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What are Oté Optics contact lens solutions?

Oté Optics are one of the most renowned eye care manufacturers on the market, with a selection of contact lens solutions and cleaning products designed to cater for all your needs. 

What types of Oté Optics contact lens solutions are there?

We’re delighted to stock both Ote Clean and Ote Fine contact lens solution at Feel Good Contacts. These are just two of our most popular contact lens solutions.

Oté Clean

Oté Clean is a contact lens cleaner that provides a highly thorough clean of all rigid gas permeable contact lenses, ensuring that any of the dirt or protein that can sometimes gather on lenses throughout the day is eliminated. You can pair this impressive contact lens cleaner with one of our saline solutions, ideal for storing and rinsing your lenses. 

By combining Oté clean with a saline solution, you’ll be sure of clean, hygienic and comfortable contact lenses to reapply the very next morning.

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