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Polaroid sunglasses have an enormous range of styles, ranging from the classic and retro to more current and contemporary designs. The Polaroid brand are well known for their instant photo cameras, but the company actually first began with sunglasses.

Sunglasses with a polarised tint help to reduce the uncomfortable glare that can reflect off of surfaces such as water, road and snow. The polarised tint for sunglasses was invented by the founder of Polaroid, Edwin H Land. In 1929 he created the first sunglasses to feature this glare-reducing lens tint.

By choosing an accessory from this range you can be sure of exceptional quality, reduced eye fatigue and clearer colour range during wear. All the lenses in this range are polarised, shock-absorbent, impact-resistant and scratch-resistant, insuring your sunglasses last. Browse the Polaroid sunglasses range for your stylish yet functional new pair of shades, at Feel Good contacts.
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