The Body Doctor

Combat the unpleasant symptoms of eye infections and allergies with our range of eye masks from The Body Doctor. Our selection of masks caters for your every need, offering treatment for a number of different conditions.

The Eye Mask by Body Doctor is a handy eye care accessory that only needs to be heated up in the microwave for 30 seconds, then applied to your eyes for less than 10 minutes to relieve pain from dry eyes, blepharitis and inflammation. Alternatively, to treat hay fever and other allergies, we stock The Ice Doctor. All you need to do is freeze this eye mask and apply until you feel the benefit.

Our The Body Doctor range also includes The Eye Doctor – an exceptional hot eye compress designed to bring down the symptoms of dry eyes, inflammation, red eyes, blepharitis and a number of other conditions. The Eye Doctor is a mask filled with BodyBeads, small beads that heat up with the casing when microwaved for a short time. After applying the mask to your eyes, these beads work to offer fast and effective relief from a wide range of symptoms. This eye mask by The Body Doctor is a Registered Class 1 Medical Device and is available at for the guaranteed cheapest UK price.