Calvin Klein Sunglasses

Calvin Klein Sunglasses

Calvin Klein founded his namesake label in 1968 with a collection of coats and dresses in a New York store. But it was the '80s when Brooke Shields uttered the words, ''You want to know what comes between me and my Calvins? Nothing'', and in the '90s print ads of Kate Moss and Marky Mark that the label defined the eras. Read more...

The man himself, Calvin Klein, formed Calvin Klein Limited back in 1968. Since then, the business and its designs have gone from strength to strength. Now boasting a position as one of the most recognisable and admired brands in the world, the company currently design and produce everything from ready-to-wear clothing and accessories, to perfume and of course, eyewear.

Originally, the company operated from one shop in the York Hotel in New York City and were primarily selling coats. However, after exposure in Vogue magazine in 1969, and a few more years of continued success, Calvin Klein would have added a wider collection of clothing to their range.

The company hit their stride in the 1970s with their jeans. In fact, Mr. Klein himself claimed that in 1978 the company sold 200,000 pairs of their famous jeans during the first week following their release.

During this time, Calvin Klein gained a license to design and sell eyewear, and at this point, the company’s sunglasses range was born. Innovation has seen the company embrace the changing nature of sunglasses fashion, all the while infusing their own unique style with each design.

Sunglasses by Calvin Klein have become known for suave and subtle colouring with a number of contemporary twists. Whichever Calvin Klein sunglasses you opt for, you can be sure of making a much-admired statement on the fashion scene.

Our extensive collection of their sunglasses includes refined aviators, trendy cat-eye sunglasses and a wide range of other styles of shades that also provide the company’s trademark sleek and sophisticated look.