Sunglasses tint options: which tint is best?

Medically reviewed by Wut Win, Dispensing Optician at Feel Good Contacts.

Tinted sunglasses are trending; from celebrities to influencers, tinted sunglasses are carried by everyone and have become a fire fashion statement. But what is the best tint for you? You may prefer the look of one tint over another, however, a suitable tint choice should be based on your lifestyle and favourite activities to match the features and benefits of each lens colour.

What are tinted sunglasses?

light to dark tints of sunglasses

Tinted sunglasses are lenses with coloured tints set within the sunglasses frame. Each tint (colour) offers its own advantages and is better suited for specific purposes, such as sports, etc. From light tint sunglasses to dark tinted sunglasses, each colour/shade has its significance and will make a massive difference when utilised for the right purpose.

Our in-house Dispensing Optician, Wut Win advises, when going for a precision game, such as golf, green-tinted sunglasses will help with colour contrast and reduce glare from the sun, helping you to concentrate on your game.

The lens tint you choose is important because, it will help you optimise your performance, enhance vision and provide optimal comfort.

What is the purpose of coloured tinted sunglasses?

Wut Win, the Dispensing Optician at Feel Good Contacts says, “The purpose of a tint differs with the lens colour. Tints filter light in various ways. Whilst some tints are better at blocking light, others will improve contrast and enhance colour”.

Different tint-coloured sunglasses

There are different kind of lens colours available for sunglasses, from solids to gradient, including yellow, red, brown, grey, green, and blue.

1. Full tint

Solid/full tint refers to one uniform colour across the whole lens. Different tint colours have different advantages.

solid sunglasses tints and their benefits

solid sunglasses tints and their benefits

2. Gradient tint

Gradient lenses are dark at the top and gradually get lighter towards the bottom. They are an excellent choice for driving as the darker top part of the lens offers protection against the bright sunlight, while the clear bottom allows the wearer to see the dashboard easily.

gradient sunglasses tint

3. Polarised tint

Polarised lenses feature a polarising filter to block horizontal glare from light reflected off surfaces such as water, snow, roads and car hoods. They improve visual comfort by increasing contrast and reducing eye strain.

Polarised tent sunglasses

Polarised lenses can make it difficult to read LED screens, which can be challenging while driving, especially when using GPS.

Great for those with active lifestyles, they come in a range of colours, with dark shades offering a higher level of polarisation. These lenses are best for fishing, sailing and water sports.

4. Mirrored tint

Mirrored lenses improve visual comfort in bright conditions and feature a highly reflective surface on the front layer of the lens. They come in a single colour of an iridescent mix of two or more coloured lenses and will add a stylish and aesthetic to your look.

The mirror coating is on the front of the lens and the back of the lens has one of the standard tints (grey, brown or green)which the wearer will see.

Mirrored sunglasses tint

What is the darkest tint for sunglasses?

The darkest tint for sunglasses is lens category 4. However, the most popular category is 3, as category 4 is too dark for driving.

Category 3 sunglasses have approximately 20% light transmission and are recommended for activities involving strong sunshine such as water sports. All sunglasses at Feel Good Contacts have the category 3 tint as standard.

Please note that category 1 to 4 sunglasses are NOT suitable for nighttime driving.

What are the best sunglasses for blocking sun?

  • The best sunglasses for blocking the sun are grey, green and brown sunglasses.
  • Mirrored lenses are also an excellent choice as they reduce the level of light and glare, ensuring that sun rays are reflected away from eyes in bright conditions. You’ll be able to find a range of mirrored sunglasses by brands such as Oakley, Ray-Ban and Superdry.

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