from our hub.

What size is oversized glasses?

Large-frame glasses should complement your face and elevate your features instead of dominating them. Ensure a comfortable fit that doesn't press against your cheekbones. Choose arms that support and rest securely on your ears. Consider oversized frames that highlight your best features.

Where can I buy oversized prescription glasses?

Browse our handpicked collection of oversized glasses for men and women at affordable prices. Get super-fast delivery on all your orders with Feel Good Contacts.

Ray-Ban Aviator RX6489 2501 58 Silver

Crafted from durable metal frame, these oversized Ray-Ban glasses ensures a comfortable, all-day wear. This flattering pair of aviators is complemented by silver-toned Havana temple tips. Make a lasting statement in these lightweight, designer glasses that promise enduring elegance.

Tommy Hilfiger TH1728 J5G Gold

These extra-large square frames are a great choice for women to sport an elegant look. Havana temple tips add a modern touch, while the brand name etched on arms provide a stunning contrast to the slender gold metal frame.

Feel Good Collection Kris Transparent Brown

Versatile for any occasion, these transparent brown glasses with a large square frame and larger lens area, not only enhances your look of the day but also provides a wider peripheral view. Experience all-day comfort with fixed nose pads. The flexible metal strip on lugs and temples feature an elegant design for the fashion-forward individuals. Crafted from durable, high-quality plastic, these glasses ensure longevity.

EARTH Kate Transparent Pink

Crafted from recycled acetate, sourced from post-consumer residue, this elegant extra-large frame offers a classic silhouette for both men and women. The slender design ensures a smooth, comfortable fit. Indulge in timeless style with these reasonably priced, chic transparent pink glasses – a sustainable choice for today’s generation.

Customer Testimonials

Hear from our patrons who have experienced the goodness of our oversized glasses. Real stories, real experiences, because feeling good never goes out of style.

  1. Sanjay finds our website brilliant to order glasses from. The fit and finishing of Oakley Holbrook RX reading glasses is amazing and the prices were competitive in comparison to other websites, he says.
  2. Kate says she has purchased Tommy Hilfiger prescription glasses at an affordable price. She found that all the measurements on the website were the same when delivered.
  3. Slan says he was unsure about the company, but upon ordering glasses, he finds that they cost half the price of other brands. He also loves the student discounts.

Our heartiest gratitude to all our patrons for such positive feedback. Shop oversized glasses from Feel Good Contacts and make a bold style statement.

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