Optase Dry Eye Spray

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Optase Dry Eye Spray

Product Summary

Optase Dry Eye Spray relieves dry eyes and moisturises the eyelids. Natural and preservative free.

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Optase Dry Eye Spray Benefits & Features

  • Preservative and alcohol free
  • Contains Omega-3
  • Contains hyaluronate to improve dry eye symptoms and glycerin to help neutralise or stabilise the tears on the surface of the eye
  • 2 press pump system for accurate application
  • Advanced bottle technology ensures 3 months sterility once opened
  • Provides more than 300 doses

Recommended For

  • Those looking to soothe dry eyes and moisturise eyelids
  • An alternative to eye drops for people who have difficulty applying eye drops to their eyes
  • Use as part of the 3-step OPTASE® HEAT, CLEANSE, HYDRATE regime

Product Description

Optase Dry Eye Spray is designed to relieve dry and irritated eyes as well as soothe the eyelids. This preservative-free spray contains natural ingredients in an easy-to-use bottle that will last up to three months once opened.

The lipid layer in the eye prevents tears from evaporating and running over the lid margin. A lack of lipids can lead to dry eye by causing an increased evaporation of the tear film.

Optase Dry Eye Spray contains lipids which mix with the eyes natural lipids produced by the Meibomian glands at the lid margin once sprayed upon closed eyes. This lipid mix spreads onto the tear film upon opening the eye to stabilise it.

In addition to stabilising the lipid layer, the lipids in Optase Dry Eye Spray moisturise the eye area and protect the skin.

You can use the spray several times a day and while wearing contact lenses. Just make sure that your eye lids are closed and that you spray from a distance of 15-25cm.

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Product Details

Manufacturer Scope Eyecare
Brand Optase
Ingredients Active ingredient; Glycerin. Inactive ingredients; sea buckthorn seed oil, sodium hyaluronate, and trometamol-citrate.
Pack Size 1 x 17ml bottle


Do not use this solution if you are allergic to any ingredient in this product.

For Use

Make sure you thoroughly wash and dry your hands; then complete these simple steps.

  1. Remove the protection cap.
  2. Test the spraying mechanism a few times on your arm or in the air.
  3. Press down the dispenser two thirds of the way.
  4. Hold the spray 6-10 inches from the eyes then press down the dispenser all the way, applying 1-2 sprays.
  5. The spray will spread from the surface of the closed eye to the eyelid margins.
  6. Blink your eyes so that it spreads over the tear film and strengthens the lipid layer by providing extra lubrication.

See the leaflet included with the packaging for full instructions and important safety information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Optase good for dry eyes?

Optase provides effective relief from intense dry eye symptoms and is good for treating moderate to severe dry eye.

Is Optase good for blepharitis?

Optase Dry Eye Spray can be used as part of the 3-step regime to tackle the causes and symptoms of eye conditions such as Blepharitis, Dry Eye and Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD).

Optase Dry Eye Spray Reviews

  • Mrs Jackie Lynch - 23 Jun 2022
    Gave it a 3 bit fiddly Had better But it depends on everyone needs
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