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Air Optix Color Reviews
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On 29 Jan 2017

Lovely, natural looking colours. I have light eyes and these do not look opaque or artificial.

By Tanzeela Tabasum
On 22 Jan 2017

I purchased they grey in Air Optix. Very bright and striking. Not suitable for dark eyes too imposing. However great lenses.

By Kim Turner
On 28 Dec 2016

These are stunning lenses - brilliant blue colour is amazing.

By Sakinna
On 06 Dec 2016

Great lenses, good colour payoff on naturally dark eyes.

By Sheila
On 17 Nov 2016

Comfortable lenses, lovely colour!

Air Optix Color Product Description

Air Optix® Colors are soft contact lenses made by Alcon. These contact lenses keep your eyes comfortable by retaining moisture in the lens material.

Air Optix colour contact lenses are made of a material called silicone hydrogel, which allows up to a staggering 5 times more oxygen to reach the eye surface than traditional lenses (known as hydrogel). Having more oxygen transmissibility would result in the eyes having less redness from prolonged wear. It is the best silicone hydrogel coloured contact lens available in today's market.

In general, the Air Optix® Aqua family of lenses uses TriComfort technology. This means the contact lens locks in moisture, is highly breathable and also resists deposits such as proteins and fats from the tears. They are designed to last for a month and to be used in conjunction with a suitable multipurpose solution such as Optifree Pure Moist.

Air Optix® colour contact lenses can also be used as an extended wear option, which means you can sleep in them. The number of days you can sleep in them will be determined by your optician and does involve being monitored with an aftercare routine. 

Air Optix® Colors come in nine colours that are suitable for all eye colours.

At Feel Good Contact Lenses, we urge you to go to the Air Optix Colors studio, which is a fun place to explore all the colours available in the range. Alcon also manufacture Freshlook and Colorblend coloured contact lenses, which are the UK’s most popular selling brand of cosmetic lenses. They come in Plano (zero power), as well as in prescription plus and minus powers, to correct your eye error.

At Feel Good Contact Lenses, we are a lot cheaper than the high street and we offer a fast dispatch directly to your door!

Benefits & Features

  • Highly Breathable Silicone Hydrogel
  • Great selection of colours
  • Deposit resistant
  • Very Comfortable
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Air Optix Color