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What are FreshLook contact lenses?

FreshLook are a range of coloured contact lenses, created by eye care experts Alcon & Ciba Vision to stylishly update your eye colour to your desired effect.

Why should I choose FreshLook contact lenses?

Available for prescription or cosmetic use, FreshLook coloured contact lenses can help you achieve an eye colour change that’s as subtle or as vibrant as you like.

Not sure what coloured contact lenses will match your hair colour? Let us help you pick the best option with this handy guide.

These colour contact lenses utilise some of the latest technology, to offer not only an exciting fashion accessory, but exceptional visual clarity and a comfortable wear.

The impressive designs of each lens ensure that they keep your eyes feeling comfortable and hydrated from morning to night, or during even the longest of nights out.

All offering a different colouring effect to your natural eye colour, FreshLook are identical in the quality and reliability they offer. Whether you opt for a daily disposable or monthly coloured contacts, you can buy FreshLook contact lenses online to meet your exact needs at

What types of FreshLook contact lenses are there?

Alcon & Ciba Vision have created a range of coloured contact lenses that includes both opaque contacts and enhancement lenses. Able to achieve the desired effects of all, the range includes both daily disposables and monthly contact lenses.

FreshLook Colors vs Colorblends

FreshLook Colorblends are monthly contact lenses that offer an engaging and natural looking enhancement of your eye colour. Through 3-in-1 colour technology, these impressive monthlies work to create a subtle enhancing effect.

Those after a more dynamic colour change can opt for our highly popular FreshLook Colors. These monthly coloured contacts add both vibrancy and depth to your eye colour, with a range of six colours that can cater for light or dark eyes.

Other FreshLook contact lenses

Alternatively, choose from a range of 3 unique and innovative shades with FreshLook Dimensions. Designed to deepen and define your eye’s colour for an exciting look, Dimensions are available in a six pack option, or as a two pack in zero prescription form.

FreshLook One Day offer a daily colour contact lens option, with a range of four shades specifically designed to add an enhancing tint for a fashionable update.

Daily disposable colour lenses, ideal for darker eyes, FreshLook Illuminate are known for adding depth to your eye colour, creating the appearance of a larger and more defined eyes.

Can I buy FreshLook colour contact lenses without a prescription?

You can buy all of our FreshLook Colorblends contact lenses with no prescription, whether you need them to correct your vision or you simply want the cosmetic benefits. Whatever your requirements, Feel Good Contacts is the easiest place to get the FreshLook lenses you need.

If you don’t require any visual correction and are simply after a stylish colour update for your eyes, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for when you buy FreshLook lenses in zero prescription (plano) form at

How can I look after my FreshLook contact lenses?

FreshLook provide options for daily disposable and monthly contact lens wearers, and as such require different contact lens replacement schedules.

As daily disposable contact lenses, you can just throw away FreshLook Illuminate and FreshLook One Day contact lenses after use. These lenses couldn’t be more convenient, as you can wear them for a full day, or a night out, then simply dispose of them before getting into bed.

Monthly contact lenses such as FreshLook Colorblends, FreshLook Dimensions and FreshLook Colors, however, require a simple contact lens cleaning routine. Designed to be worn daily, or for a night out, these contact lenses must be removed, then cleaned and stored in contact lens solution, each and every night. Enjoy 30 days of daily wear from these monthly coloured contact lenses, provided they are properly cleaned and stored in a suitable contact lens solution nightly.

Visit our helpful Eye Care Hub for a full guide on how to clean and store your contacts, and how to know which contact lens solution you need for your lenses and your lifestyle.

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