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Air Optix Color Reviews
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By Miroslav
On 27 Mar 2017

These are great contact lenses; extremely comfortable and breathable. Wholeheartedly recommended

By Fatima
On 25 Mar 2017

Love! looks so natural too!

By Dan Griffiths
On 20 Mar 2017

I have natural hazel eyes and have so far tried sterling grey which are beautiful (they have a blue hue) and honey which I also adore. These are both fully opaque and cover my natural eyes completely. However the grey and green that I tried blended into my natural colour and gave a much more natural look. Not that that''s bad it just depends what effect you would like- they are so comfortable I completely forget that I''m wearing them and I''d recommend them to anyone

By Hayley Brown
On 15 Mar 2017

Fantastic! Love the colours

By Debra
On 13 Mar 2017

Fantastic lenses and so comfortable to wear, absolutely loved the colour (sterling grey) everyone has commented on my eyes

Air Optix Color Product Description

Try Air Optix Color contact lenses and update your look, whether you’re after a vibrant change or a subtle enhancement. These coloured contacts are highly breathable, making them some of the most comfortable lenses around, while keeping your eyes feeling as good as they look.

Created from silicone hydrogel and made for monthly wear, Air Optix Color lenses allow six times the amount of oxygen to pass through to the eyes than other soft contacts. This makes for fresher eyes throughout the day, while the surface is smooth, comfortable and resistant to irritating deposits and protein. 

Unique 3-in-1 colour technology blends three shades of colours together, with rings of colour increasing in intensity from the outer ring to the inner. No matter what your eye colour, you can achieve an exciting update with Air Optix Color, available in Pure Hazel, Honey, Brown, Sterling Grey, Grey, Green, Gemstone Green, Blue and Brilliant Blue.

Whether it’s a daily change or a one-off update for a special event, Air Optix Aqua are a stylish and comfortable option for your eyes. You can find these coloured lenses in a variety of prescriptions to meet your visual requirements or you can try them in plano/zero prescription (0.00) if you’re not a regular contact lens wearer. Make sure to clean and store them in solution after each wear if you’re planning to use your lenses again the next day. 

Benefits & Features

  • Highly Breathable Silicone Hydrogel
  • Great selection of colours
  • Deposit resistant
  • Very Comfortable
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Air Optix Color