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What is Oxysept contact lens solution?

Oxysept contact lens solution is a hydrogen peroxide contact solution, designed for cleaning soft contact lenses. Even suitable for cleaning silicone hydrogel lenses, Oxysept has been created by eye care experts AMO to keep your monthly or two weekly contact lenses in top condition.

Why should I use Oxysept solution?

As a hydrogen peroxide solution, Oxysept solution delivers a highly thorough clean of your contact lenses, working to disinfect them and eliminate any dirt or debris that may build up over the course of the day.

Preservative-free, this hydrogen peroxide solution is the ideal choice for those with sensitive eyes, however doesn't compromise on the effectiveness of its clean.

A supply of neutralising tablets are provided alongside each bottle of Oxysept 1 Step, as one will need to be added to the solution every time you clean your lenses. This way you can be sure that there the solution is neutralised and any remaining disinfectant is eliminated, ensuring zero irritation to your eyes and that your lenses are safe to wear.

After a day of wear, simply place your lenses into the provided contact lens case, fill it up with Oxysept 1 Step solution and add a neutralising tablet to the mix. Leave your lenses to soak in the solution overnight, and come the morning your monthly or two weekly contact lenses will be fresh, hygienic and comfortable to wear.

Rely on a deeper clean with this impressive hydrogen peroxide solution, and enjoy lenses that feel as good as new every time you wear them. We're delighted to stock Oxysept 1 Step, while you can also find our larger triple pack, offering even better value for money when you buy contact lens solution online at FeelGoodContacts.com.

Properly maintaining your contact lenses with Oxysept contact solution will help avoid irritation and infections, as well as ensure your lenses are fresh and comfortable to wear the very next day. 

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