Yearly Contact Lenses

Yearly Contact Lenses

What are yearly contact lenses?

Yearly disposable contact lenses are to be worn every day for up to a year. These lenses are designed for those with a busy schedule who do not want the hassle of replacing their lenses every day or every month.

At Feel Good Contacts we stock two types of yearly prescription contact lenses. Lunelle ES70 is suited for short-sightedness and long-sightedness. Proclear Tailor Made Toric lenses are available with more detailed parameters for the most accurate fit. They are both soft contact lenses that last up to a whole year.

Buy yearly contact lenses online for the cheapest price guaranteed at Feel Good Contacts.

Can contacts last a year?

Yearly contact lenses will last a year, provided they are worn daily and removed nightly. If you’re wondering how to store yearly contact lenses, they are stored in the exact same way as monthly disposable contact lenses. Simply clean and store them overnight in a multi-purpose solution to maintain its quality.

How much are yearly contact lenses?

They tend to work out cheaper than daily and monthly contact lenses as you are given one pair to wear for up to a year, compared to several.

Yearly contact lenses vs monthly

Cost - benefits of wearing yearly contact lenses are that in price comparison they work out a lot cheaper than wearing daily or monthly lenses.

Hygiene - wearing daily disposable lenses and monthly disposable lenses can be considered a much healthier way of wearing contact lenses compared to yearly lenses. As disposing your lenses after a day or 30 days will offer a healthier lens wear experience.

Comfort – you can expect the same high level of comfort you would receive from a monthly lens to yearly lenses.

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