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Lacoste is a brand so iconic, tennis champion and living legend Novak Djokovic took on the role as spokesperson for the designer label. Lacoste prides itself of encapsulating sporting elegance and Parisian style in each of its designs. Founded by tennis legend Rene Lacoste in 1933, Lacoste’ minimalist, athleisure aesthetic was seemly way ahead of its time. Lacoste eyewear collection combine technical quality with timeless sophistication to create a highly versatile look, that mirrors the brands dynamic, sporty and active character.

The ordinary is never present in Lacoste sunglasses, only the best-refined materials are used to create sunglasses that are incredibly lightweight and functional. Unique colour combinations, textures and finishes create a unique and highly stylized.

Nicknamed the alligator throughout his playing years, founder Rene Lacoste implemented his famous croc motif into his designs. The alligator is instantly recognisable and a symbol of style and class and timeless character. Lacoste sunglasses are both a celebration of the elegance of the sport, as well as a testament to resilient, versatile and practical eyewear.

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