Opti Free Solutions for Contact Lenses

Optifree multi purpose solutions by Alcon are a leading brand recommended by Opticians and practitioners in the UK. They are suitable for all the contact lens brands available on Feel Good Contact Lenses, even though they are made by Alcon. All the solution we sell have a long expiry date and are the freshest available from ALCON

The solutions are divided into 3 choices and all the solutions categories are sold at Feel Good Contact Lenses. To make it as easy as possible we have described them as follows:

  • 1. Optifree Express

    This is the most basic solution. It was most likely the first Optifree solution delivered in the market. Ideal for monthly disposable lenses and two weekly lenses. Also good for coloured / cosmetic lenses. Buy one bottle or save money with a value pack of two 300ml bottles at Feel Good Contact Lenses.

  • 2. Optifree RepleniSH

    More or less the same as the Optifree Express but offers an addition of some innovative ingredients. The first is Polyquad ® and Aldox ®, which are powerful germ destroyers. Germs, more correctly termed as micro organisms, cause eye infections and Optifree RepleniSH incorporates these two powerful disinfectants to neutralise them. The next is TearGlyde®, which together with your tears forms a moisture cushion on the lens. This adds a new experience of comfort. Can also be used on silicone hydrogel lenses. Also available as a value pack of two 300ml bottles.

  • 3. Optifree Puremoist ®

    This is the latest multi purpose solution in the Optifree range and the most advanced. Its one step above the RepleniSH and offers a superior moisture cushion known as Tearglyde ® Moisture Matrix. This is available in a value pack and a convenient travel pack size of 90ml, which is below the 100ml allowance at airports. If you still feel you have any questions on solutions, please do contact our trained support team at Feel Good Contact Lenses either by email or by FREE PHONE.

Our TrustPilot review data on this product gives Optifree a high star rating and it is highly recommended by our team for use on all lenses sold on the UK’s trusted contact lens site, Feel Good Contact Lenses.

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