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Alcon is a trusted manufacturer producing expertly formulated eyecare products that provide excellent, clear vision as an alternative to glasses. Ciba Vision is now also part of the Alcon brand, bringing its range of premium contact lenses to the selection.

The contact lenses produced by Alcon (and Ciba Vision under Alcon) cater for a broad variety of prescription types and modalities to ensure that everyone has access to comfort and clarity with their vision correction solutions.

Whether you suffer from myopia, hyperopia, presbyopia or astigmatism, or simply want a 0 power (plano) lens for cosmetic reasons, Alcon offers a daily, monthly or extended wear option for you.

Alcon contact lens brands

Alcon offers a broad range of contact lenses to address specific eyesight problems. The brand delivers pioneering technologies to enhance eyesight with contact lenses that deliver comfort, durability and stability at various price points.


Dailies contact lenses are the upgraded editions to the Focus Dailies range, building on the already-stellar comfort and convenience that their predecessors offered. Dailies Total 1 is celebrated as the first lens of its kind, using Water Gradient Technology to keep moisture at the lens surface for greater hydration than any other lens.

Dailies Total 1 and Dailies Total 30 contact lenses are available as daily wear and monthly use multifocal, toric and distance contact lenses.

Air Optix

Air Optix contact lenses are designed to stand up to the demands of your day, lessening the effect that factors such as air conditioning, traffic pollution and digital screen use have on your eyes. These highly breathable silicone hydrogel lenses are a great choice for working professionals or anyone who is used to being out of the house for most of the day.

Air Optix contact lenses are available as monthly or extended wear contact lenses for near vision, long vision, astigmatism and coloured contact lenses (0 power or prescription).

Precision 1

Precision 1 is Alcon’s premium spherical and toric contact lens with SMARTSURFACE Technology for longer lasting lens surface moisture.

Precision 1 was created as a response to the popularity of Dailies Total 1 Water Gradient Technology, and was released to customers at a more affordable price point. The same technology as Total 1’s cushion of moisture keeps a micro thin layer of moisture that provides 80% water content at the lens surface. This innovative approach helps lenses stay comfortable for much longer than traditional lenses.


FreshLook coloured contact lenses are available in a wide range of powers and colours, offering vibrant colours to alter eye colour. Available in a range of 12 vivid colours, FreshLook offers an incredibly comfortable and natural method of enhancing your eyes. The range provides a selection of different looks for your preferred aesthetic via FreshLook Colorblends, FreshLook One Day, FreshLook Colors, FreshLook Dimensions and FreshLook Illuminate, the lens that makes eyes look ‘bigger’.

You can buy FreshLook prescription coloured contact lenses as daily or monthly wear modalities, available for plano (0 power) prescriptions, myopia or hyperopia.

Alcon contact lens solutions

Choosing the right contact lens solution for your contact lenses is vital to maintaining proper eye care. These liquids cleanse and restore contact lens quality and remove any unwanted contaminants that may cause damage or infection in your eyes.

Alcon contact lens solutions such as the Opti-Free range offer quality multi-purpose solutions for your lens cleaning and storing needs. You’ll also find EasySept hydrogen peroxide contact lens solution for monthly and two weekly contact lenses which require cleaning and storing overnight.

The Systane eye drops collection for contact lenses provides additional soothing moisture as and when needed.

Ciba Vision and Alcon

Ciba Vision joined forces with Alcon in 2011 under its parent company Novartis. All Ciba Vision branded contact lenses are now sold by Alcon, which undergoes continuous research and development to improve existing contact lens technologies.

Why choose Alcon lenses and lens solutions from Feel Good Contacts?

With Alcon’s innovative technologies such as SMARTSURFACE and AquaComfort Water Gradient Technology, it is a manufacturer with a reputation for excellent quality.

To find out if Alcon offers a contact lens that is suitable for you, book in with your optician for an eye test and contact lens fitting appointment. If your prescription is covered under the Alcon range of contact lenses, you can request a trial.

When you buy through Feel Good Contacts, you can get the best price online guaranteed for Alcon contact lenses, plus the convenience of fast delivery to your home or the option to click and collect from our London HQ when you need your lenses the same day. Browse the Alcon selection now.

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