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Look after your eyes with eye supplements and hygiene products. Small additions to your daily routine can have a massive effect on the health of your eyes and how they feel throughout the day.

You can find everything you need to take care of your eyes and ensure your vision is at its very best when you shop with Feel Good Contacts. We stock a brilliant selection of vision supplements and eye hygiene products within our extensive range of eye care products available at an affordable price in UK. Additionally, you can ensure optimal comfort and clarity with our top-rated contact lenses online.

What are eye supplements?

At Feel Good Contacts, we value clear vision and healthy eyes more than anything else. That’s why we stock a variety of vision supplements. Nutritionally beneficial and easy to add to your diet, our supplements are full of the vitamins and minerals that help maintain healthy eyes.

While a healthy diet and lifestyle is still required to keep your eyes in good shape, and help to prevent the onset of vision loss, our selection of eye supplements are made from healthy and nutritious ingredients, giving your eyes just the boost that they need. With just a simple addition to your daily routine, your eyes will be firing on all cylinders, all day long.

Why not try nutrient-packed ICaps Tablets to aid your vision and maintain healthy eyes? Packed full of zinc, lutein and zeaxanthin, as well as vitamins A, C, and E, these vitamin tablets are an ideal supplement to support eye health.

Contact lens hygiene products

As we sleep, eyelids and the areas around the eyes can pick up specs of dirt and bacteria quite easily. This build-up can grow, resulting in irritation and possible eye infections, such as blepharitis.

Eye infections often come with side effects of discomfort, irritation and even swelling of the eyelids and areas round the eyes, which can make wearing contact lenses a painful experience. As well as proving difficult and uncomfortable to wear with an infection, contact lens use will also worsen the eye infection, increasing the severity of the symptoms.

That’s why there are contact lens hygiene products available to ensure that your eyelids and the areas surrounding your eyes are kept clean and free from any potentially dangerous bacteria. While washing your face in the morning is important, you can go one step further and use daily eyelid wipes. This way you’ll be sure to get rid of any harmful bacteria that’s gathered during the night, greatly reducing your chance of developing an eye infection.

What contact lens hygiene products are there?

You can find a number of popular hygiene products for your eyes, including Eye Doctor Eyelid Wipes and Systane Lid Wipes at Feel Good Contacts, all available at competitive prices in the UK.

These premium eyelid wipes are ideal for morning use, to help rid your eyelids and the skin around your eyes of any sleep that might have gathered during the night. While perfectly suited for your morning needs, you can use these gentle eyelid wipes at any time of the day and use them to clean and treat your eyelids, even if you have an infection.

Introducing these eyelid wipes to your daily routine is a great way to maintain good hygiene as a contact lens wearer and reduce the chance of experiencing painful irritation and uncomfortable symptoms.

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