comfi Colors 1 Day

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  • comfi Colors 1 Day
  • comfi Colors 1 Day
  • comfi Colors 1 Day
comfi Colors 1 Day comfi Colors 1 Day comfi Colors 1 Day comfi Colors 1 Day comfi Colors 1 Day comfi Colors 1 Day
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comfi Colors 1 Day Product Description

Add an extra dash of vibrancy to your look each day with our comfi Colors 1 Day contact lenses. These stylish daily colour contacts will give your overall appearance a sleek and natural looking finish. 

Whether it’s to dress up for a glamourous evening look, or add a touch of style to your day dress, comfi Colors 1 Day contacts are the perfect coloured contact lenses. The natural colour transition of the lenses blends seamlessly with your natural eye colour, promising a flawless colour blend on your iris. 

Available in Sweet Hazel, Gorgeous Brown, Timeless Grey, Divine Green, and True Blue, you’re spoilt for choice with these daily coloured contacts. Whether you have light or dark eyes, you’ll find a colour that suits you. 

The thin lens design and patented hydrogel material will ensure all day comfort during wear. Enjoy a soft and breathable lens, loaded with a high water content, that promises a deeply moisturising feel. To top it off, these dailies offer the added benefit of UV protection. 

These coloured contact lenses can be thrown away at the end of each day, allowing you to put in a fresh pair each morning, which is perfect if you prefer not to follow a cleaning routine each day.

Unsure of which colour from the comfi Colors 1 Day contact lenses range to choose? Our comfi Colors 1 Day Rainbow Pack offers all 5 colours in the comfi colour range for you to try on before committing to one colour. Or why not take a look at our style guide to find out what colour contact lenses would suit you?

Benefits & Features
  • Daily disposable lenses
  • Available in 5 different colours
  • Available in a wide selection of prescriptions, as well as plano form
  • Soft and comfortable to wear
  • 55% water content
  • Up to 12 hours of wear 

comfi Colors 1 Day parameters

Manufacturer comfi
Brand comfi
Wearing type Daily Contact Lenses
Power range 0.00 to -8.00
Base curve(s) 8.6mm
Diameter(s) 14.2mm
Lens material Hydrogel Terpolymer
Water content 55%
Oxygen permeability 32 Dk/t

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  • Sarah - 16 Nov 2019
    Great suitable colour. Good for wearing 6-8 hours but then felt a bit scratchy. Although I’ve not found a coloured contact that doesn’t feel like that at the end of the day.
  • Marisa Caruana - 15 Nov 2019
    Lenses received very quickly - very good value for money :-)
  • Muhammad Daniyaal - 15 Nov 2019
    Great quality and everyone asks me if they are my natural eyes and they look natural is the best thing so they believe me when I say its natural???? little do they know??
  • Maecel Faith Magbanua - 11 Nov 2019
    Good quality. Happy with purchase.
  • Halima Speight - 10 Nov 2019
    Lovely colour