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Boston Contact Lens Solutions

Developed by industry leading Bausch & Lomb, Boston contact lens solutions and cleaners are specially formulated for rigid and gas permeable contact lenses. The range includes a variety of products that clean, disinfect, rinse, store and wet your rigid gas permeable lenses. Enjoy an exceptional clean, brilliant hygiene and complete visual clarity while using this incredible range of eye care products. 

Boston Advance Cleaner

The Boston Solutions range includes Boston Advance Cleaner, which actively works to rid your rigid gas permeable contact lenses of dirt, debris, proteins and other irritants that may build up during the day and cause your eyes discomfort and irritation. The cleaner should be used as part of a two-step process with Boston Advance Conditioning Solution, which will store your lenses overnight, ridding them of excess cleaner and infusing them with a high dose of moisture. This ensures complete hydration throughout the day and throughout your entire wearing cycle. 

The 60ml bottles provided are well within the limits for cabin luggage. 

For a complete cleaning kit and ultimate value for money, you may want to opt for the Boston Advance Multipack, which is packed with everything you need to maintain your RGP contact lenses, without having to buy an entire range of products separately. The pack includes a three month’s supply of the Boston Advance CleanerBoston Advance Conditioning Solution and a contact lens case. All Boston Solutions products aim to add lubrication to your contact lenses, reducing the risk of dry eye and irritation, and enhancing comfort for the day ahead.

Boston Simplus Contact Lens Solution

Boston Solutions also offer a multi-purpose contact lens solution for rigid gas permeable contact lenses in the form of Boston Simplus. The one-month supply, multi-purpose contact lens solution offers a complete clean and hygienic storage of your contact lenses, eliminating the need to buy multiple products at once. As well as offering value for money, this all-in-one product also saves time during the cleaning process, perfect for those who have a busier lifestyle. 

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