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The Clinitas range by Altacor offers fast and effective relief from dry eye and its uncomfortable symptoms. With a selection of eye drops, as well as a hydrating eye gel, the eye care product manufacturers have created an essential range for anyone prone to dry eyes. 

Altacor eye drops for long-lasting relief

Clinitas Soothe Multi are eye drops designed to reintroduce some extra moisture into your eyes (and contact lenses). Dry, itchy and irritated eyes can be treated with just a few couple of drops of Clinitas Soothe Multi offering long-lasting relief. 

Altacor have also designed Clinitas Soothe Vials, which deliver this soothing solution in the form of 20 re-sealable individual droppers. Enjoy total convenience and be fully prepared for any onset of dry eye when you can carry one of these droppers in your pocket or handbag.

Altacor eye gel for symptoms of dry eye

Not just a manufacturer of eye drops, Altacor have also created Clinitas Hydrate Eye Gel. Designed for night-time or morning use, this revitalising gel can alleviate the symptoms of dry eye, keeping your eyes fresh, hydrated and feeling less tired in the morning.

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