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Developed by AMO, the Blink eye drops range caters for every need with a wide selection of products available to treat a number of different conditions.

Benefits of Blink eye drops

With a wide range of factors in the modern workplace and at home having a negative impact on eyes and contact lenses, Blink eye drops have been specifically designed to offer the very best in dry eye treatment and contact lens lubrication.

Discomfort from dry eye-related symptoms is immediately tackled by these impressive eye drops, while the solution inside each drop works to ensure lenses are rehydrated and conditioned for comfortable contact lens wear.

Whether you’re suffering from dry eye or excessive tearing, or you just want to add some more moisture to your lenses, the Blink range has the treatment for you.

Types of Blink eye drops

Perfect to keep your lenses moist and comfortable throughout the day, Blink Contacts Eye Drops help to minimise the risk of dry eyes, grittiness and irritation. You can also fight blurry vision caused by dry eye with Blink Intensive Tears Eye Drops, or give your lenses a quick and effective clean with Blink-N-Clean Eye Drops.

Alternatively, if you’re not keen on carrying the standard 10ml bottle around with you, you can try single-use vials of many Blink products. These handy little vials can be carried about easily in a purse, handbag or pocket to offer fast, effective relief from dry eye symptoms whenever they arise.

Alternative Blink eye care products

Those that find eye drops difficult to apply can try Blink Refreshing Hydrating Eye Mist for adding that extra bit of moisture back to their eyes and lenses throughout the day.

Blink Lid Clean are hypoallergenic eyelid wipes that can be used to maintain eye hygiene by wiping away dirt, debris or make-up that can accumulate in the areas around your eyes.

Suitable to use at any time of the day, although ideal for morning or nighttime use, Blink Lid Clean eyelid wipes can be used by contact lens wearers and non-lens wearers alike.

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