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The creators of Superdry came up with their brand while on a trip to Tokyo back in 2003. Superdry sunglasses blend vintage Americana with British tailoring and Japanese graphics to create a contemporary look that’s inspired by the past. This distinct influence, mixed with an urban streetwear feel, has made the British brand’s recognisable and wearable sunglasses stand apart from the crowd.

The brand are well known for their distinctive style, which shows in their clothing as well as their sunglasses. Their sunglasses typically feature Japanese phrases that are spelt incorrectly to create a certain aesthetic look, this is an ironic parody of the mis-spelt English phrases that so many Japanese brands use on their products.

The dynamic style of the brand has resulted in a selection of sunglasses featuring bright colours, mirrored lenses and complementary prints, made with a strong attention to detail.
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