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Lacoste was founded in 1933 by tennis player René Lacoste and André Gillier. Influenced by sports, the Lacoste glasses for men and women is a must-have for athletes and sport-enthusiasts with style, detail and functionality in mind. The Lacoste prescription glasses collection offers premium eyewear in a stunning range of frame styles and colours.

The Lacoste glasses are highly recognised by their infamous croc logo featured on the frames and carry an effortlessly stylish look. The alligator/croc is instantly identifiable and a symbol of style and sophistication. Every frame celebrates the elegance of the sport, as well as incredibly resilient, versatile, and practical eyewear. Feel Good Contacts offer the best prices on Lacoste prescription glasses.

Buy Lacoste glasses for men and women at Feel Good Contacts. It’s easy to get your glasses with us. You can save up to 40% on Lacoste glasses frames when you shop with us. Whether you want to get your frames with or without lenses, prescription or non-prescription, you can easily order your pair of glasses with us.

Who makes Lacoste eyewear?

Lacoste eyewear are manufactured by Marchon Eyewear, one of the world’s largest manufacturer and distributer of quality eyewear. They’re trusted all over the world and supply their customers with only the best quality glasses!

Are Lacoste glasses durable?

Lacoste is prestigious and one of the most pioneering eyewear brands to offer top-notch quality frames in a variety of styles. Similar to the brand’s other product lines, Lacoste is well trusted in the glasses product category too. All the brand’s eyewear is crafted with high-quality material and goes through different processing stages to make sure they’ve created a safe pair of glasses for you.

Range of Lacoste glasses at Feel Good Contacts

You can find a variety of styles and colours of glasses with us. Whether you’re after glasses frames for men or women’s glasses, be sure to find it all at Feel Good Contacts. The brand Lacoste also features some great styles and patterns. The great news is you can convert your glasses into blue light glasses during checkout by just adding blue light lenses.

How to find your perfect pair of Lacoste glasses

From chic to elegant, you’ll find your perfect pair of Lacoste glasses. Let’s start with the basics.

The right frame for your face shape

It’s worth looking to see what frame shape suits you. Here’s a brief guide to help you select your Lacoste glasses frame.

Round face shape

People with a round face shape should opt for frames that provide dimension to their overall look, such as square or rectangle. You can try Lacoste L2852 218 55 Blond Havana glasses, a fantastic choice for men for a smart and sophisticated look. These lightweight frames are made from durable acetate material and are sure to stand the test of time. The rectangle frame will for sure complement round and oval face shapes.

Square face shape

Try on Lacoste L2838 035 49 Transparent Grey virtually; a perfect combination of fashion and functionality, you can’t go wrong with them. They will suit anyone with a square and rectangle face shape; square face is defined by chiselled jawline and broad forehead, hence needing a softer edge. These round frames definitely add a softness to your face and are made from a strong and durable material.

Heart face shape

Displaying a broader forehead and a more narrow chin, frame shapes such as cat eye, rectangle, square, round and aviator can provide a uniformness to the face. Lacoste L2838 035 49 Transparent Grey glasses can help you achieve an illusion of balanced proportion. This unisex Lacoste model will add a fashionable touch to your look, pair them with anything and everything.

Oval face shape

Consider yourself lucky if your face shape is oval. This face shape complements most of the frame shapes. Choose any frame and you’ll definitely rock your look. Try Lacoste L2217 033 54 Gunmetal glasses, a classic frame for men featuring the little Lacoste crocodile logo on the inside of the arm. The semi-rimless frame will emphasise the upper portion of your eyes for a rather sophisticated appeal while ensuring that they are lightweight and comfortable to wear all day long.

You can also browse our Feel Good Collection Glasses for great designs at affordable prices!

Frame fit

Once you have selected your preferred style of frame, be mindful of what size you’re going for. You wouldn’t want you frames to be very loose or super tight, they should be comfortable enough for you to wear every day, all day long. Uncomfortable glasses can be really annoying, especially when you need to wear them all day long.

Select your lenses

Select your lens type. You can just get the frames if you want to, you don’t necessarily have to order the lenses. Select the purpose of your glasses:

  • Reading purpose
  • For arm’s length
  • See far away objects
  • Non-prescription (fashion purpose)

Select the type of lens you want, select from:

  • Clear lenses
  • Blue light lenses (digital protection)
  • Transitions lenses
  • Sun-tints (prescription sunglasses)

Please note, if you don’t have your prescription handy, don’t worry, you can still complete your order and share your prescription with us later via message or email.

Pay Securely

Proceed to checkout and pay through our safe payment gateways – AMEX, Google Pay, Apple Pay, VISA, Master Card, PayPal.

All you need to do is sit back, relax, and wait for your order to arrive! Shop Lacoste prescription glasses with Feel Good Contacts and save at the same time!

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