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Versace was founded in 1978 by Gianni Versace and has since grown to be one of the world’s most iconic luxury fashion and lifestyle brands. Versace prescription glasses are just as stylish and show-stopping as the clothes in their ready-to-wear and couture collections.

Drawing on inspiration from the world of art, theatre and celebrity culture, the brand has cemented itself at the forefront of cutting-edge fashion and reflects a dynamism which can be appreciated by fashion-lovers worldwide.

Versace glasses frames

Extravagant and flamboyant or sophisticated and elegant, Versace is for fashion lovers who need aesthetic expression. Similar to the stylish Versace sunglasses range, you can expect to find bold designs, gold embellishments and sleek lines in the Versace glasses for men and Versace glasses for women available at Feel Good Contacts. You can even customise your glasses to fit your lifestyle. Why not add a glasses lens coating? From hydrophobic coatings to repel water to transitions lenses and gradient tints which protect your eyes from the sun, there are so many ways to tailor your Versace glasses to your specific needs.

Shop Versace glasses affordably at Feel Good Contacts

Not only can you get a generous 10% off your Versace glasses frames when you shop with us for the first time, you can also earn reward points on every order, allowing you to save money on future purchases. You don’t even have to enter your prescription details to order - great for times when you don’t have those details to hand. Simply order your glasses and send your prescription details to us later.

Not sure if you need a prescription or not? Our do you need glasses tool should help you to find an answer.

Our top Versace glasses

Shop some of our favourite styles from the Versace glasses collection, all available with scratch-free resistant lenses, free of charge.

Versace 0VE1279 1002 51 Gold

Sophisticated and elegant, this round, gold-coloured metal frame is classic enough to work with all of your ensembles.

Versace VE3186 5279 54 Transparent Violet

These opulent and classy, butterfly frames are the perfect timeless accessory for everyday wear. The Versace brand name is featured on the temples in a transparent violet hue.

Versace VE3294 GB1 53 Black

The cat-eye shape of these statement glasses will add a modern touch to your look. The black colourway pairs well with the gold Versace logo on the temples.

Frequently asked questions

Learn more about Versace frames with our frequently asked questions.

What kind of eyewear does Versace do?

Versace is known for evoking glamour and sexiness; their ethos has always been to empower women to feel their best. The brand is provocative, glamorous, passionate, and seductive. They often use bold motifs and patterns in their pieces as well as bright and vivid colours, this is not a brand known for subtlety. This statement aesthetic also translates into their eyewear, offering up oversized frames with dramatic detailing.

What is the meaning of the Medusa head from Versace?

The classic and iconic medusa head logo often features on the temples of Versace eyewear, so that others can instantly recognise the brand. The mythological iconography of Versace is what makes this name legendary. Key motifs of the brand include the Medusa head and the Greek key pattern, now renowned all over the world as the Versace symbol.

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