ReNu Contact Lens Solutions

Bausch & Lomb have two types of solution available in the UK and both are sold here at Feel Good Contact Lenses. ReNu was one of the very first multipurpose contact lens solutions to hit the shelves and still remains popular today due its friendly compatibility with the eye.

ReNu Solutions are proven to be effective in removing harmful germs and protein deposits from your soft contact lenses which can cause infections and irritability.

The ReNu Multi-Purpose Solution for soft contact lenses is great for sensitive eyes and resembles your natural tears. It is a gentle solution that is used to clean, rinse, disinfect and store your soft contact lenses. You can safely store your contact lenses for up to 30 days in the solution.

The ReNu Multi-Plus Solution for soft contact lenses cleans your lenses so that you feel as if you are wearing a fresh pair everyday. This contact lens solution is targeted particularly at adding comfort to your contact lenses. ReNu Multi-Plus Solution contains dymed and poloxamine, bringing comfort to your contact lenses.

Both solutions contain the ingredient hydranate, designed to remove excess protein buildup from the contact lens surface. It’s interesting to note that the bacteria that feeds on the proteins deposited on the contact lenses are the main cause for eye infections rather than the protein itself!

The ReNu Multipurpose contact lens solutions are available in a one month or three month pack. They can be used on virtually all types of monthly contact lenses, whether they are clear contact lenses or coloured contact lenses.