UK road accident facts that could save your life

Friday, 08 July 2016
UK road accident facts that could save your life

Each year, the lives of approximately 1.25 million drivers and passengers are taken in road collisions globally. These road mishaps are usually a consequence of driving inexperience, speeding, alcohol or drug intoxication, lack of concentration or just plain recklessness—human errors that can be minimised.

A study by the World Health Organsiation revealed that road traffic crashes cost countries approximately 3% of their gross national product. Efforts to prevent road crashes should be taken seriously, with traffic injuries not only costing lives but economic losses to victims’ families and nations as a whole as well. The losses arise from treatment expenses, lost productivity for casualties and/or those injured, and for family members compelled to take time off work to care for the injured.

Because most traffic injuries are the product of preventable human errors, their probability can be reduced in a number of different ways. Sweden’s effort to eliminate road accidents is admirable. Their approach, also known as Vision Zero, aims at zero road casualties because “no loss of life is acceptable.”

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Car accidents can range from a minor collision with minimal to severe damages—leaving cars broken, people injured, or worst, lives stolen. The best defense for road mishaps is to educate yourself with road safety precautions and make sure you have suitable vision for driving.

Remember that road accidents are mostly caused by human error, which means they can be minimised with the right effort by traffic agencies and drivers themselves. Knowing the top causes of car accidents will help us all reduce the odds of unfortunate damages and accident­-related injuries.

Let’s all do our part to keep our roads safe for everyone.


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