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Offering premium contact lenses and eye care products at the most accessible prices, the comfi range can cater for all your visual needs, without breaking the bank. 

comfi contact lenses

The comfi range provides a huge selection of contacts for all needs, whether you wear dailies, monthlies or coloured lenses.

comfi Daily Disposable contact lenses are a popular choice of daily contact lenses, designed to provide visual correction for short-sightedness and long-sightedness, as well as a comfortable wear from morning through till night. You can opt to try out a 5-pack, or stock up for the month with a 30 pack of comfi Daily Disposable contact lenses.

Alternatively, comfi Purest 1 Day provide a premium silicone hydrogel lens that achieves a higher level of breathability. This makes them ideal lenses for keeping dry and sensitive eyes feeling fresh all day long. We offer a 5-pack supply for those wishing to try them out.

Monthly wearers can opt for comfi Air for a silicone hydrogel monthly contact lens that similarly delivers exceptional comfort at a highly accessible price. comfi Air is also available in a 1-pack for those wanting to try them out.

We also stock comfi Colors 1 Day contact lenses for those looking to introduce a new colour to their eye and liven up their look with coloured contacts. Choose from five exciting colours, or try them all out in one pack with our zero prescription comfi Colors 1 Day Rainbow Pack.

comfi All-in-One Solution

Looking after your monthly or two weekly contact lenses is made easy with comfi All-in-One Solution.

Designed to clean, disinfect, rinse and store all soft contact lenses, including silicone hydrogel contacts, this multi-purpose solution performs all these tasks to an impressive level This exceptional multi-purpose solution does the job of multiple products, meaning you won’t have to splash out on numerous bottles of solution just to keep your lenses clean.

Every bottle of comfi solution comes with a Contact Lens Case for your cleaning and storing needs, while these are also available to buy separately. 

Affordably priced and conveniently delivered bottles designed to fit through your letterbox, comfi All-in-One Solution is available in three different editions when you buy contact lens solution online cheaper at Our range allows you to choose between a standard 1 bottle supply, a handy 100ml travel pack and a larger triple pack, designed to offer even better value for money.

comfi Eye Drops

The perfect eye care accessory to carry with you on the go, comfi Drops are designed to reintroduce some moisture to your eyes and enhance lens comfort. These essential eye drops offer fast, effective relief from dry eye symptoms and can be used with or without your contact lenses in.

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