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Radley was founded in 1988 by Lowell Harder. This British brand creates a range of playful and stylish accessories, including handbags, stationery and eyewear. Radley sunglasses are the epitome of elegance, sophistication and effortless chic. The classic silhouettes and sleek design details of these sunglasses set them apart from other brands. Using the highest quality materials, these accessories are built to last, giving them style as well as functionality.

What dog is Radley?

A Scottie dog (Scottish terrier) features on many Radley products, it is their signature branding. This branding will sometimes appear as an aluminium dog logo, but other times it is embossed onto the fabric. Radley sunglasses do not feature the dog logo, but they do bear the Radley brand name.

Who has Radley collaborated with?

Radley produced a collection of accessories with Scottish designer Holly Fulton. The brand has also partnered with Harris Tweed for a collection of tweed handbags. Other notable collaborations are with the Victoria and Albert Museum, where they took historical prints and textiles from the museum and reinterpreted them for their exclusive collection.

What styles of sunglasses does Radley do?

From glamourous, oversized sunglasses to more demure shades, Radley blends contemporary styles with more modern designs for a collection that's versatile and caters to everyone. With some unisex styles as well as more feminine designs, you'll be sure to find your perfect fit within the Radley range.

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