SofLens 59

£12.49 6 Lenses / box
  • SofLens 59
  • SofLens 59
  • SofLens 59
SofLens 59 SofLens 59 SofLens 59 SofLens 59
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comfi Air
Save up to 52%, Why not try?
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Save up to 52%, Why not try?
comfi Air
£2.50 1 lens
£5.99 3 lenses

SofLens 59 Product Description

SofLens 59 contact lenses are reliable monthly disposables that achieve clear and concise vision for the wearer, alongside exceptional comfort.

Made with unique UniFit technology, these SofLens contact lenses have an ultra-thin design that makes them highly breathable, comfortable to wear and easy to apply.


Benefits of SofLens 59 Contact Lenses


SofLens 59 contacts maintain a comfortable and moist lens surface, with a water content of 59% as per their name, ensuring eyes stay moist and fresh from morning through till night. Enjoy perfect hygiene with these resilient lenses, known for their resistance to build-ups of dirt and protein. Irritation and dry eyes will become a thing of the past when you wear these monthly contact lenses from Bausch & Lomb.

Ideal for contact lens wearers prone to dry eye, these contact lenses have been designed to stand up to the test of modern living. As a result, they work to lessen the effects on your eyes that factors such as digital screen use, air conditioning and indoor heating can have.


SofLens 59 contact lenses wearing time


Maintain the quality of your SofLens 59 contacts by removing them every night, before cleaning and storing them in multi-purpose solution. You’ll find a wide range at, including the highly popular comfi All-in-One Solution. For more information on how to take care of your monthly disposable lenses, read our guide. They can alternatively be worn as extended wear contactsif approved by your optician

Benefits & Features
  • Monthly contact lens
  • Deposit resistant material
  • Ensures clean, crisp vision
  • Ideal for dry eyes
  • 59% water content

Alternative contact lenses to SofLens 59 contacts

Biofinity are similar monthly lenses.

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comfi Air can alternatively be worn as an upgrade.


SofLens 59 parameters

Manufacturer Bausch & Lomb
Brand SofLens
Wearing type Monthly Contact Lenses
Power range +6.00 to -9.00
Base curve(s) 8.6mm
Diameter(s) 14.2mm
Lens material Hilafilcon B
Water content 59%
Oxygen permeability  22 Dk/t

Want to compare lenses? Browse our extensive contact lens specification page.
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  • Fotis Stellatos - 13 Sep 2019
    I have been using this product for years with no issues
  • Ms Valentini Manikou - 09 Sep 2019
    I have been using these monthly lenses for many years buying them on line in the more recent years. Very good quality, easy to use and very good online value for money from Feel Good! Thank you, Valentini Manikou
  • Stephen Davison - 11 Aug 2019
    Have used this product for over 20 years .... very comfortable
  • Livia Szilagyi - 10 Aug 2019
    I have used this contact lens for more than 10 years with eye drops. I am very happy with it.
  • Georgia - 23 Jul 2019
    Always use these, gentle and you forget you have them in
  • Sam Bachu - 27 Jun 2019
    Good brand
  • H Safadi - 21 Jun 2019
    I’ve been buying this product for years and very happy w
  • BOB WALE - 15 Jun 2019
    Hi comfortable reasonable price
  • Barbara DF - 10 Jun 2019
    Confortable contact lens
  • Greg - 09 Jun 2019
    Good quality lenses, easy to put in/out
  • konstantinos georgalis - 07 Jun 2019
    Very good product
  • Georgios Kavvalakis - 17 May 2019
    The contact lenses are ok.. Not the best ever used but good
  • Siu Siu - 17 May 2019
    Easy to use!
  • Patty - 03 May 2019
    I’ve been using these contact lenses for years and they’re great. They don’t dry my eyes out and still feel comfortable after 8 hours of wearing. I highly recommend this product.
  • Evan - 17 Apr 2019
    Excellent product in excellent price.
  • Anne donnelly - 07 Apr 2019
    Good value
  • Monika - 03 Apr 2019
    For many years I have used a different brand but unfortunately they stopped making it. After some failures I have found this one and I absolutely love it. Very soft, breathable lenses. I just love them
  • Philip Smalldon - 27 Mar 2019
    Good quality at a reasonable price
  • Emilia Cocia - 24 Mar 2019
    This is the only contact lense i can''t feel in my eyes.Are so confortable...
  • Barbora Cápová - 19 Mar 2019
    Cheap and high quality
  • Christine Lonsdale - 19 Mar 2019
    Very thin lenses. One of contact lenses of the 6 pack of lenses was split & I don''t know how the others will be! Disappointed with the product. Just awful
  • Kim Brunero - 16 Mar 2019
    These are the only lenses I can get on with. Had them for many years.
  • Skk - 06 Mar 2019
    Excellent service!
  • Aisha Patel - 21 Feb 2019
  • Robert Wale - 29 Oct 2018
    Great quick and easy service in
  • Hanna Draskoczy - 03 Oct 2018
    Easy to order and fast delivery.
  • Adriana Pintican - 21 Jul 2018
    Great quality for a great price??
  • Brenda - 07 Jul 2018
    Always buy contact lenses from feelgood best prices and super fast delivery, never had a problem
  • Geoff Fisher - 19 Jun 2018
    Extremely comfortable easy to use easy to clean quite chuffed!
  • kunde - 26 May 2018
    Brilliant Lens, nothing to complain about.
  • Lily Russell - 12 May 2018
    These are probably good lense but just not suited to my eyes so I replaced with the ultra glide type which are brilliant.
  • Christopher Williams - 09 May 2018
    Absolutely fabulous, so happy with them, Lenses that I can use much longer in the day without eyes drying out. Easy to put in. Thank you.
  • David Strickland - 22 Apr 2018
    Excellent prices and fast delivery service.
  • Susan Arnull - 09 Mar 2018
    I have been wearing these lenses for many years & have never had a problem or any issues with them.
  • IRINA AZAREVICA - 17 Feb 2018
    Very happy with price and quality
  • Lubna Khan - 14 Feb 2018
    Genuine and cheap. Lowest price in the market
  • Teddy - 02 Feb 2018
    Been using this product for more than 5 years. One of the best lenses you can get.
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    i love my lenses they`re comfortable and really cheap too
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    Great product, works for me...
  • Fotis Stellatos - 12 Nov 2017
    I’ve been using this product for years. It’s really good in a good price.
  • Karolina Gad - 31 Oct 2017
    Great lenses. Soft, comfortable, great for long days at the office. Prefer them to the daily ones, more comfort!
  • Amanda De La Haye - 13 Oct 2017
    I would recommend this company to anyone.
  • Noelle - 11 Sep 2017
    My usuals - best I''ve found for me
  • Daiva Kaplanovskiene - 20 Aug 2017
    Good good for a good price. Thank you
  • sarah - 17 Aug 2017
    Great service Very pleased
  • Sara Zola - 13 Aug 2017
    Perfect for busy life style
  • Ana K - 31 Jul 2017
    Good value for money. Not as comfortable as dailies if you have dry eyes, but good enough.
  • Alan Hudson - 30 Jul 2017
    Excellent price, great product and truly wonderful customer service. Highly recommended.
  • Anisa Dine - 27 Jul 2017
    On the top The best contact leans for me I use this every day (all day) for 12years and I never had any problems.
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    Very pleased with the quality.
  • Jana Michalickova - 27 Jul 2017
    O.k very soft and comfortable for every day .....
  • Krisztina - 25 Jul 2017
    I am very satisfied with this product. I am using every day this lenses and I feel comfortable. The price of the product is also very favorable. I would love to recommend it to everyone!
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    is ok ...ill order natural color now
  • Anna - 13 Jul 2017
    best lenses for me. Comfortable !
  • Klaudyna Obieze - 29 Jun 2017
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    Great quality product, as expected.
  • Moggs shuffle - 20 Apr 2017
    Good reliable brand and product
  • GEORGIA STYLIANOU - 08 Apr 2017
    The products i always buy are just fine... i buy for all my family and my sister''s family and they are all pleased... the only problem rarely is that my daughter who wares dailies sometimes she finds broken lenses in the box but because we buy them in bulk -90 pcs - we dont bother to return them
  • Danai - 17 Mar 2017
    I use those lenses for many years now and find then reliable. I never had issues with infections, dry eyes or any other type of irritation.
  • Sarah Salmon - 05 Jan 2017
    Great lenses does what it says on the label
  • Maria Pokrzywinska - 24 Nov 2016
    You can''t get anything better for this price!
  • Gilla Kahan - 20 Nov 2016
    Been very happy with those lenses for the past 4 years.
  • Mrs Laila Duffy - 09 Nov 2016
    The lenses are fine most of the time, however sometimes when I try to look far right or far left I can feel the lenses lifting in the corner of my eye, not fitting correctly. Also, all the lenses I''ve had previously, if I happen to fall asleep with lenses in, I still could take them out without much trouble. But these lenses I tried to take out after an hours nap and it felt like they were glued to my eyes, cause I had to peel them off my eyes and it hurt a lot. Now I try to avoid falling asleep with these lenses in.
  • Gary Woolnough - 14 Oct 2016
    Good lenses feels good on the eyes,not like some i''ve had were if feels like you have cling film on your eyes. Would recommend
  • liam scott - 26 Sep 2016
    Great lenses. Only negative is they get a little irritating after 8 hours wear.
  • Kerrie Sharpe - 11 Aug 2016
    I find them slightly too easy to move around when trying to place in my eyes. Tend to fold a lot, once in though very comfortable.
  • Ian Oldfield - 23 Jun 2016
    Excellent product. Monthly but last at least 6 weeks and are very comfortable. Best to use protein cleaner with them.
  • Michael Cox - 17 Jun 2016
    Comfortable and reasonably priced.
  • Colin Burn - 05 Jun 2016
    Third time I''ve had these Soflens 59s. They are hassle free, work well and are comfortable to wear. However, I only wear them twice a week for playing footy so it''s not the same as daily wear. They seem to accept a lot of reough handling due to my clumsiness!
  • Rebecca Jackson - 19 May 2016
    A good brand, no problems.
  • Natalie Shaw - 18 May 2016
    Great contact lenses , very easy to put on, don''t even no there in
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    I''ve use them so many time never had any problems with them
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    Good lenses comfortable and good value for money
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    I always buy these lenses, they are easy to use and do not cause me any irritation.
  • Loreta Rinaldi - 03 Jan 2016
    I couldn`t use for long time, but trere is not a bad product
  • Panayiotis Andidoros - 21 Oct 2015
    happy as always. My 3rd order now and always easy.
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    Good replacement for Surevue
  • June Austin - 01 Oct 2015
    Comfortabe lenses wear all day.