What are daily disposable contact lenses

what are daily contact lenses

Daily contact lenses are contact lenses that can be worn for a full day and then disposed of after use. They should not be worn again after a day of use.

Daily contact lenses don’t require any cleaning or maintenance and can just be applied in the morning and taken out right before bed.

Daily disposables, or ‘dailies’ for short, are one of the most popular types of contact lenses and offer the benefits of convenience and superior hygiene. Daily lenses do not require any kind of daily cleaning and storing routine

What are disposable contact lenses?

Knowing the difference between contact lens terms is important to ensure you buy the right lenses and use them correctly.

‘Disposable’ doesn’t always have to mean daily disposable contact lenses. You’ll find that two weekly and monthly wear lenses are often called two weekly disposables and monthly disposables.

These lenses are also typically prescribed for ‘daily wear’ and require cleaning and storing overnight, which doesn’t make them daily disposables. Only the term ‘daily disposable’ means that you should wear your contacts for a full day and then discard them afterwards.

What types of daily disposable contact lenses are available?

At FeelGoodContacts.com, we stock a wide range of daily disposable contact lenses, designed to offer comfort, hygiene and exceptional visual correction for the wearer from morning till night.

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