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Soflens 59 Reviews
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By Danai
On 17 Mar 2017

I use those lenses for many years now and find then reliable. I never had issues with infections, dry eyes or any other type of irritation.

By Sarah Salmon
On 05 Jan 2017

Great lenses does what it says on the label

By Maria Pokrzywinska
On 24 Nov 2016

You can''t get anything better for this price!

By Gilla Kahan
On 20 Nov 2016

Been very happy with those lenses for the past 4 years.

By Mrs Laila Duffy
On 09 Nov 2016

The lenses are fine most of the time, however sometimes when I try to look far right or far left I can feel the lenses lifting in the corner of my eye, not fitting correctly. Also, all the lenses I''ve had previously, if I happen to fall asleep with lenses in, I still could take them out without much trouble. But these lenses I tried to take out after an hours nap and it felt like they were glued to my eyes, cause I had to peel them off my eyes and it hurt a lot. Now I try to avoid falling asleep with these lenses in.

Soflens 59 Product Description

There’s no need to compromise on comfort when picking your contact lenses, and SofLens 59 prove exactly that. Created by the well-known manufacturer Bausch & Lomb, this monthly contact lens provides a corrective eyewear option you can rely on. 

Easy to apply and to remove, SofLens 59 are suited to new and experienced lens wearers alike, offering a superior level of comfort to many other soft contact lenses. With a 59% water content, after which the lens gets its name, SofLens 59 is even equipped to cater for those who regularly experience dry eyes. The hydration offered by the lenses lasts for a full day of wear, meaning that even if you’re working late at your computer, your eyes won’t feel the strain. In addition, the lens is protein-resistant in its design, ensuring zero interruptions from proteins and irritants. 

Available in this 6-pack, these contact lenses can be worn for up to 30 days if removed each night and cleaned with, and stored in, solution. To find out more about how to look after your contact lenses and which solutions to opt for, read our contact lens care section. 

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Soflens 59