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Going away doesn’t have to mean stressing over your eye care, there are plenty of travel sized products that can help you maintain good hygiene. Whether you’re away for business or pleasure, we’ve got a selection of bite-sized travel essentials you can slip into your luggage. We have saved you the trouble of trawling through hundreds of products and curated a selection of the ultimate travel essentials to make taking care of your eye health while you’re on the road easier.

What are the best travel essentials?

The best travel essentials are items that allow you to look after your eye health without taking up too much room in your travel bags. They should also abide by the travel restrictions set by government and airline regulations. At present, passengers are generally only permitted to carry liquids up to 100ml in their hand luggage. You may also be limited to the amount of bottles you can carry, usually in a single, clear bag, so it is critical you take only the items you need the most, and it helps to take items that have multiple uses. Our travel essentials for eye care all come under this size restriction, allowing you to look after your eyecare while on the go.

Travel contact lens solutions and storage cases

A number of the most popular contact lens solutions are also available in suitcase friendly travel sized packs, perfect for when you’re travelling. If you wear two-weekly, monthly, or yearly contact lenses, travel solution is an important travel essential for you as you will need to clean, store and disinfect your lenses every day. Multi-purpose solution is the most convenient as it will allow you to do all of these things, without carrying separate products for cleaning a storing. Exclusive to Feel Good Contacts, comfi All-in-one, multi-purpose contact lens solution, comes with a handy contact lens case to store your lenses in and is a suitable 100ml. Other fantastic solutions include multi-purpose solutions by ReNu and Biotrue, both of which offer 60ml twin packs, accompanied by contact lens cases.

Best eye drops for travel

Drastic changes in temperature may dry out or irritate your eyes. Eye drops can help sooth grittiness and irritation. Opt for comfi Drops which come in a handy 10ml bottle, perfect for your pocket or handbag. For even more convenience, Blink offers its Intensive Eye Drops in the form of individual mini vials, easy to carry and with the perfect amount of product for a few drops in each eye.

If you prefer not to use eye drops, Blink Refreshing Hydrating Eye Mist can be sprayed across your eyes, rehydrating and refreshing your eyes, without having to drop product directly into the eye.

Essential travel products for maintaining hygiene

To maintain clean eyelids, it is a good idea to carry some eyelid wipes. These help clear dirt and debris that may build up around your eyes or along your lash line, particularly helpful if you are visiting anywhere sandy or dusty with a fair amount of wind. Our Feel Good Contacts Eye Lid Doctor Wipes are a perfect antidote for eyes that need a quick and gentle clear. The handy wipes are formulated for even sensitive eyes.

Essential travel accessories

Don’t forget to also pack yourself a pair of stylish designer sunglasses. We have a wide selection of men and women’s sunglasses that fit every budget and style preference. Your travel essentials kit is not complete without a pair of sunglasses. Protecting your eyes against the suns UV rays is important when travelling to sunnier destinations.

To accompany your sunnies, you may also want to purchase our Feel Good Cleaning Kit, perfect for wiping dirt, prints and residue off your shades. The alcohol-free formula is accompanied by a lint free cloth and screwdriver to tighten up the nuts and bolts on your glasses. Our Feel Good Handy Kit in a great soft pouch for both storing your sunglasses when not in use, but can also be used as a cleaner. The Handy Kit also comes with a mini screwdriver kit.

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