Dry Eye Treatments

What is dry eye?

Dry eye is exactly as it sounds – the condition of having dry eyes. This occurs when your eyes aren’t producing the tears they require to stay moist and healthy.

What are the causes of dry eye?

Unfortunately, contributing factors towards the onset of dry eye are all around us in the modern world. Living or working in an air-conditioned or heated building can cause your eyes to dry out, while extended use of computers, smart phones and other digital screens leads to a reduced rate of blinking, and therefore drier eyes.

Dry eye can also be brought about by wearing contact lenses, in which case your optician may suggest you switch to a contact lens with a higher water content.

What are the symptoms of dry eye?

Commonly, dry eye can cause your eyes to feel sore and gritty, even leaving them looking red and irritated.

The symptoms of dry eye are uncomfortable for sure, however it’s reassuring to know that most can be cured by a range of over-the-counter treatments and that any serious problems caused by dry eye are extremely rare. If your symptoms do not lessen after treatment, then make sure to visit your GP or optician.

How can I treat dry eye?

Eye drops are one of the best and most effective treatments to deal with the symptoms of dry eye, and work by adding moisture back into your eyes. An extensive selection of eye drops are stocked at FeelGoodContacts.com and include best-selling products such as Blink Contacts and Clinitas Soothe. These are available in 10ml bottles, or as single-use vials, making them easy to carry with you when you’re out and about.

Many of our eye drops can even be used while you have your contact lenses in. Whatever your needs are, you’ll be sure to find your ideal dry eye treatment when you shop with Feel Good Contacts.