Artelac Dry Eye Treatment for Contact Lens Wearers

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Artelac eye care products are the perfect answer to treat dry eye (chronic tear dysfunction), developed by renowned eye care experts Bausch & Lomb.
A number of factors can play a role towards the cause of dry eyes, such as age or wearing contact lenses. Today, for many the adverse effects of our working environment can have an impact on our eyes, including air conditioning, indoor heating and prolonged screen use. Artelac is designed specifically for people who suffer from continuous dry eye symptoms, such as tired, irritated or gritty eyes.
If you wear soft contact lenses you will need to seek approval from your eye care professional, who will be able to confirm if the eye care products are suitable for you.

What types of Artelac dry eye products are there?

Artelac Rebalance eye drops offer exceptionally long-lasting relief to persistently dry, irritated and tired eyes. These dry eye drops are made with hyaluronate to mimic the behaviour of natural tears to provide all day comfort. While its unique formula works to stabilise the tear film to keep eyes hydrated and prevent blurred vision. Artelac eye drops are for daytime use and suitable with all soft contact lenses, even whilst they’re in.
For added protection against dry eyes, Artelac Nighttime Gel helps with any overnight dry eye discomfort. The Nighttime gel contains sterile water to rehydrate your eyes, Trigylceride lipids to retain moisture and Carbomer gel for a longer lasting impact. This eye gel beneficial for people who suffer greater dry eye symptoms at night.
Both products are available in small travel pack sizes, making it easy to take with you on-the-go.

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