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30 Pack
90 Pack
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MyDay MyDay MyDay
Save up to 36%, Why not try?
comfi Pure 1 Day
Save up to 36%, Why not try?
£2.50 5 lenses
£11.90 30 lenses


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Save up to 36%, Why not try?
comfi Pure 1 Day
£2.50 5 lenses
£11.90 30 lenses

MyDay Product Description

Some of the most innovative and high-quality daily disposable lenses on the market, MyDay contact lenses are the ideal choice for a modern lifestyle.

CooperVision MyDay Contact Lenses

Ensure your eyes stand up to the demands of the day with these exceptional daily contact lenses, designed to deliver absolute comfort and uninterrupted performance from morning till night.

Created by CooperVision, MyDay contacts utilise SmartSilicone chemistry to offer enhanced breathability for your eyes, however use less silicone hydrogel than other lenses of its kind. By featuring this innovative technology, MyDay contact lenses can provide more space for moisture and a higher water content, all the while retaining an exceptional degree of breathability. This translates to wettable lenses that keep your eyes hydrated, healthy and feeling fresh.

MyDay Clean and Clear

Apply a new set of MyDay contacts every morning and enjoy crystal clear vision, with a presence on your eyes that you’ll barely feel. The ultimate in convenience, these daily disposable contact lenses are the ideal choice for anyone with a hectic lifestyle or who’s after lenses to keep up with their day.

The MyDay range of quality silicone hydrogel dailies also include a 90 pack, offering the best price when you buy contact lenses online at

Benefits & Features
  • Daily disposables
  • Smart Silicone™ technology - ensures oxygen is able to reach the eye
  • Combines best qualities of hydrogel and silicone hydrogel lenses
  • Ideal for dry eyes
  • Blocks out UV rays
  • 54% water content

Alternative Contact Lenses

comfi Pure 1 Day are similar contact lenses.


MyDay parameters

Manufacturer CooperVision
Brand MyDay
Wearing type Daily Contact Lenses
Power range +6.00 to -10.00
Base curve(s) 8.4mm
Diameter(s) 14.2mm
Lens material Stenfilcon A
Water content 54%
Oxygen permeability 100 Dk/t

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  • Julie Naylor - 05 Oct 2019
    Excellent service with no problems. Would certainly recommend.
  • L Stone - 24 May 2019
    Exactly the same inside the box as the lenses I get from my optician
  • Sam Wright - 16 May 2019
    The lenses are just as promised . Great value
  • Mr G - 30 Apr 2019
    I swapped from my boots ones to these as they are very similar. Great product at a cheaper price and more convenient as they are posted directly through my door.
  • Peter Ford - 20 Apr 2019
    Cant complain, they're very good. Also exactly the same lens inside the packaging, that vision express would sell to me - but much cheaper
  • Barbara Condon - 11 Apr 2019
    I find these lenses much lighter and more comfortable than others I have used.
  • Kevin Viant - 16 Mar 2019
    Never had a problem. Can see which is a bonus no dry eyes even when in dry conditions. Would like them cheaper but expect everyone says that.
  • Leszek Templewicz - 07 Mar 2019
    personally, i have tried all lenses from johnson & johnson acuvue and i always find cooper vision the best!!!! I also worked producing them so i am very proud i worked producing the best lenses
  • Sarah - 22 Feb 2019
    Easiest way to order contact lenses, I don''t use every day so just stock up as and when needed. Great value
  • George Harrison - 18 Feb 2019
    This product is very good quality and very easy to use. Would highly recommend.
  • Gediminas Tamenas - 22 Nov 2018
  • Alejandro Osorio - 31 Aug 2018
    very happy with my lenses and very very quick delivery.
  • Rachel Hart - 19 Aug 2018
    Good contacts fast delivery
  • Lynn Phillips - 15 Aug 2018
    Excellent service every time.
  • Paul - 15 Aug 2018
    Very comfortable, very convenient, effortless
  • Mrs Victoria Farress-Gregg - 29 Jul 2018
    Excellent lenses really comfortable
  • Beverley Kenney - 24 Jul 2018
    Reliable and brilliant service - ordering made simple!😊
  • Kerrie Baylis - 28 May 2018
    No issues with this product lenses suit me perfectly
  • SF - 14 Apr 2018
    Very comfortable good quality. I am happy with this product!
  • Sam - 29 Sep 2017
    MyDay''s are very comfortable and don''t dry out my eyes.
  • Paul Clare - 15 Jul 2017
    Excellent service............thanks....
  • Katie Freeman - 22 Jun 2017
    Great service thank you very much
  • Nicole - 19 Jun 2017
    Comfortable lenses which were just as good as the Specsavers own brand, just cheaper!
  • Stephen Conner - 04 May 2017
    The best contacts out on the market st the moment
  • Katie Freeman - 26 Apr 2017
    Thanks great service. Very fast delivery
  • John Stanton - 22 Mar 2017
    Great Lenses and don''t dry out.
  • Karen - 07 Feb 2017
    I have tried a lot of daily disposable lenses over the years and found MyDay to be very comfortable. They are good for people with sensitive or dry eyes and I will definitely buy them again.
  • Laura Turner - 08 Oct 2016
    Comfortable and easy to wear.