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Flattering on most face shapes, cat eye glasses frames are a spot-on and a purr-fect fashionable accessory for you. They are distinct from other basic shapes, such as rectangular, square, round, and oval; these glasses are an angular twist to the regular frames. The wing-style created through the upper rim of these glasses gives them their signature look. There are different styles of wings available. From vintage-style to bold black and hot Havana; make your choice from a wide range of cat eye prescription glasses from Feel Good Contacts.

The beautiful silhouette of these optical glasses will elevate your style whilst correcting your vision.

You can get these fabulous glasses as:

  • Prescription cat eye glasses
  • Non-prescription cat eye glasses/planos
  • Order just the cat eye frames

Cat eye glasses for women

With an extensive range of designer cat eye glasses, be sure to get your frames with us at amazing prices. We stock reputable designer brands, such as Versace, DKNY, Marc Jacobs, Prada, Calvin Klein and more. Add a touch of glamour to your style when you shop women’s glasses with us. These style glasses are a must-have addition to your collection of eyewear.

If you’re looking for cat frames within an affordable range, make sure to check out our Feel Good Collection glasses, with glasses frames for as little as £5. All the glasses in our Feel Good Collection are crafted with high-quality yet lightweight plastic material, keeping in mind your comfort throughout the day. We call it affordable styling!

Where can I buy cat eye frame glasses online?

Whether you’re going for full rimmed metal or full rimmed acetate-based frame material, you are in the right place. With the Feel Good Collection, you can buy cat eye glasses online for less! Our collection speaks of fashion, comfort and quality. If you want to get glasses just for cosmetic purposes, this is the right place to get fabulous cat eye frames for making a classy impression.

You can opt for prescription glasses with these easy steps:

  • Head to our glasses section on the top menu bar
  • Select the category ‘cat eye’
  • You can select the filters according to your choice of colour, frame material, frame type, face shape, frame size and price
  • You can choose your lenses depending on the type of vision correction required; choose from:

    1. Distance vision glasses – vision correction required for seeing objects in the distance, such as while driving.

    2. Reading glasses – vision correction required if you have problems seeing close objects, such as fine prints or reading a newspaper or a book.

    3. Intermediate correction glasses - vision correction required for conducting tasks at a distance of an arm’s length, such as when working on a computer screen

    4. Non-Prescription/ Fashion glasses - these are the lenses without any power, fashion lenses for cosmetic purposes.

  • If you’re opting for distance/ reading / intermediate correction glasses, you have two options to share your prescription with us:

    1. You can enter/ upload your prescription straightaway

    2. You can provide your details later via email or phone after placing your order

  • You can choose what type of lenses you want to get;

    1. Clear lenses – transparent regular lenses.

    2. Blue Light/ Digital Protection lenses – primarily used for working on digital devices, these lenses are 100% UVA & UVB protected, reducing eye strain and improving visual comfort.

    3. Transitions - also known as self-tinting lenses, enjoy the transition from glasses to sunglasses, meaning the lenses darken when exposed to direct sunlight, helping you to get the best of both worlds. Get these lenses in brown, grey or green

    4. Sun Tints - you can get your glasses with or without solid tint lenses, this essentially turns your glasses into prescription sunglasses. Get these lenses in brown, grey or green.

You can even take advantage of our seasonal sales and discounts!

What face shape is best for cat eye glasses?

Cat eye glasses are classic eyewear, giving you a fantastic look. Oval, rectangle, heart and square face shapes are best to go with cat-eye glasses frames. The unique shape of these glasses helps to balance out your features. Here’s how:

Oval face shape - with the advantage of suiting most frame silhouettes, they are the luckiest face shape! Cat-eye frames will create more dimension across your face.

Rectangular face shape - people with such shapes have a face longer in length and shorter in width. Large frames such as cat eye frames with bigger lenses look good on long faces, balancing the overall look.

Heart face shape - heart-shaped faces are broader at the top and become slender and thinner towards the bottom. A broad brow and narrow chin make frames elongate the face and even out its proportions.

Square face shape - this face shape has a 1:1 ratio and are even in width and length. Cat eye glasses helps to achieve the softness by balancing.

If you’re not sure what face shape you have, just head to our glasses face shape guide and treat yourself with a fabulous pair of cat eye glasses frame.

How to style cat eye glasses for different occasions?

Cat eye glasses are a chic and classic accessory that can be paired with any outfit, anywhere and everywhere. They have come a long way and are now available in many classic and more modern variations.

The use of cat eyeglasses will depend on the ‘type’ you own.

The blush toned DKNY DK5003 265 Blush Tortoise cat eye glasses can go well with a simple, warm and welcoming look, such as when hosting a dinner party; pair them up with a white/ivory dress and minimal jewellery.

With smaller and more angular lenses than the traditional cat eye, this pair of glasses are an up-to-date version to pair with all your ensembles. You can pair Le Specs Goldfinch Gold cat eye glasses with a suit or a classy dress.

This cat eye shaped glasses model is a classic silhouette and goes well with everything from a fun day out to an office meeting. These retro glasses by Marc Jacobs are the perfect accessory to correct your vision with style.

Are cat eye glasses out of style?

No, cat eye glasses are on trend, and always have been. They have aged (transformed) gracefully but with variations, adding more variety. Cat eye glasses are a ladies best friend in almost every occasion and every outfit. They accentuate your personality and highlight your face shape.

How much do cat eye prescription glasses cost?

Cat eye prescription glasses come at various price points, depending on factors like brands, frame material and more. At Feel Good Contacts you can buy your cat eye prescription glass for less than the high street. Order glasses for men and women online from the comfort of your home and enjoy seasonal sale and discounts!

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