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ReNu solutions have long been some of the most popular contact lens solutions on the market. ReNu Multi-Purpose was the world’s first multi-purpose contact lens solution and continues to be one of the most desirable eye-care products available.

The world’s first all-in-one solution

Avoid the hassle of numerous solution bottles and enjoy the convenience of an All-In-One solution that cleans, disinfects, rinses and stores your lenses.

The solution works to eliminate the build-up of any protein, debris or dirt on the lenses. As a result, lenses are kept clean and clear from any irritants.

Simply add your lenses to a contact lens case filled with ReNu contact lens solution and leave overnight to store. Then the next morning, you can be sure of clean, fresh and comfortable lenses to wear.

Which ReNu contact lens solutions are there?

Suitable for all soft contact lenses, even those made from silicone hydrogel, ReNu MultiPlus Solution is the perfect answer to all of your lens cleaning needs.

Alternatively, ReNu Multi-Purpose solution takes things one step further with a premium solution, fine-tuned for even the most sensitive of eyes. This ReNu contact solution is available in a variety of pack sizes from Feel Good Contacts. We stock a 1 bottle supply, triple pack and a handy, travel-sized flight pack.

Enjoy these quality ReNu solutions at the best UK price when you shop with us!

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