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Biofinity Multifocal Biofinity Multifocal Biofinity Multifocal
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Biofinity Multifocal Product Description

Biofinity Multifocal contact lenses deliver smooth and seamless vision at all distances for contact lens wearers with presbyopia. Created by CooperVision, these multifocal contact lenses allow you to see everything in your way, regardless of whether it’s up close or far away.


Biofinity Multifocal contact lenses benefits


By combining multiple prescriptions strengths into one contact lens, Biofinity Multifocal contacts are able to counter the effects of presbyopia that can happen to eyes as we age. This means eyes will be able to effectively focus between nearby objects and those that are far away, without any trouble. These quality multifocal contact lenses achieve this by using Balanced Progressive Technology, providing clear and crisp vision at all distances, as well as welcome freedom from bifocal glasses.


How long can you wear Biofinity Multifocal contacts?


Designed for daily wear, these monthly contact lenses have been made from silicone hydrogel for a refreshing and barely noticeable presence on your eye. Up to six times the amount of oxygen that standard hydrogel contact lenses allow through flows through these impressive silicone hydrogel contact lenses. As a result, eyes are kept fresher, healthier and more hygienic. And with Aquaform Technology also provided, the lenses work to lock in moisture and minimise the risk of dry eye for contact lens wearers. You can rely on hydrated and healthy eyes with these multifocal contact lenses for presbyopia.

Take care of your Biofinity Multifocal by removing them before bed each night, then cleaning and storing them in multi-purpose solutionRead our full guide on contact lens care for more information. Our most popular solution is comfi All-in-One Solution, which offers a thorough and effective clean to leave your lenses feeling as good as new the next morning.


Can you sleep in Biofinity Multifocal contacts?


You can also wear these multifocal contacts as extended wear lenses for up to 7 days and nights (if approved by your optician).

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Benefits & Features
  • Monthly contact lenses
  • Can be worn for extended wear (if approved by your optician)
  • Long-lasting comfort
  • High oxygen transmissibility 
  • Clear vision at all distances
  • Designed to correct presbyopia
  • 48% water content

Alternative contact lenses to Biofinity Multifocal

Proclear 1 Day Multifocal are similar daily disposable lenses. 


Biofinity Multifocal parameters

Manufacturer CooperVision
Brand Biofinity
Wearing type Monthly Contact Lenses
Power range +8.00 to -12.00
1.00, 1.50, 2.00, 2.50
Base curve(s) 8.6mm
Diameter(s) 14mm
Lens material Comfilcon A
Water content 48%
Oxygen permeability 142 Dk/t

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